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RedBull Hangar-7 located at Salzburg airport is a home for art lovers, connoisseurs and planes. It is a unique, multipurpose building. With a collection of Formula 1 race cars and a fleet of Flying Bulls aircraft, this is an interesting place to visit in Austria.

Karan Lathia in Austria

Hangar-7 brings together art, architecture, technology and entertainment to create an experience. The title “Hangar” comes from the hangar, which is a space that is designed to hold a plane. It is essentially like a useful shoebox- square in shape and practical. 

About Redbull Hangar 7

As you can probably tell by now, the entire concept of Hangar-7 had a lot of thought put into it. It first opened in 2003, and not only elevated the Salzburg airport, but also became a popular attraction in the entire city of Salzburg.

The architect behind Hangar-7 is Volkmar Burgstaller, and his vision and work have put this place on a pedestal. 

Tanay Sawant at Hangar 7 in Austria

The panning and construction of Hangar-7 actually only took about four years, and then it was ready to roll in 2003. When you look at the amount of material that was used to construct this place, the numbers are enormous. 

1200 tonnes of steel, 14000 cubic metres of concrete and 7000 square metres of glass make Hangar-7 a steel and glass palace!

Hangar 7 in Austria

A huge reason why this building is so popular is its unique architecture. The exterior of the building seems weightless, even though it is made of about 1200 tonnes of steel and 380 tonnes of special glass. The construction of Hangar-7 is truly like an illusion. 

The entrance is 40 metres long and consists of two cylindrical towers, with spaces for lounges, restaurants and offices. This is where the multipurpose character of Hangar-7 comes in. 

When you’re inside Hangar-7, your attention immediately falls on the glass dome that is on top. This stretches through the place and is often compared to the “vaults of heaven”. 

Inside Hangar-7

Perhaps one of the most interesting concepts of Hangar-7 is how the architects have manages to make the heating, cable and ventilation completely invisible.

In addition to this, the hundreds of glass panes of different sizes present a splendid panoramic atmosphere. With different weather and times of day, the ambience at Hangar-7 changes.

At Hangar-7, there are three self-supporting “ribs” which are essentially used to provide visitors with different points of view.

Formula-1 race car

While one point of view is upwards, highlighting the panorama of the mountains, the other point of view focuses on the vehicles- the aeroplanes, Formula 1 race cars, helicopters and motorcycles. 

The art at Hangar-7 is everywhere. Every part you look at has stylish and subtle representations of some form of art.

The entire concept behind the architecture is extremely artistic too. From the glass dome to the exterior, and the three ribs, there is no doubt that Hangar-7 is a unique representation of art. 

Hangar-7 is a place where artists can come together, inspire one another and showcase their work. The exhibition space allows this interaction between artists. 

Cafes & Restaurants near Redbull Hangar 7

Restaurant Ikarus

When it comes to the restaurants at Hangar-7, there’s yet another unique concept. The Restaurant Ikarus is a “landing pad for top chefs”.

The Restaurant Ikarus

What does this mean? The team at Ikarus invites a new top chef every month and it’s all about variety. The chefs come from all over the world and serve different cuisines, modern and fusion food of top quality. 

Executive chef Martin Klein and patron Eckart Witzigmann, the Ikarus concept creates a unique experience focusing on the senses. Some of the top chefs in 2022 have included Johannes Nuding and Pierre Gagnaire in October, Peter Hagen-Wiest in September and Grégoire Berger in July. 

The Carpe Diem Lounge Cafe

Hangar-7 has also got a selection of cafes and lounges. The Carpe Diem Lounge Cafe serves some great espresso, sweet treats and a variety of lounge dishes.

The Carpe Diem Lounge Cafe

These, when combined with a comfortable atmosphere, create a perfect environment to relax. 

The Mayday Bar and The Threesixty Bar

Hangar-7 also has two bars- The Mayday Bar and The Threesixty Bar.

The Mayday Bar and The Threesixty Bar

The Mayday bar uses classic and modern ingredients in order to curate some of the best food and drinks you’ve tasted. With a team of top chefs, it is bound to be amazing.

The Threesixty Bar highlights “THE ORGANICS” collection from Red Bull. Ginger ale, tonic water, creative cocktails, champagnes and wines- these are some of the beverages that make up the wide variety they’ve got at the Threesixty Bar. 

The Flying Bulls

The Flying Bulls are a group of enthusiasts, who have harboured their passion for aircraft and helicopters. Hangar-7 is home to the Flying Bulls’ fleet of aircraft.

Plane inside Hangar

This fleet includes some of the most majestic aircraft, as well as some glamorous helicopters. The collection is truly a dream one if you’re an aircraft enthusiast like the Flying Bulls. 

Pilots range from military pilots to parachutist pilots and mustang pilots to aerobatics pilots. This team is a fabulous one, and this is also reflected through the airshows they put on. The talent of the pilots brings together the splendour of Hangar-7.

Frequently asked questions about Hangar 7 in Austria

Who owns Hangar-7?

The founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz is the owner of Hangar-7.

Can you visit Hangar-7?

Yes, it is open to visitors. With its restaurant, bars, cafe, art displays and airshows- it is a popular destination for visitors. 

Where is Hangar-7 located?

It is located at Salzburg Airport. While you’re in Salzburg, there’s a whole list of things you must check out. Here is a guide to some of the best attractions you will find in Salzburg.

Visiting Red Bull Hangar-7 In Salzburg - Complete Travel Guide  

Hangar-7 is something you should definitely add to your list if you’re in Salzburg. With the number of things to do and see here, it is worth the visit. Hangar-7 is the perfect conglomeration of art, technology, architecture and lounging. 

What do you think of the concept of Hangar-7? Have you guys been there? I’d love to know, do let me know in the comments below. 

Visiting Red Bull Hangar-7 In Salzburg - Complete Travel Guide  

Until then, I’ll see you guys next time! Have a nice day!

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