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Mumbai is a perfect place for youngsters to chill and have fun in its explosive nightlife. And trust me the food here is no behind. Multiple amazing cafes in Mumbai serve some of the delicious cuisines around the country but there are some funky and quirky cafes if you want some twists to your food.

These cafes are just as great in their vibe as their food. There are cafes with some unusual themes or altogether different vibes like cafes with comics, a mix of multiple cuisines, and some extravaganza themes. 

So let’s look at these 10 fun and unusual cafes in Mumbai which will surprise you with their uniqueness and make your experience memorable!

Leaping Windows – Versova

Leaping Windows - Versova cafe

Do you know what I call the perfect combination? When there is freshly brewed coffee or beer served with some of the best books. Leaping window is located in Versova and is known all over for its comic book theme cafes in Mumbai.

potato wedges

They serve amazing breakfast and lunch and there are multiple options ranging from Vegan to non-vegetarian. They have a mixture of European, Continental, and American dishes on their menu.

I will say grab a favourite comic of yours (Mine was all Marvel Comics) and order a coffee with some Hot Potato wedges. The price for two people can be approximately 1000 rupees.

Cat Cafe Studio – Versova

Cat cafe studio Versova

Coffee and cat might sound abrupt but it is a fun combination. As you might have gotten by the name of the cafe, this is one of the unique cafes in Mumbai that lets you cuddle with furries with a cup of coffee. You can play with them and even make them your brunch partner.

brunch dish

This delightful cafe is also located in Versova. The cafe has a lot of things to taste from home-baked cakes, teas, coffees, and other beverages. Along with having some delicious brunch, you can also be a part of a good cause for these feline creatures.

It would be best if you went for the cheesecake along with a club sandwich.

The entry fee for the cafe is 200 rupees per person and the food will cost approx 550 rupees for two people.

The Bagel Shop-Bandra

The Bagel shop Bandra

This cafe is located in Bandra and exclusively masters the art of creating some of the most delicious Bagels in the world. You will find different kinds and shapes and sizes of Bagels here. So if you have got a sweet tooth try this one.

Hands down but this place has some of the best cozy vibes you will ever get. It is so aesthetic and gorgeous that I wanted to live here forever. Also, this place is pet friendly and also has a food section for them.

Things that you can try here are Green Gobblin Veg Bagel Sandwiches, Cheesy French Fries, and Cappuccino with Hazelnut add-on.

The cost for two people is approx 1400 rupees.

Poetry by love and cheesecake-Khar West

Poetry by Love and cheesecake cafe in Mumbai

Are you one of those romantic brunch-type people who like a soothing and comfortable place to break in from your daily hectic Schedule? This is one of the perfect date Cafes in Mumbai for you. The walls of this cafe are covered with beautiful poetry all over the walls. In summary, it’s a perfect place for a first date.

Broccoli soup

They have different kinds of soup, beverages, coffee, tea, and pastries to try. This beautiful cafe is located in Khar west and is very popular across Mumbai.

Things you must try according to me are Broccoli Soup, Penne white veggies pasta, and brownie cheesecake.

The cost for two people can be approximately around 1000 rupees.

Ministry of Games – Juhu

Ministry of Games, Juhu

What about some fun old-school games and mouth-watering food? Sounds fun right? And so is this place. Ministry of games is one of its kind cafe in Mumbai where you can play board games and have your brunch.

peri peri potato croissant

It’s a perfect way to bring out the kid inside you. The cafe is located in Juhu and is a perfect place to have a chill hangout with your group and also find out who has got more skills. 

Must try from the Menu will be Peri Peri Potato Croissant and Pasta. It might cost approximately 500 rupees for two.

The Village Shop-Bandra West

The Village Shop , Bandra

The village shop is located in Bandra west. What makes the cafe unique is the aesthetic and theme of the place which is inspired by the Indian villages. All rustic, organic, and lush greenery makes it a perfect cafe to relax.

Mexican bowl with Grilled chicken

The cafe serves great tea, coffee, sandwiches, and Indian snacks to munch on. The cafe claims to be fully organic and is such a cozy place to chill.

Things you must try are- Mexican Bowl with Chicken, Grilled Chicken Salad, and Pineapple Coconut banana.

The table might cost 1400 for two people.

Grandmama’s Cafe

Grandmamas Cafe, Mumbai

Just like the name of the cafe, the place is pretty cozy and relaxing. The theme of the cafe will take you back to your grandmama’s home and the food is just as good as it. I like the place’s small and simple and had a great time.


Coming to the menu you can have coffee, tea beer, their innovative cocktails, and pasta and pizzas. They have a total of 7 outlets in Mumbai.

If you are a nonvegetarian I would suggest going with buffalo chicken wings, along with that Belgium chocolate shake, and vegetable Lasgna are great options. The cafe can cost around 950 rupees for two people.

The Bombay Canteen-Lower Parel

The Bombay Canteen Kitchen, Lower Parel

The Bombay Canteen-Lower Parel is located in lower Parel and what makes this cafe perfect for the list is the amazing Indian food that is served with a twist here. The variety you get here is just huge and without any compromise on the taste.

The Bombay Canteen, Lower Parel

The place all over is very elegant with dainty yellow light making it a perfect place for a date. There are vegetarian and vegan-friendly options available as well.

Things to try there is Schezwan Triple Rice with a seafood twist. The cost for two people here can sit around 1400 rupees.

The Rolling Pin-Lower Parel

The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel cafe

The rolling pin is located in Lower Parel and is quite a famous bakery around the area. It is known for the variety it has in pastries, cakes, and other homemade baked goods.

Cheese jungle sandwich

The vibe of the bakery is very soothing and all the fairy lights and golden lighting make you feel like Christmas.

Things you must try here are a Cheese jungle sandwich with multigrain bread. The cost for two people can be somewhere between 1000-1200 rupees.

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In conclusion, Mumbai is a city that never fails to surprise its visitors with its vibrancy and uniqueness. Its cafe culture is no different, offering an array of fun and unusual cafes that are sure to satisfy your curiosity and taste buds.

From artsy cafes to quirky ones, there is no shortage of places to grab a delicious cup of coffee and soak up Mumbai’s atmosphere. So, the next time you find yourself in Mumbai, be sure to check out these hidden gems for an unforgettable experience.

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