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Guinness Storehouse is not just a place of business, but a fascinating journey through the history and culture of Guinness, the world-renowned brewery. Guinness Storehouse is rooted in the heart, and soul of Ireland.

I can describe my experience at the Guinness Storehouse as comfortable, relaxed, and truly unique. One of the highlights of the tour is the Tasting Experience.

Guinness storehouse has seven floors, each offering a different perspective on the Guinness brand. On the first floor, you’ll learn about the history of Guinness. At the top of the Storehouse, you’ll find the Guinness Storehouse Bar, where you can enjoy a complimentary pint of Guinness.

So, if you’re in Dublin and looking for something truly exciting and unique, why not check out the iconic Guinness Storehouse? You won’t regret it! Here is a guide for you to explore based on personal experience.

Disclaimer: This article is based on personal experience of visiting the Guinness Storehouse and not about encouraging you to drink alcohol. You can check this website for more information about drinking.

Your Guide To Guinness Storehouse

Entry Fees

The entry fees for the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland, are as follows: adult ticket prices start from €26, child ticket (aged 5 – 17) is €10, children under 4 are free, and seniors and students can avail tickets at a discounted price.

However, I always suggest you check their official website for up-to-date information.

How to reach the Guinness Storehouse

To reach the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, there are several options available. You can take the LUAS Red Line from Dublin city centre in the direction of Tallaght and hop off at James’s Luas stop, which is just a seven-minute walk from the Storehouse.

Travelling by Dublin Bus is also quick and easy, with frequent service available. Taxis are also available, and all Dublin taxi drivers know how to get to the Guinness Storehouse.

Tours and Tickets

The Guinness Storehouse offers several tours and experiences that visitors can book online. can choose from over 7 floors of interactive tours, including the standard experience, which includes a self-guided tour of the brewery, a pint of Guinness, and access to the Gravity Bar with panoramic views of Dublin.

Keep in mind that the Gravity Bar is not accessible without being on a guided tour. So, check this website for several guided tours.

I recommend you book your tickets online and avoid the queues.

Guinness: A Colorful and Vibrant History

Arthur Guinness, the man who gifted this famous beverage to the world, leased the St. James’ Gate Brewery in 1759. He started by brewing ale but he ended up ditching it altogether for his famous “porter”. His “West Indian Porter” became widely popular and is now known as the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.

Before the Guinness Storehouse became what it is today, it used to be a fermentation plant. Thanks to this iconic spot in Dublin, you can now delve headfirst into the special experience that is Guinness. Besides its rich history, you can also learn about the ingredients and explore some amazing Guinness-inspired dishes.

It was a very nice experience for me to know about the whole process that goes into making one pint of beer. Make sure you are with someone, as all historical and technical details might bore you as it’s a 2-hour-long guide.

Don’t forget to try the complimentary beer that they serve. The Guinness Storehouse also features the iconic Gravity Bar, which is located on the seventh floor and offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the city. It exactly gave me a sense of being in the open air to enjoy a pint of Guinness and take in the panoramic views of Dublin.

Guinness Storehouse Dublin: Tourist Attraction

At this famous tourist spot, you’ll get to know about the history of the popular beverage through the agency of interactive exhibitions. From ingredients to brewing and from advertising campaigns to sponsorships, you can expect to be mesmerized by the exhibits.

The seven floors of the building are built around a pint-glass-shaped atrium. You can find the 9,000-year-old lease that was originally signed by Arthur Guinness at the base of the atrium. On the ground floor, you can get to know about the ingredients of the beer and Arthur Guinness, the man who started it all.

The location also offers an exhibit on responsible drinking. At the Perfect Pint bar, you can not only chill alongside your friends with a pint of Guinness in your hands but also get your selfie printed on that pint. You can also visit the Brewery Bar to taste some Guinness-inspired dishes.

Since the Guinness Storehouse opened its doors to visitors, it has welcomed more than 20 million visitors. The place was also visited by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip in May 2011. Head over to the official website to learn more about the fun-filled experiences that this place has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Guinness Storehouse famous?

The Guinness Storehouse is famous for being one of the world’s most successful beer brands and a popular tourist attraction at the St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland.

How long does it take to walk through Guinness Storehouse?

It is recommended to allow at least 90 minutes to explore the Storehouse with the self-guided tour.

Why is it called the gravity bar?

The Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse is named after a brewing term and is also a nod to the gravity-defying position of the bar on the roof of the original building. The term “gravity” refers to the process of settling and clarifying the beer, which is an essential part of the brewing process.

Can you go to the gravity bar without a tour?

No, you cannot go to the Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse without taking the tour. The Gravity Bar is only accessible as part of the Guinness Storehouse tour, and your tour ticket gives you entry to the Gravity Bar.

How to get to the Guinness Storehouse from the city centre?

The Guinness Storehouse is located in the historic area of The Liberties, at St. James’s Gate in the heart of Dublin, and is easily accessible by foot, bike, bus, tram, train, or taxi.


The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin is a must-visit destination. If you can’t wait to know more about the popular Guinness beer, book your tickets right now! I’m sure you’ll have an amazing experience.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Dublin, check out my blog exploring the different places to stay in Dublin. You can also share your fun experiences with me in the comment box below!

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