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Ireland is home to a plethora of medieval-era monuments that have now become iconic tourist attractions. Also known as the Cashel of Kings, the Rock of Cashel is one of the most stunning tourist spots you will ever encounter.  

The beautiful location boasts a collection of magnificent ancient structures that will completely bowl you over. At the iconic site, you can treat your eyes to a round tower, a Gothic-looking cathedral, a Romanesque chapel, among other things. 

Once you are through this blog, you will want to pack your bags and pay a visit to this renowned site in County Tipperary, Ireland. 

Rock of Cashel: A Site of Great Historical Significance

Address: Moor, Cashel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Rock of Cashel interior Tipperary Ireland
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Photo by Karan Lathia

There is no shortage of ancient monuments and ruins throughout Ireland. If you are a history buff or love exploring new places, you should add the Rock of Cashel to your travel itinerary immediately. Most of the buildings on this historic site date back to the 12th and 13th centuries. 

The Round Tower is the oldest of all the buildings in the Rock of Cashel. The tower has managed to retain its outstanding beauty for all these years. The tower is also of great archaeological significance due to it being a dry stone structure. 

The Gothic Cathedral, built between 1235 and 1270, served as a worship place in its heyday. The CathedralCathedral went through many refurbishments and now receives thousands of curious tourists from all over the world. 

The Cormac’s Chapel is the only existing medieval monument in Ireland that contains Romanesque frescoes. Primarily erected from sandstone, the chapel’s frescoes were heavily damaged due to the place getting waterlogged. Thanks to steadfast mending and revamping, the Cormac’s Chapel has been opened for limited public tours. 

The Captivating History of the Rock of Cashel

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The 1000 years-long history of the Rock of Cashel is an enthralling one. Before the Norman Invasion of Ireland occurred in the late 12th century, this ancient site served as the seat of the kings of Munster. 

In 1101, King Muircheartach Ua Brian conferred the Rock to a church. This was how the Rock became a site of both historical and religious significance. It was during this time that the round tower was erected. 

Rock of Cashel Tipperary Ireland Wide Shot
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After Rome approved the setting up of archbishoprics in Ireland, the Rock became home to Cashel’s archbishop. The Cathedral was erected in the mid 13th century, and the construction of the tower house castle followed soon after. 

The Romanesque frescoes and stone carvings inside the Cormac’s Chapel have endured the test of time and now serve as a reminder of Ireland’s golden history. 

The Rock of Cashel: Opening Times

Rock of Cashel Facts Tipperary Ireland
Photo by Karan Lathia

This spot has been a hit with tourists for years now. You can walk around at this famous site and have a wonderful time learning all the essential details about the historical monuments. Self-guided tours are the norm that’s followed at this place. 

 Located in County Tipperary, Ireland, you can get to the Rock via car, bus, or train. Thurles is the nearest train station. If you are traveling to the spot by bus, you will have to board the X8 to Cashel and then walk 500m from the center of Cashel town off the Dublin road. The place offers public parking spaces close to the site. 

The tickets to this site cost 8 Euros for adults arriving separately. If you plan to visit the place in a group, you can get your tickets for 6 Euros each. Tickets for children and students cost 4 Euros. Lastly, a family can have a gala time at this famed site for 20 Euros. 

Rock Of Cashel History Tipperary Ireland
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From mid-March to mid-October, the Rock of Cashel stays open to visitors daily from 9 in the morning to 5:30 pm. The place allows the last admission at 4:45 pm. 

Meanwhile, from mid-October to mid-March, the place stays open to visitors from 9 am to 4:30 pm daily. The last entry is at 3:45 pm. 

The place stays closed from 24th to 26th of December. It would help if you kept in mind that all groups need to be pre-booked. 


The Rock of Cashel is located close to the Holycross Abbey, the Cahir Castle, and the Swiss Cottage. On that account, you can expect to make great memories in Cashel. 

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