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Whether it is a quick catch-up after a long day at work or a long overdue meeting with old friends, pubs have almost become a home away from home in this country. Pubs in Dublin has some of the most exciting experience and great craic.

Beginning from as early as the 10th century, pubs have been in Ireland for a long, long time. Pubs are something one must take into account when planning a trip to Ireland. 

From personal experience, I can tell you that pubs are the perfect place to have good conversations, drinks, music and food.

Most 9 Iconic Pubs in Dublin

The Brazen Head

The Brazen Head Pub in Dublin

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The Brazen Head is the oldest pub in Dublin. Established in 1198, this pub has a history that is extensive and interesting.

Located on Bridge Street in Dublin, this pub curates a perfect combination of delicious food, energetic music and wonderful drinks.

The Irish folk music really highlights the culture of the country, and the indoor/outdoor seating adds a modern touch.
Several sources claim that visiting the Brazen Head is one of the “coolest things you can do in Dublin”.

The Landmark

The landmark pubs in dublin

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The Landmark is the number 1 pub in Dublin according to many, and understandably so. For someone looking to revisit the Victorian era, this pub, located on Kevin lower street is perfect. 

I found the ambience to be cosy and comforting. The burgers, sandwiches and fish and chips are great. The drinks are awesome. They’ve got live entertainment on the weekends. 

The Temple Bar

The temple bar pub in dublin

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Moving on from The Landmark to another landmark, the Temple Bar is one of the most popular spots in the city. It is a perfect blend of Modern day service and traditional Irish music.

Another perk is that it is located in the heart of Dublin, at 47-48 Temple Bar. The bright red exterior of the pub certainly catches one’s eye. 

It is quite the hangout spot for creatives, like poets and artists. With its quirky nature, it is a place to put on your list. 

The Palace Bar

The palace bar in dublin

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Built-in 1823 and located on Fleet Street, this pub also takes you back to the past. As they themselves proudly say, they are “internationally famous for intellectual refreshments.” 

With its stained glass skylight and old Victorian ambience, it truly is a piece of Dublin history. Fantastic beer and delicious toasties only add to the list of reasons for visiting this pub. 

The Celt

The celt pub in dublin

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A cold winter day calls for a hearty meal and a good drink, and the Celt is just the place for that. Located on Talbot Street, it attracts both locals and tourists. 

With great food and drinks, traditional and live music and a taste of Irish dancing, it is a perfect concoction for a perfect pub.

The Long Hall

The long hall pub in dublin

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Another piece of Victorian charm, is this beautiful pub located at 51, South Great George’s Street. It is one of the oldest pubs in Dublin, and the ambience reflects that. 

Intricate wood carvings, gold leaf enhancements and ornate glass add to the Victorian character of this pub. One of the things it is known for is the Guinness Beer, which puts this place high on the list. 

It gets extremely busy, especially towards the later part of the day, but the great beer and delectable foods make it a must-visit place.

Kehoes Pub

Kehoes Pub in dublin

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This vibrant, away winning pub is located in the heart of the Dublin South city centre, at 9 Anne St Street. For those who are looking for a taste of authenticity and tradition, this place is perfect. 

Just like the other victorian style pubs, stained glass decor and cosy corners bring out the character of this pub. Some people also say that this pub serves some of the best Guinness in the neighbourhood, and even in the city. 



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If you want to feel like a local, this is the place to go. They don’t serve food along with beverages, but the amazing beer makes up for it.

It is a typical “Irish boozer”, located on 8 Poolbeg Street. The old and traditional decor almost makes it seem like you’ve stepped into the past. It is a place to go to for some history and local charm. 


Neary's pub in dublin

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With a strong connection to literature and performing arts, this pub is a cute buff’s dream. Located on 1 Chatham Street, the rear entrance is also opposite the stage door of the Gaiety theatre. 

Customers rave about the Guinness pints and Irish whiskey, and the food is absolutely wonderful. 

It does not harbour typical entertainment like television or music, but great conversations are certainly stirred up. You must put this pub on your list for an experience like no other. 


So, there you go! Pubs in Dublin are full of craic and each of them has something unique to offer.

I hope you figured out which pub in Dublin you want to visit this weekend! If you have been to an exciting pub in Dublin which is not on the list, please share it in the comments below. 

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