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Dublin is a beautiful city in Ireland, known for its blessed natural beauty and amazing places to visit. Dublin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland. There are certain popular places in the city, like Phoenix Park, the Irish Whiskey Museum, Kilmainham Gaol, and Trinity College, that make it to the top.

Cafe in Dublin

But not just the places: Dublin also has some great cafes to check out. These cafes are aesthetic, a perfect place to hangout, and oh my god, the food is just gobsmacked. Personally, I suggest that you always try the specials from these cafes, as they never disappoint. If anything else, your trip will be enhanced by the unique cocktails and delectable Irish cuisine.

So here are my personal favourite Dublin cafes that you must check out while visiting Dublin.

The sweetest thing

Making it to the top of the list is the Sweetest thing Cafe. It is a quiet, attractive location just off 17 Bachelors Walk, making it an ideal stop for some delicious chocolate mousse.

One of the things I personally like about this cafe is that it is affordable. According to the place and the taste of the food, it is a worthwhile experience. As a vegetarian, this cafe ranks high on my list because it is also vegetarian-friendly. How great is that?

The sweetest thing

It basically serves amazing breakfasts and is a great place to start your morning meal. The cafe also has takeaway and outdoor seating in case you want to enjoy the view.

The cakes will make you drool, and you should try as many ice cream flavours as you can because they are all delicious. The staff is really friendly, and the serving time is shorter too. The atmosphere is wonderful, and it’s a great place to spend the morning. So, guys, keep this place at the top of your list and have a delicious breakfast.

The stage door cafe

Next comes the Stage Door Cafe. If you’re in the 11 Essex Street Temple Bar area, definitely stop by. This place has an amazing interior design inspired by a little gothic touch from ancient Ireland.

One thing I like about this cafe is the amount of variety you get. It is vegetarian and, guess what, vegan as well. And if you’re trying to avoid carbohydrates, they also have gluten-free options.

The stage door cafe

It is a perfect place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they are mostly available until late at night too. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, so select as per your preference.

One thing you must get from this place is pints. Are we talking about Irish cuisine and not pints? That’s not possible, bro. You’ll love them if you try them.

What’s special about their menu? anything from breakfast. They are quite popular in town for their hot breakfast, so I suggest giving anything a try that sounds good to your ears because everything is delicious.

Tang Cafe

Even the name of the cafe is mouthwatering, and guess what? So is the food. So if you want to have a great breakfast, go to 23 Dawson Street, and here you are.

The Tang cafe is known for its fine ambiance and aesthetics. They are a perfect vegetarian and vegan option. They are just 0.1 miles away from St. Stephen’s Green, which is one of the most popular places in Dublin.

Tang Cafe

They offer both takeout and dining in. as well as appearing in Travelers’ Choice 2022As a result, you should be confident that you will not be disappointed when you return.

Now, what’s special on the menu? Speaking from the vegetarian side, the pancakes are great, but in case you are not vegetarian, please try the lamb kofta; you are going to love it.

They also have many healthy breakfast options, so you don’t have to cut down on your food or keep counting the carbs. Mostly, they have local options but with a Middle Eastern twist, and I guess that is why the cafe is called Tang.

Their staff has really earned their name by being one of the warmest in hospitality, and the time it takes for food to be served is also short. You can get a great Irish breakfast there and also try the coffee.

Joy of Cha

I like Joy Of Cha place because it looks delicious and because it is very comfortable and cozy. Yes, don’t get me wrong, but the vibrant colors and the busy street just make it awesome to get a fun breakfast with your friends.

Let me start with this: where is it? So this is on 11 Essex Street, east of Temple Bar, and just 0.1 miles away from Temple Bar.

Joy Of Cho

In terms of the cafe, they have outdoor seating, indoor seating, and takeout if you are pressed for time. They accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, and digital payment options too.

If you open their menu, you will find great non-vegetarian options, but my vegetarian friends, don’t feel left out because there are delicious vegetarian and vegan options to try.

They serve breakfast, and you can also come for a light lunch or brunch in the evening.

Now we’ll get to my favourite part, the specials. Do try their Irish coffee and cakes because they are one of their best and have a perfect breakfast. And if you are a fan of hot chocolate, then do try coconut hot chocolate too.


Beanhive is a small, cozy cafe in Dublin. It is not as grand as the others, but the food is no less delicious. It is at 26 Dawson Street and approximately 0.1 miles from St. Stephen’s Green.

The menu of the cafe is pretty diverse, according to the various appetites of the customers. They have vegetarian, vegan, and even gluten-free options too.


The name, yes, the beans, is one of the reasons this place is famous. But they also have some great and healthy breakfast options like pastries, hot chocolate, and beverages, and did you know that Beanhive is also called the coffee art place of Dublin?

You can get Irish and many other European cuisines here. Other than that, they have indoor and outdoor seating along with the option of takeout. For payment, they accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, and digital payments too.

Also, the cafe has a great menu to choose from that is extremely affordable.


31 Lennox

31 Lennox has an amazing variety of cuisine, particularly Italian. They are located in the heart of Portobello at 31 Lennox Street. The cafe is small, but the ambiance is great.

They are vegetarian-friendly and have good vegan and gluten-free options too. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner; it is a good place to have late-night drinks with your friends too.

31 Lennox

They have various options available, like delivery, takeaway, indoor and outdoor seating, and in fact, high chairs are available too. You can pay through Mastercard, cash, a Visa card, and other digital payment options.

It is a family-friendly cafe popular for its brownie, which is a must-have. They also serve alcohol, including wine and beer. On the menu, the special includes the crispy chicken, homemade buttermilk chicken sandwiches, a delicious fresh salad, and hot beverages.

They have excellent staff, and the service timing is perfect too. It is rated as one of the best cafes for its customer experience.


Lovinspoon, just like its name, is a cosy, small cafe with a wonderful aesthetic interior. The place is clean and looks really lovely, so definitely extra points for ambiance and a nice place to go on a date too.

It’s at 13 North Frederick Street and nearly 0.5 O Connell Street. So if you are anywhere near it, give this place a try.


The Lovinspoon serves breakfast, lunch, and brunch and has vegetarian, vegan, and many other healthy options too. Talking about the place, they have indoor and outdoor seating and have takeaway options too. For payment, you can pay by MasterCard, Visa, or American Express, and they also accept credit cards.

Things to definitely try in this cafe are the sausages and bacon. They have always gotten a pretty high rating, and you can try the Irish breakfast with hot beverages because all of them are really good.

In case of a large crowd, the serving time is limited to 15 minutes. Overall, if you’re in the area exploring Dublin, this is a nice place to sit in peace.


So guys, here is my list of the top 7 best cafes in Dublin that you should definitely check out, and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. Also, if you are planning a trip to Dublin, then check out my article on the best places to visit in Dublin.

7 Best Dublin Cafes That You Must Visit For Irish Breakfast

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