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Austria is a country that seems like it is straight out of a fairytale. With magnificent views of the alps, luscious green landscapes, beautiful architecture and delicious food, there are so many things to do in Austria.  

With tiny towns and big cities, adventure sports and history tours, incredible music and rich culture- Austria is truly a wonderful place to visit in Europe. 

There’s an abundance of things to do on your trip to Austria. Let’s look at some of these.

20 Best Things To Do In Austria


Beautiful view of Innsbruck

From beautiful views at the Nordkette to authentic tyrolean cuisine and the Alpine zoo to the many adventure sports, this Austrian town does not disappoint.

You will definitely find something to your liking here, and it is truly a must-visit place. It’s got art and architecture, panoramic views, sightseeing tours and delicious food- Innsbruck is a complete package.


Stunning view from Hallstatt lake

Located on the western shore of Hallstatt Lake, this village is one of the trendiest places to go to when you’re in Europe. The Hallstatt skywalk, “Welterbeblick” is one of the most popular attractions in this village.

It gives you a bird’s eye view of the village, and there are several day trips and tours you can book. The Marketplace at the Central Square, the Waldabachstrub Waterfall and Lutheran Church only add to the many, many things you can do here.

Wachau valley

This valley stretches between Melk and Krems and is known for its landscape views. This place is a UNESCO-recognised world heritage site, and this title is completely justified.

Wachau valley in its glory

It is an hour’s drive from Vienna and makes for a wonderful day trip. If you’re a wine person, Wachau valley is for you. It is one of Austria’s most famous wine regions, and wine-tasting tours will take you through the process.

Wachau valley combines culture and heritage with amazing views. You can canoe, cycle or even take a cruise to experience the various parts of Wachau Valley.

Ice Caves

The Ice Caves at Werfen are the world’s biggest, and very close to Salzburg city. With ice formations that have lasted for almost a century, you will truly be enchanted by the magnificence of this palace.

Ethereal Ice Caves

The best part is, these spectacular formations are all natural. You can take a guided tour to learn about the history and process of the formation of the ice caves.

An unreal experience is when the guide turns on the illumination. The ice caves look even more magical (if that’s possible) and it’s truly an experience you will not forget. 

The Sound of music tour

The Sound of Music tour is something you must do if you’re a fan of the musical. You’ll get to see some of the places where the iconic scenes were shot, and it is amazing.

From the gazebo featured in “Sixteen going on Seventeen” to the steps in the “Do Re Mi” song, you’ll almost feel like you’re in the movie.

Mirabell Gardens- A part of the Sound of Music tour

The tour also takes you to the Mirabell Palace and Mirabell Gardens, which is another highly recommended place to visit in Austria. The Mirabell Palace is another UNESCO-recognised world heritage site, and its art and architecture warrant this title.

Museum of illusions

The Vienna Museum of Illusions will leave you confused and amazed. They’ve got so many attractions, and each of them will deceive your mind in a different way.

The Vortex tunnel is a rotating cylinder that will make it almost impossible for you to maintain your balance. The catch is that you’re actually on a completely flat surface.

The upside-down room is, like the name itself, a room where everything is upside down. You’ll feel like you’re in a topsy-turvy world.

The Vienna Museum of Illusions has a “tilted” room, a room for optical illusions, a hologram room and a kaleidoscope one too! It is truly a mind-boggling experience.

Swarovski crystal world

Entrance at Swarovski Kristallwelten

The Swarovski Kristallwelten in Wattens is an experience you should definitely put on your list. Created by artist André Heller, it is literally a crystal world. With a park, restaurant and an art museum,  this is one of the most popular places in Austria.

The Chambers of Wonder at Swarovski Kristallwelten hosts different pieces that are created by artists from all around the globe. This is a place where you can experience miracles for a few minutes.

Swarovski Kristallwelten has also got a shopping area and a playground for children. With so many elements combined, it is a place you must check out.

Shopping at Getreidegasse Street

A busy Getreidegasse Street

If you’re one for a little retail therapy, shopping at Getreidegasse Street is the best way to go. With a perfect combination of luxury brands and small boutiques, it is a popular shopping hub.

Getreidegasse Street is located in the Salzburg Old Town, and this really shines through the architecture on the street. It’s also got eateries and charming inns, and you’ll have a great experience visiting this street.

Vienna Zoo

Austria has got its fair share of UNESCO-recognised World Heritage sites, and the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna is another one. It is the oldest and one of the best zoos in all of Europe. With over 700 species, this is an educational experience.

Giant Panda at Vienna Zoo

From Siberian Tigers and Orangutans to Cuddly Koalas and Ginat Pandas, this zoo has got animals from all over the animal kingdom.

They’ve also got an aquarium terrarium and a rainforest house. Zoos are always fun to visit, and that is why you should consider putting Schönbrunn Zoo on your list. 

Bergisel Ski Jump

For ski sports enthusiasts, the Bergisel Ski Jump is one of the best places you can go. It is a ski hill located in Innsbruck and has some incredible ski sports opportunities.

Bergisel Ski Jump- and the beautiful view

Designs by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, it creates a wonderful ski jumping experience. Ski ramps and slopes, a nice café and gorgeous views of the mountains make Bergisel Ski Jump a popular destination for visitors.


Hiking is an activity many people enjoy, and Austria has got a wide variety of beautiful hiking trails. From day hikes to week-long Alpine hikes, your options are endless.

Hiking in Austria

With stunning views of the Alps and the famous Austrian landscapes, hiking here will be an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced hiker, there’s something for you. 

Graz art museum

The Kunsthaus Graz or the Graz Art Museum is an exhibition centre. It brings together contemporary art with local and regional ideas and influences.

Graz Art Museum

At Kunsthaus Graz, exhibitions for social issues are staged and educational projects are started. Furthermore, the Graz Art museum works towards promoting discussions about art, architecture and their influences.

With several architectural wonders, projects and art pieces, this is a place to see.

Wörthersee Lake

Located at Wörthersee, Klagenfurt 9020 Austria, this lake is surrounded by hills, with a view of the mountains at the back. The beautiful turquoise colour of the lake will leave you stunned, but there is so much more to do here.

The breathtaking Wörthersee lake

From exploring the cuisine to relaxing by the beach, and biking along the shore to adventure sports, there are so many activities. Wakeboarding, water skiing and swimming are some of the water sports activities you can do here.

When it comes to the cuisine, the Alps-Adriatic cuisine will give a taste of some of the local culture. Wörthersee Lake is a place that can be explored in so many ways, and you’ll certainly find something to your liking here. 

MüllnerBräu Brewery

This beer garden is one of the most famous ones in Austria, and they brew their own beer. Here, the beer goes from the barrel to a classic Austrian stein mug.

A cold glass of Beer

If you want a taste of authentic beer, accompanied by some delicious food, MüllnerBräu Brewery is the place to go to.

Green lake, Tal

The Green Lake at Tal, also known as the Grüner See is a sight to see. During the winter and fall months, it offers several hiking trails to locals and tourists.

Green lake at Tal

When the snow melts in the summer months, thus place becomes a place for diving and scuba diving. The name “Green Lake” comes from the green hue that is created by the grass at the bottom of the lake.

With the mountain landscapes that Austria is famous for present here, it makes for the perfect execution destination.

Schoenbrunn Palace gardens

This place is known for being one of the most well-preserved Baroque ensembles in Europe. The palace and the gardens at Schoenbrunn are symbols of a long period of history in Europe.

The historic Schoenbrunn  palace gardens

With art, architecture, history and nature, this is a destination to visit. You can book guided tours to understand the story of the Schoenbrunn Palace gardens better.


Located at Herrnbaumgarten, this curious place is known as the “world’s largest collection of intentionally useless conventions”.

Nonseum was opened in 1994 by a group called “The Association for the Recycling of Surplus Thoughts” (translated from German). With confusing and interesting art pieces, the nonseum will bemuse you and make you laugh.

Rounded scissors for quicker haircuts, a cigarette with filters on both ends and other such creative inventions will make you want to explore the place further and further.

Flea markets and Farmer’s markets

What’s a vacation without a little shopping, right? In addition to the famous Getreidegasse Street, Austria has got a number of flea markets, especially famous for their antiques.

Vienna and Linz are the places most known for their flea markets, and these include things like old clothes, vintage art pieces and furniture. 

Flea markets in Austria

Along the same lines as markets, farmer’s markets are the best way to truly experience local cuisine. From fresh produce to delectable cheeses and meats, Austria has got a great selection of farmer’s markets. 

Farmer's Markets in Austria

St Stephen’s Cathedral

The St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna is one of the most gothic structures in all of Austria. Built in the 12th century, this place has got a long history. With four towers and a tower room with a magnificent view, this is an architectural wonder.

St Stephen's Cathedral- An Architectural wonder

The treasure that the Cathedral possess can also be seen through the relics decorated with gold. Precious stones, intricate sculptures and texts display the rich history of this place.

Emperor Friedrich III’s resting place lies here, in a marble sarcophagus. You can book a guided tour for detailed information about St Stephen’s Cathedral.

Vienna Hofburg

The Vienna Hofburg is one of the biggest palace complexes in the world. The oldest part goes back to the 13th century, so it’s been here for a long time!

The Hofburg Palace is one of the main attractions here, but that’s not all. The imperial treasury houses crown jewels, relics and the Imperial crown of Habsburg. 

Vienna Hofburg at night

In addition to this, the Vienna Hofburg also has several museums and collections. The House of Austrian History, the collection of arms and armour and the historical collection of musical instruments attract visitors from all over.

Frequently Asked Questions About Austria

What is the best time to visit Austria?

The fall and spring seasons are the best times to visit Austria.

If you want to do seasonal activities like skiing or scuba diving, however, winter and summer seasons are what you should look at. However, the weather in Austria is best during the months of April, May, September and October.

Is travelling to Austria cheap?

It is important to note that Austria is an extremely popular destination. It will not exactly be cheap. While accommodation and travel are easy to access, it is not inexpensive.

What languages are spoken in Austria?

While around 73% of the population can speak English, German is the official language of the country.

What is the best way to travel in Austria?

Train travel is definitely the best way to make your way around the country. With comfortable seating, scenic views and a structured schedule trains are the way to go. 

Salzburg is one of the most happening and popular cities in Austria. When planning a trip to Austria, this is a city you must incorporate into your itinerary. Here is a guide to some of the best attractions you will find in Salzburg.

Things to do in salzburg


Planning a trip may be confusing because there are so many things to do in Austria, but I have covered that for you in the article above.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, an educational experience, a scenic journey or an adventure, Austria has got you covered.

It is truly a wonderful country and I would definitely recommend one consider visiting!

I would really love to know if you’ve been to Austria before. What were your favourite things you did there, and would you like to go again? Let’s chat about this in the comments below. 

Until then, I’ll see you guys next time! Have a nice day!

20 Amazing Things To Do In Austria in 2023

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