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The Aran Islands are a group of three rocky islands located on the coast of Galway Bay. These islands are the isolated treasures of the country. A popular break from the modern world, the islands offer a good outlook on Irish culture and its fascinating history.

It consists of the Inis Mór/ Inishmore (Big Island), Inis Meáin (Middle Island), and Inis Oírr (East Island). Due to these islands’ isolation and remote location, they have developed a rich culture and heritage that you would not get to experience anywhere else in Ireland. 

Inishmore is a place that has both historical sites and natural landscapes. The place is very beautiful and is the largest among the three islands. Recently this place has become famous amongst nature lovers. So we have an Inishmore guide 2023 if you are planning to visit this beautiful nature’s beauty.

Useful Info For Inishmore – Aran Island Trip

Tips for the Aran Islands Trip

  • Don’t forget to carry extra cash with you as most places don’t have a card machine here, and there’s only one ATM on the whole Island. 
  • Keep all the receipts of bikes and ferries safely with you.
  • Don’t overeat or undereat as you’ll have to walk and cycle a lot. So, it is recommended to eat healthily and carry a protein bar in your backpack as a handy snack.
  • Plan a two-day trip to Inishmore as you will not be able to explore the place entirely in one day. We planned the trip just for one day and missed some of the most famous tourist attractions.
  • Generally, people walk or ride a bicycle, but some locals have cars. So, keep this in mind while you’re on the road, and if you hear any car coming from the back, move to the left side of the road and slow down. They will also slow down their cars and pass on, but be careful from your side.

How To Get To Inishmore (Inis Mór)?

You can get to the islands by a passenger ferry from County Galway or County Clare. You can even take a ferry from Doolin (a town near Cliffs of Moher) or Rossaveal. 

From Rossaveal, it will take around 40 minutes, and from Doolin, it will take around 90 minutes to get to the Island.

To book a ferry, click here. Make sure to return to your ferry on time as even if you’re late by a few minutes, they won’t wait. We reached our ferry by 5:15 and were 15 minutes late according to the allotted time, and so we missed our ride and had to stay the night at the Island.

Shuttle Bus is available from Galway City to get to Rossaveal. I would recommend booking the tickets online as they prefer prior bookings and it will also be cheaper if you book both the bus and the ferry together. It was around €30 for one adult when we went there.

How To Get Around Inishmore?

Hire a bike at Aran Island

They are a family-owned business and have a variety of bikes, all at different rates. You can choose any of them and get free helmets and a map of Inishmore Island.

We took two Tandem Bikes and one Mountain Bike. Tandem Bikes are the ones where you have two seats, and if you know how to ride a bicycle, it will not be difficult to handle this bike. Tandem Bikes will also be cheaper. 

The staff is so friendly and helpful. As we missed our ferry while returning to Galway, they arranged a hostel booking to spend the night on such short and sudden notice. They’re a bunch of cooperative people and the perfect kind of locals that anyone can ever ask for. 

Be prepared to walk a lot as there are many places where even your bicycle cannot go. Always keep track of GPS as you might want to avoid unwanted routes, and even because of the network instability in some areas, it can be a bit troublesome.

Tourist Attractions In Inishmore 

Dun Aonghasa

The most famous fort on all three islands, Dun Aonghasa, is a huge ancient fort that is at least 3000 years old. Right in the heart of Inishmore, the fort overlooks the edge of a majestic cliff and is defended by a triple wall. 

Places to visit In Inishmore

Since the fort has no protection like railings, you can go over to the edge and look down if you are not too terrified of heights. But don’t get too excited and be cautious. 

I can understand that you might be curious and want to look down and near the edges, but safety comes first. Keep that in mind and enjoy the amazing view.

The Wormhole

A popular destination for swimmers and divers, the wormhole is a completely naturally formed tidal pool. It is near Dun Aonghasa; you will find that over time, nature has cut this rock into a perfect rectangle that becomes an excellent pool for people to dive in and take a swim. 

Places to visit In Inishmore

If you are going to the location according to the GPS, make sure you have a good network connection. And also, it will show that the place is 5 minutes away, but it’s not, you will have to walk a lot to get there, so be prepared for that. 

Sometimes when the tides are very high, don’t try to jump in the pool at that time as the force of the water is immense, and it will be precarious for you to handle that. It is a must-visit sight in Inishmore; just make sure that while walking towards the location, you don’t end up getting to any dead-end roads.

Here you can explore our detailed guide for Wormhole.

Kilmurvey Beach

If you visit an island and do not go to a beach to experience the ocean, what even is the point? 

Kilmurvey Beach is a good way to walk on the pale, white sand and dip your legs in the cold, blue water, and maybe even make a sandcastle with your kid. The view is breathtaking, and the pictures can never do any justice to the beauty of this place.

Places to visit In Inishmore

It’s a great swimming spot in the summer and the best place in the whole of Inishmore Island to spend some relaxing time.

Sadly, we could not get to this place because of the time constraints we had. So, make sure that you’re not in a hurry and that you take at least two days for this trip. This is a must-visit, and you can even click great pictures for your Instagram feed. 

Seal Colony Viewpoint

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Inishmore and is located nearby Kilmurvey Beach. You will spot seals and some other kinds of water animals here. 

One of the rarest seals in the world, which is the Grey Seal, is found here. You probably won’t spot any seals at the time of high tides, so keep that factor in your mind. 

The Seven Churches

Very misleading because of the name, The Seven Churches are, in fact, two churches that go back to the seventh century. In ruins is a beautiful monastic site that can be adequately enjoyed with a tour guide explaining the fascinating history. 

Places to visit In Inishmore

It is a well-known pilgrimage site and a must-see tourist attraction in Inishmore if you’re interested in historic places.

Dun Eochla

One of the most popular but underrated places on the Inishmore. The Dun Eochla is a 500AD fort that is still perfectly preserved today. Probably because it is built on the highest point of the island, you can get a proper 360° view of the entire island, and if you are lucky enough, you just might be able to see the Cliffs of Moher from the fort.

The view is lovely from here, and you will definitely have a fun time. If you’re someone who loves to see jaw-dropping sights, then this is a must-visit for you.

The Black Fort

In contrast to the Dun Aonghasa, the Black Fort can be pretty peaceful and secluded. Deemed as their favorite Inishmore historic site by the locals, this is a must for your list. 

Places to visit In Inishmore

It is situated on the Killeany Cliff and sits near the drop of the cliffs. 

The fort makes for a great hike; you can take your own sweet time getting there because of its remote location and maybe even have a picnic. Make sure that you have a comfortable pair of shoes on you.

Puffing Holes

The holes can be difficult to navigate since they are not marked. There are currently only three mapped holes in Inishmore. 

They get their name from the water crashing in the caves below them and causing them to puff out of the holes. It is a beautiful sight to see but be precautious as at the times of high tides and windy days, it can be risky.

The whole trip to Inishmore can be very tiring after you spend hours exploring the island, but there are loads of cafés and pubs where you can just sit down, eat some scones, and drink some wine or beer while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Best place to eat in Inishmore

Teach Nan Phaidi

AddressUnnamed Road, Co. Galway, Ireland

Teach Nan Phaidi is a quaint little cottage turned café that serves delicious homemade food. Its charming setting is precisely the kind of place you would wish to eat in when you visit Ireland.

It is a place where you will get well-priced, excellent food. The staff is very cooperative and following the COVID guidelines properly. I would recommend you have your breakfast or lunch here as they have many options.

Joe Watty’s Bar and Restaurant

AddressStáisiun Doiteain Inis Mor, Kilronan, Aran Islands, Co. Galway, Ireland

Lonely Planet has named Joe Watty’s Bar and Restaurant as the top choice pub in Inishmore. It is a traditional, cozy little Irish pub where you can enjoy a pint of Guinness while also enjoying some good trad sessions and dart nights. 

It is a bit on the expensive side, but a safe bet as the locals would always recommend you this place.

Paudy’s Ice Cream

AddressKilmurvy, Co. Galway, Ireland

Ireland is not mainly a ‘hot’ country, but who doesn’t like a good Ice-cream and some award-winning crepes and waffles.

It’s a known place on the island and definitely worth one try.

Where to stay in Inishmore?

Kilronan Hostel

AddressInis Mor Aran Islands, Co. Galway, H91 K7HW, Ireland

It is situated in the Inishmore, and you will be able to spot it even before your ferry reaches the port. 

Suppose free Wi-Fi and parking, a huge terrace, a continental breakfast every morning, and activities like hiking, kayaking, and riding a bike is your idea of a perfect staycation. In that case, this Kilronan Hostel is the place to stay. 

We booked this place at the very last moment, and still, they were so accommodating. It’s a very nice and clean place to spend one night in Inishmore. Though we could not enjoy our stay as we had to leave early morning, I would recommend staying here.

Kilmurvey House

AddressKilmurvy, Co. Galway, Ireland

A 500m stroll from the Kilmurvey beach; the house is like staying in a huge manor. The 12-bedroom mansion turned hotel can be your way of spending a day like an 18th-century wealthy landowner. The hotel has a very ancient setup.

The staff is amazing; they will help you with everything, starting from recommendations for places to eat to give you advice on getting to the main town. I would highly recommend staying here, as this is the best place to stay on the whole island and you will have a fantastic time here.

Pier House Bed and Breakfast

AddressKilleany, Co. Galway, Ireland

The hotel’s ideal location serves as a great spot to start your trip to the Inishmore, and just a 15-minute walk from the Kilronan Village, where you can find craft shops, pubs, and restaurants. It’s also very close to Spar, so that’s an added benefit.

Pier House offers the comforts of a perfect home with free Wi-Fi, a TV, a hairdryer, and telephones in every room. The breakfast is delicious and can be enjoyed while watching the view from the terrace of the house. The staff is friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend staying here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SPAR Supermarket

It is the only place where you can find an ATM in Inishmore, so don’t forget to carry enough cash with you as you won’t even find card machines everywhere here. 

You can shop for various kinds of food items from here. But remember that the place closes around 5 or 6 in the evening so you might want to be quick if you want to shop for anything or use the ATM. 

Traveling Solo Or With a Group to the Aran Islands?

This is a place where you should preferably come in a group as you will have a fun time exploring places with your friends. I went with a bunch of my friends, and we had a lot of fun; I think it will get boring if you’re here with a small group.

Safety at Inishmore Aran Islands

You don’t need to worry about safety like we were never scared of our belongings getting robbed. Just be a little precautious for the safe side.

Inishmore Aran Island: How To Visit, Things To Do, Guide 2024


The Inishmore (Aran ISland) is blessed with some natural sights that look so surreal and peaceful when looked at. If you are a nature lover then it is definitely a place that should be on top of your list. And we hope this Inishmore guide 2023 was helpful to you.

Also if you are planning a trip to Ireland or exploring places in Ireland so do check out our Galway Article.

Let me know in the comments about the place that you enjoyed the most.


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