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Dalkey Island is a beautiful island located off the South Dublin Coast. It is near the Dalkey village, as the name suggests. The name “Dalkey” is from the times of the Vikings when it was originally named Dalk eyja. 

Things to do in Dalkey Island, Ireland

Dalk eyja means “Thorn Island” and it was named so because it is shaped like a thorn. The island is about 22 acres and is a sanctuary for wildlife. The water that surrounds Dalkey island is home to fish species like Mackarel and Coalfish. 


History of Dalkey Island 

This little island is full of stories and backed by history. Vikings, Victorians and proof of human inhabitance from the neolithic period will show you just how happening Dalkey island has been. Some of the first few settlers from the Stone Age made Dalkey Island their home. 

History of Dalkey Island

There’s evidence of this too, so this isn’t just a story. Weaponry like axes and arrowheads and utensils like pottery have been found, and these go back almost 6000 years ago. From the medieval period, Dalkey island hosts the ruins of St. Begnet’s Church. 

During the French invasion period, Martello towers were constructed along the coastline of Dún Laoghair. One such tower was put on Dalkey island, and it is still standing today. 

Top places to visit in Dalkey Island

Alright, now that you know a little history about Dalkey island, let’s talk about what you can actually do around there. 

You can spend your time walking around the island, looking at the ruins that tell so many stories. If you’re lucky, you can spot the goats that live on this island. Speaking of animals, several seals can be seen on the shore, and wild bunnies might be spotted too! Once you’ve explored the island, you can head into town, or visit the nearby attractions. 

Dalkey Island, Ireland

The Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre

The Dalkey castle and heritage centre, in the town of Dalkey, is easily accessible from Dublin city. At the castle, they’ve got a living history experience, which will immerse you and take you back in time to the medieval period. 

The Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre

The cook will show you how to make medieval recipes like a roast goose. From interacting with the Barber-Surgeon to helping the Archer keep watch for enemies, you are truly transported to that time. 

The writer’s Gallery contains portraits of Samuel Beckett, Bono and many others. It is a reflection of the creative and literary connections of the area. To make things easier, there is a writer’s trail map mounted on the wall, which contains quotes from some of these creative people.

Things to do in Ireland

The heritage centre has got a vista of the Early Christian Church and graveyard, which was dedicated to St Begnet. It also has stunning views of the battlements. Interactive touch screens provide information about Dalkey castle, its history and other topics in as many as twelve languages. 

A chronological timeline and scaled models only make things easier to understand. It is like an extremely interactive history lesson. The heritage centre covers the early Christian period, the time of the Vikings, the medieval period and the Victorian era. No stone is left unturned. They’ve also got other forms of information, like footage of the crowning of the King of Dalkey and the engineer’s drawings of the Dalkey Town Hall. 

The town of Dalkey also has many more attractions and places to eat. There are day tours, cultural tours and private tours covering the different attractions. There’s a huge variety when it comes to things to do in Dalkey. 

Water sports at Dalkey 

If you’re one for water sports, kayaking out to Dalkey Island might be for you. The water is beautiful and you just might spot some seals. There are several guided tours available, and you can book sessions at a time that is convenient for you. 

Water sports in Dalkey

Sorrento Park

Sorrento park is a little place that offers some stunning views of Dalkey Island. It is a nice park to go to for some peace, quiet and fantastic sceneries. Although it is more like a hill than a park, it is a place you must put on your list. The views of Dalkey island and the Wicklow mountains will be worth it. 

Sorrento Park, Dalkey Island

Bulloch Harbour

Bulloch Harbour is located between Dalkey and Sandycove on the southern end of Dublin Bay. This harbour is popular for rock climbing, watersports and birdwatching too. From kayaking to scuba diving, and rock climbing to boat rentals, this place is an adventure sports enthusiast’s dream. 

Bulloch Harbour, Dalkey Island

Let’s talk food. Dalkey town has got some wonderful places you can stop at for a bite to eat on your visit here. 

When you’re in the Irish town of Dalkey, you’ve got to have some authentic Irish food. 

Food at Dalkey 

Finnegan’s of Dalkey, located at 1 Sorrento Road, Dalkey, Dublin Ireland is a local pub and restaurant. Corned beef, seafood delicacies and Tiramisu are a must-try. Some even say they serve the best pints of Guinness! 

Best food in Dalkey Island

Ouzos Bar & Grill located at 22 Castle Street, Dalkey Ireland is another such restaurant with authentic Irish cuisine. They’ve also vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. The seafood, the caesar salad and the steaks certainly win customers’ hearts. 

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, the Country Bake bakery, on 35 Castle Street, Dalkey Ireland is where you’ll find some delicious baked goods. Freshly baked bread, bread pudding and aromatic coffee prove why this bakery is always so busy. 

Places to visit in Dalkey Island, Ireland

Transport to Dalkey 

Getting to Dalkey is quite simple. It is a short distance from Dublin You can walk to Dalkey from the DART station, and it is a pleasant one too. Public transport is great in Ireland, and this makes your travel to Dalkey a whole lot easier.

How to reach Dalkey Island

From Dublin, you can take the train, bus or taxi. You can even drive, and the route is quite scenic. With so many options, your transport to Dalkey is taken care of. 

To get to Dalkey island, there are companies who’ve got boat rentals. You can also kayak your way onto the island, during the low tide. This will give you a sense of adventure. 

Visiting Dalkey Island In Dublin - Travel Guide 


Dalkey is definitely worth visiting. From the picturesque town to the history-backed island, a visit to Dalkey will certainly be memorable. The wide array of things to do here proves that there is truly something for everyone. 

Have you been to Dalkey island? Let me know your experience in the comments below. 

Meanwhile, if you’re planning a trip to Dublin, here is a list of things you should check out for sure!

Until then, have a great day and I’ll see you guys at the next one!

Visiting Dalkey Island In Dublin - Travel Guide 

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