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Bunratty Castle is one of the earliest attractions of Ireland. It goes back to the beautiful halls from the 14th century and the traditional life of an Irish village, dating back to the 19th century. It’s located at the center of Bunratty village in County Clare. 

The Bunratty Folk Park extends approx. Twenty-six acres of land filled with traditional shops and houses from the time of the Victorian era. Save some time to visit the fantastic living museum here.

We have listed a guide for you while your visit to this magnificent Bunratty Castle and Park:

Bunratty Castle Medieval Banquet

Have some delicious Irish food in Bunratty Castle
Photo By: Syda Productions

The dining here is the most important thing to do in Bunratty Castle. Fabulous food with all the traditional Irish atmosphere will make you love the life of medieval Ireland. A group of castle singers here will entertain you during our course time.

The Castle Folk Park

Be ready to experience the life and set up from 100 years ago at the Castle's Folk Park
Photo from: Getty Images

The land has over 30 buildings, and they’ve recreated village streets back from that time. You can spot a school, doctor’s house, pub, bookstore, and many more things. The experience that you will share with this place will make your heart warm. The beloving spots to wander here will take you back to that typical period.

The Viking Playground

Best place for kids to enjoy their trip- The Viking Playground
Photo from: Pixabay 

If you are looking to please the kids and make them do some fun activities, this is the best place to pass your time around. It has four wooden towers, a zip line, rope walks, and a huge play area with loads of swings.

Bunratty Castle Hotel

Enjoy your stay at Bunratty Castle Hotel
Photo By: Elnur

The hotel is just a 10-minute drive from the airport and is equipped with all the facilities, TV, pool, internet, free parking, and even spa treatments.

The restaurant there, Fibber McGee’s Steakhouse, offers an impressive collection of wines and beers. It is located on a hillside next to the River Shannon and is just a 5-minute walk from the castle. Make sure to visit the famous Durty Nelly pub, which is adjacent to the hotel.

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Some additional facts about the Bunratty Castle:

Additional facts and information about Bunratty Castle
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It is very close to Shannon Airport and thus happens to be the first destination for many visitors flying in.

  • It has a river named River Raite that runs alongside the castle and holds a story about the inhabitation for over 1000 years back.
  • The castle was restored to its former glory, and now the houses are loaded with medieval furnishings and artifacts.

Opening Hours

Bunratty Castle and Folk Park are open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm daily.

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Bunratty Castle is the best place if you’re looking for some time with your family. And if you love gardens, then this place will be your rescuer. The beautiful garden and Irish history will make your visit a memorable one. Ireland has so much to explore and so many fun things to do, take some time out and relax in the gardens or learn some history, you will be amazed at every point here. The place has a lot to offer. 

I hope that you find this article helpful. Let me know in the comment section about what you enjoyed the most during your visit to Bunratty Castle.

If you decide to extend your trip then head on to my blog for more Travel Guides. Galway and Westport are an hour away from Bunratty castle, do check out the tourist attractions that I’ve covered in my blog.

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