Valentia Island: Hidden Gem Of Ireland You Need To Check Out


Valentia Island is located off the southwest coast of Ireland in County Kerry. The island is accessible by a bridge from the mainland or by ferry from the nearby town of Cahersiveen.

Safety Tips

Be cautious when driving on the narrow, winding roads on the island. Watch out for sheep and other livestock on the roads.

Be aware of changing weather conditions and dress appropriately. 

Parking Fees

There is no parking fee on Valentia Island, and there is ample parking space available. 

Entrance Fees

There are no entrance fees for most of the attractions on Valentia Island. 

However, some attractions such as the Valentia Island Tetrapod Trackway and the Skellig Experience Visitor Center have entrance fees. 

Tourist Attractions

Valentia Island is a hidden gem in Ireland, offering stunning scenery and a rich history. 

Some of the popular tourist attractions include the Valentia Island Lighthouse, the Geokaun Mountain and Cliffs, and the Valentia Island Tetrapod Trackway. 

Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful beaches and picturesque villages on the island. 

Nearby attractions include the Skellig Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Ring of Kerry, a scenic driving route. 


Valentia Island is a hidden gem in Ireland, offering visitors a chance to escape the crowds and soak up the stunning natural beauty and rich history of the region. 


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