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Phoenix park, located in Dublin, Ireland is one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in Europe. I visited this beautiful and big park twice and really enjoyed its cycling experience and visiting Dublin zoo. It was a perfect and unforgettable day trip for me.

As you step into the park, you’re welcomed by the breathtaking beauty of its lush greenery, tranquil lakes, and vibrant flower beds.

Wellington Monument in Phoenix Park Dublin

One of the park’s most charming features is the diverse wildlife that calls it home. From graceful deer roaming freely to a variety of bird species, the park is a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Phoenix park is easily accessible. Bus services, train and tram services and renting bikes prove just how convenient public transport is around Phoenix park.

You can reserve a bus to the Phoenix Park in Dublin through the official website of Dublin Bus.

Wild deers in Phoenix Park Dublin

So, if you’re looking for a place to unwind and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, Phoenix Park is the perfect destination. Here you can explore a list of things to do in the Phoenix Park.

Things To Do In Phoenix Park

Visit Phoenix monument

Phoenix Monument in Dublin

The Phoenix Monument, with its historical significance and impressive architecture, offers a glimpse into the rich heritage of Dublin.

The Phoenix Monument is often referred to as the Eagle Monument, because of the bird on top which adds to its uniqueness.

Explore Papal cross

Karan Lathia at Papal Cross in Dublin's Phoenix Park

Going along cultural lines, the Papal cross is another sight to see. It is made of steel, serves as a powerful symbol of faith and unity. Its unique presence amidst the natural beauty of Phoenix Park gives a profound sense of peace and reflection.

The historical significance and tranquil atmosphere of the Papal cross make it a must-visit destination for you seeking to connect with both religious history and the beauty of the Irish landscape.

Discover Ashtown Castle

Ashtown Castle in Dublin's Phoenix Park

Ashtown Castle is a restored medieval tower house that left an impression on me by its unique architecture. The beauty of Ashtown Castle lies not only in its ancient architecture but also in the surrounding landscape of Phoenix Park.

With your visit to Ashtown Castle you can expect a captivating journey through time, as you explore the well-preserved interiors and learn about the castle’s intriguing past.

I’m sure whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or simply someone looking to explore the beauty of Dublin, a visit to Ashtown Castle and the surrounding Phoenix Park is sure to leave you with lasting memories.

Explore the beauty of Victorian Walled Kitchen Garden

Victorian Walled Garden in Phoenix Park

Set in the walls of Ashtown Castle is this two-and-a-half-acre garden. This garden is surrounded by herbs, vegetable crops, and a heritage apple orchard, creating a wonderful kitchen garden that is as educational as it is beautiful. The garden is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This garden is for you if you want to immerse yourself in natural beauty or just have a stroll.

Discover The Wellington Testimonial 

Wellington Testimonial in Dublin's phoenix park

Wellington Testimonial  is a unique symbol to the historical and architectural grandeur of Dublin. It is dedicated to Arthur Wellesley, a famous British politician and general who was born in Ireland.

This monument is the largest obelisk in Europe and its elegant design makes it a captivating sight for you.

Renting a bike

Rent a bike in Phoenix park dublin

Biking around the park allowed me to spend quality time in nature, enjoy the fresh air, and immerse myself in its beauty. The Phoenix Park bikes for rentals are just inside the main entrance, on Parkgate Street. 

There are bikes for all ages and an array of different trails you can take within the park. You can also hire bikes in groups which is a safe and fun way to explore the park, by yourself or even in a group.

You can find information about this on the official website of Phoenix park. 

Take Guided cycle tours

If you’d like to learn about the park in detail and explore it thoroughly, you can also take a guided cycle tour.

The tours are usually for 2 to 3 hours and include a lot of information about the park, stops for pictures, audio-visual elements and a stop at the coffee shop as well, isn’t it interesting?!

Just like the bike rentals, there is information on the official Phoenix park website

Visit The Phoenix Cafe

Amidst Phoenix Park’s natural beauty, I deeply enjoyed having a delightful dining experience in Phoenix Cafe. This cafe is famous for its homemade cooking and locally roasted coffee.

Scones served with homemade jam are definitely worth a try in this vibrant cafe. They have also vegan and vegetarian options which was amazing for me. 

The Café has also won awards for the best one in Ireland, and understandably so. The gardens of the park provide a lot of fresh produce, and it is surrounded by the gorgeous nature of Phoenix Park.

The timings of the tea rooms and the café are available on the official website of the park. 

Explore the beauty of The Victorian Tea Rooms

The Victorian Tea Rooms

The Tea Rooms are housed in a beautiful landmark building which is truly captivating. They were constructed to provide refreshments for the visitors of Phoenix park and Dublin zoo in the late nineteenth century.

Today, they serve teas and accompaniments to your liking. The tea room also takes into consideration the many dietary requirements of visitors. 

Phoenix Park Tea Room

As a vegan who enjoys gluten and dairy-free cakes and desserts as well as sugar-free treats in the evening, I definitely recommend you visit this place. It’s full of interesting options for vegans.

They also have an outdoor seating area for the summer days. Victorian tea rooms are the perfect place to recharge or wind down after spending time in the park. 

Discover The Dublin Zoo

Dublin zoo is the biggest zoo in Ireland and a true treasure for both animal lovers and those seeking a delightful day out. It is also a registered charity and works towards conserving and creating awareness about bio-diversity.

Dublin Zoo in Phoenix Park

Dublin Zoo houses animals like snow leopards, red pandas, wolves and elephants. With animals from all over the world, the Dublin zoo attracts over 1 million visitors every year. 

The zoo’s picturesque setting in Phoenix Park, coupled with its extensive grounds, provided me with a serene and enjoyable environment to connect with nature and learn about the world’s precious wildlife.

The Dublin Zoo is a wonderful attraction for kids and parents. You’ll learn so much about the various animals from all over the world. You can book tickets on their official website.

Parking At Phoneix Park

Car parks and parking spaces are provided for you in the Phoenix Park. Based on my experience, parking in the Phoenix Park was free. But for up-to-date information, I suggest you check their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Phoenix Park famous?

Rich history, scenic landscape, and the variety of events and attractions make Phoenix Park a renowned and popular destination in Dublin.

What animals live in Phoenix Park?

The park’s rich biodiversity includes over 235 species of animals and birds from around the world in Dublin Zoo, which is located within the Phoenix Park.

Is the Phoenix Park the biggest park in Europe?

No, Phoenix Park is not the biggest park in Europe. While it is the largest enclosed public park in any capital city in Europe, it is not the largest park in terms of size.

Phoenix Park Guide: Things To Do, Parking & Cafe (2024)


Phoenix Park is a beautiful and serene public space that offers a variety of recreational activities and attractions for you. With its lush gardens, scenic ponds, and historic sites, the park provides a perfect escape from bustling city life, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy some quiet time with friends and family.

If you plan to visit Phoenix Park anytime soon, let me which activity appeared the most appealing to you.

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