Top 10 European Countries You Can't Miss This April


Enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine and lively culture while savoring tapas and watching a flamenco show. 


Wander through ancient ruins and marvel at world-class art before indulging in some of the best pizza in the world. 


Sip on a glass of port wine, catch some waves on the coast or explore stunning castles and palaces. 


Relax on gorgeous islands, explore ancient ruins like the Acropolis, and savor traditional Greek dishes like moussaka. 


Stroll through picturesque seaside towns, visit stunning national parks, and take in breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea. 


Sample delicious wines and cheeses, immerse yourself in world-class art and history, and take in the vibrant atmosphere of cities like Paris. 


See colorful tulip fields, bike along scenic canals, and enjoy the vibrant culture of cities like Amsterdam. 


Take a pub crawl through Dublin, marvel at the stunning Cliffs of Moher, and soak in the rolling green hills. 


Hike through the stunning Swiss Alps, indulge in decadent Swiss chocolate, and hit the slopes for some skiing. 


Experience the world-renowned music scene, take in stunning mountain vistas, and savor traditional dishes like schnitzel. 

Stunning Locations Of Italy

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