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Galway is known as the cultural capital of Ireland in 2020. Galway will ruin you for any other place on earth. From fantastic music to popular pubs, the beautiful city of Galway is continually buzzing with life. Galway is also very famous for offering a great range of mouth-watering food options and some great coffees in the city. From elegant restaurants to cozy and affordable cafes, Galway has it all. Rest assured, you will never run out of things to do in Galway.

If you plan a visit to this vibrant city, here is a list of cafes and restaurants in Galway that you should add to your travel itinerary immediately.


Address: 38-39 Shop St, Galway, H91 T2N7, Ireland

variety of cooked dishes
Photo by Burst on This is not an image of McCambridge.

A family-owned, McCambridge’s has been putting out delectable delicacies for the longest time imaginable. The Restaurant has managed to stay widely popular for years now, thanks to their judicious use of the best local and international ingredients for cooking up the most delicate quality dishes.

McCambridge’s is located right at Galway’s heart and is known to attract locals and tourists alike. The ambiance at this restaurant is excellent, and the traditional setting will blow you away!

Kai Cafe + Restaurant

top view photo of restaurant
Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy on This is not an image of Kai restaurant and cafe.

Address: 22 Sea Rd, Galway, H91 DX47, Ireland

Kai is the Maori word for “food” and has been in business for almost a decade. For all these years, the Restaurant has stayed true to its promise of serving only the best quality food to its visitors. The Restaurant has earned quite a reputation for using premium quality ingredients for a wide range of unique dishes.

The eccentric space has been designed beautifully to make guests feel warm and relaxed. If you are planning a trip to Galway, the Kai restaurant is a must-visit. Do not forget to add this cafe in galway to your list.

Caprice Cafe

mug of black coffee on wooden table
Photo by Maria Orlova on . This is not an image from Caprice Cafe.

Address: 104 E State St, Redlands, CA 92373, United States

The menu at the Caprice Cafe is equipped with a great range of tasty food options. Great-quality food, along with chic and well-designed interiors, has pushed this cafe’s popularity to brand new heights. From unique pizzas to heavenly-tasting desserts, this cafe in galway will leave you wanting for more.

If you are in Galway and you have some time to spare, make sure to visit the Caprice cafe for an unmatched experience.

The Secret Garden

close up photography of cup of coffee
Photo by Jason Villanueva on . This is not The Secret Garden Cafe.

Address: 4 William St W, Galway, H91 AEW4, Ireland

At the Secret Garden, you can take your pick from a great range of tea and food options. Visitors can even indulge in a round or two of board games with their friends at this place.

A very aesthetically pleasing space, the decor of this cafe exudes a very cozy and comfortable vibe. You can expect to feel right at home in the Secret Garden Cafe. If you are a tea enthusiast, you definitely wouldn’t want to sit this one out on your visit to Galway.

Jungle Café 

photo of cafe interior
Photo by Igor Starkov on . This image is not of Jungle Cafe.

Address: 29 Forster St, Galway, Ireland

This cafe occupies a tiny portion of Galway’s City Centre. This outdoor café is worth visiting on the merit of the comfortable and relaxed environment. Adorned by potted plants and cosy blankets, space oozes in serenity. Jungle Café offers some of the most delicious breakfast, lunch, and brunch in all of Galway’s East Village.

The café collaborates with the renowned coffee roasters Badger and Dodo and is noted for the variety of cuppas. Jungle Café is the perfect place to unwind after a long and tiring day.

Temple Café

breakfast meals on table
Photo by Monica Silvestre on . This is not an image of Temple Cafe.

Address: St Augustine St, Galway, Ireland

 Located in St. Augustine Street, Galway, The Temple Cafe is unique in that this small establishment exists for the sole purpose of supporting Galway’s local community. All profits raised in this café are donated to different local charities. The menu is uniquely designed to focus primarily on health and nutrition and depends exclusively on local suppliers.

The breakfast here consists of protein porridges, buckwheat pancakes, and other items of high nutritional value. At lunch, the café offers sandwiches, burgers, and several healthy salads. They are well known for their “roughies,” which are smoothies with added fibre, and serve fresh juices, regular smoothies, herbal tea, and vegan hot chocolate. The café has different special treats on the menu every day, and they also boast an array of vegan-friendly items.

Corrib House Tea Rooms

black and white ceramic mug
Photo by Lina Kivaka on . This image do not represent Corrib House Tea Rooms.

Address: 3 Waterside, Galway, Ireland

Corrib House Tea Rooms is housed in the meticulously restored Georgian Townhouse in 3 Waterside, Galway. Space was opened for the public back in October 2011, and owing to the restored relics and vintage architecture, it has found widespread renown for being a portal back in time. Space overlooks Galway’s famous Salmon Weir and is frequented by tourists and locals alike.

The delicacies here are noteworthy for their homemade appeal. Local producers supply all food items, and some herbs and spices are taken from the Corrib House garden itself. Corrib House is known to prioritize the customers’ dietary requirements and offer a lot of gluten-free items on their menu. You will also find an array of delicious cakes and treats laid out on the front counter.


It would be regrettable if you were in Galway but missed out on all the great food options that this lovely, bohemian city has to offer. I hope my tips will help you make some great memories that will stay with you forever. For more such travel tips and tricks, you can check out my other blogs. If you are hoping to spend some quality time in Galway, here is a blog that can help.

Do you have any fantastic experiences from your trips that you would like to share with me? Let me know in the comment section down below!

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