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Cork is a wonderful city with an incredible atmosphere. Relatively young, the city has excellent pubs and friendly people. Cork is one of the top three cities in Ireland, including Dublin and Galway, but if you are travelling for food, then Cork should be the number one city for you in Ireland.

Known as Ireland’s food capital, the whole city is built on agriculture and gained ‘its riches’ from having the biggest butter trade in the 19th century.

Cork Ireland

You are surrounded by huge, productive farmlands and coasts that all come together to provide you with the freshest and healthiest food in the whole country and not to mention but also the greenest greens you will ever see.

Things To Do In Cork

Cork is a magical county of Ireland. It is packed with numerous beautiful places to visit in Ireland. From kissing the Blarney Stone to picking up delicious goodness from the English Market! Here’s my ULTIMATE list of things to do in CORK.

Blarney Castle & Garden- Kiss The Blarney Stone

Visiting Cork and not kissing the Blarney stone is absurd to me; its powers can be questionable since I am still very awkward and socially inept, but what the heck, you know!

Blarney Castle & Garden - Things To Do In Cork

Built more than five hundred years ago by Cormac McCarthy, Blarney Castle and Garden has been attracting millions of tourists from all over the world.

Many come only for kissing the stone, but you have to realise that it is just part of the attraction and that the entire castle and its adjoining gardens are magnificent and worth watching!

Shop At The Bustling The English Market

The English market is one of the largest covered markets in Europe. It was built in 1788 when Ireland was a British colony to supply the British navy with cod and beef. Since the British left, the market has been serving the people in Cork through famines, floods, and war.

The English Market - Places To Visit In Cork

Now, opened for locals that can meet their producers. You should definitely check out O’Connell Seafood (the longest fish counter in all of Ireland); the owner Pat O’Connell is the loveliest man you will meet (even the Queen thought so!).

The English Market plays a massive role in Cork being the food capital of Ireland!

Have Some Stout At Sin E

The Sin E is perhaps the home of traditional Irish music in Cork. The name means that’s it and refers to the funeral home it is neighbours with.

Stout - Things To Do In Cork

Contrasting to the name Sin E is one of the liveliest pubs in Cork. Opened in 1889, it is a traditional pub in all senses, mainly its stout!

Visiting this pub is no doubt among the unskippable things to do in Cork.

Visit St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral

St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral sits a walking distance from the centre and is named after the 7th-century patron saint, Fin Barre, who founded a monastery in the same place. The neo-gothic elaborate sculpture is truly a sight to see.

St. Fin Barre's Cathedral - Places To Visit In Cork

Since one of the charming points of the Cathedral is its choir and its oh-so-majestic organ, make sure you time your visit accordingly.

A local legend states that the golden angel on the right side of the Cathedral will blow the horn it carries when the Apocalypse is upon the world. It is gorgeous and one of the best things to do in Cork; I would recommend you visit the Cathedral.

Wildlife At Fota Wildlife Park

Dedicated to conserving and preserving animal life, The National Park is on Fota Island in Cork Harbour and houses 30 different mammals, including kangaroos, wallabies, tigers, and cheetahs.

The best part about the park is that it is designed for biodiversity and encourages the animal’s natural behaviours it houses.

Bisons at Fota Wildlife Park

The park has created a device called the cheetah run that suspends food on a wire that travels approximately 30 miles an hour to stimulate the experience of its cheetah catching their prey.

If you have kids with you, take them here, they will indeed enjoy it a lot.

Have A Pint At The Bierhaus

Located near Shandon Street on Pope’s Quay, The Bierhaus has one of the largest selections of beers in the county.


There is a wide variety of great food ranging from local cuisine to western food. The service is brilliant and the prices are great!

Walk Around The Charming Town of Kinsale

This little town is a fishing village that is quite close to a lot of popular places in Cork. A vibrant town, with a lot of aesthetic boutiques, restaurants and cafes makes Kinsale a great place for a good time.

Kinsale - Cork City

The energy here is lively and you can eat, shop and relax.

Take a Day trip to Spike Island

A ferry ride from Cobh town, the historic island of Spike Island is perfect for a day trip. It was used as a prison, a fortress and a monastery in Cork City.

Spike Island

So, it’s safe to say that Spike Island has got a long and interesting history. Island walks, tunnels and prison cells will make this an educational day trip in Cork Ireland.

Visit The The National Monument

This monument was built in order to pay respect to those Irish soldiers that died during the years 1798 to 1867.

National Monument Cork - Places To Visit In Cork

It is almost fifty feet tall and was first opened to the public on St Patrick’s Day in 1906. This is a piece of Irish history you must see when you come to Cork.

Rejuvenate At Cork Public Museum & Fitzgerald Park

Fitzgerald Park is located on the outskirts of Cork City, named after Edward Fitzgerald. The fascinating original pavilion and ornamental fountain from the period are still present.

Fitzgerald Park

The park has a café, sculpture, skate park and a gorgeous lily pond. Cork Public Museum, which is in the former “Shrubbery House,” is also located in the park.

Collections of silver and ceramics, as well as exhibits about Cork’s history, are among the highlights of this fascinating attraction.

This is a destination that has something for everyone and is among the best places to visit in Cork with your family.

Visit Cobh

The historic port of Cobh is just a 25-minute drive southeast of Cork City, formerly known as Queenstown. Cobh is well-known for being the final port of call for the Titanic on its maiden voyage in 1912.


It’s still a popular dock for cruise ships from all over the world. The place is incredible; keep your cameras handy as you can click some amazing pictures here, in front of the ‘Deck of Cards.

A 60-minute walking tour of the Titanic Trail, Titanic Experience, the Cobh Museum, and the Queenstown Story Heritage Centre, you can explore all of these destinations here. Do visit this fascinating place as it will make your Cork trip so much more fun and interesting.

It is one of the top tourist attractions in Cork. As I was not able to give all the details here so I’ve made one detailed article about Cobh, to know more click here.

Visit The Bustling Marina Market

Marina Market is a Food and Craft market. For the most part, this is an all-weather market, with at least 40 other market stalls on opening day, including crafts, health products, speciality foods, street foods, music, body art and grooming.

Marina Market -Places To Visit In Cork

You can try out so many new food items from the stalls, and if you’re someone who likes to see some unique crafts and artistic objects, you will love this place and shop a lot. All of this makes it one of the most happening places to visit in Cork.

Every item, from pottery to handmade paintings, everything is available. You can also shop for your home décor and grab some items as a memory for your incredible trip to Cork.

Spend An Evening At Crane Lane Theatre

If you fancy the live music part of a pub then Crane Lane Theatre is the place for you. Once a gentleman’s club in the 1920s it was very famous back then and still attracts a lot of customers to this day.

Crane Lane Theatre -Places To Visit In Cork

The interior reflects its history and gives you a vintage vibe through all its three bars. The Crane Lane Theatre is among the few places to visit in Cork that take you back in time.

Night Kayaking at Lough Hyne

Lough Hyne, a saltwater lake in west Cork offers one of the most unique experiences in Ireland. A kayaking trip on the lake, during twilight, is just magical.

Lough Hyne

The night sky glimmers with stars, making you feel like you’re in a movie. The serenity of being on the lake, in the later hours of the day is a wonderful experience that you’ll definitely cherish.

Have a meal at the Elbow Lane Smoke and Brew House

Located on Oliver Plunkett Steet, Elbow Lane Smoke and Brew House is one of the most popular restaurants in Cork. Highly rated by locals and tourists alike, you should certainly consider having a meal here.

Sea Bass and Brew House

Keep in mind that you have to make a reservation before you go here. Some recommended dishes include the Sea Bass, T-Bone steak and some delicious cocktails. They have vegetarian options too.

If you’re planning a trip to other places in Ireland, in addition to your trip to Cork, you should definitely check out Galway. It’s a must-visit city and here

15 Amazing Best Things To Do In Cork in 2023

Frequently Asked Questions About Cork

What is special about Cork?

It’s frequently called the food capital of Ireland.

Is Cork a friendly city for tourists?

Cork is one of the friendliest cities you can visit.

Can you walk around in Cork?

Yes! In fact, exploring Cork on foot is highly recommended.

How many days would I need in Cork?

While this depends on how much you want to see, I’d say three to four days is ideal for a good trip to Cork.


I know I pretty much say this for every place but Cork is truly a great place to visit. I’ve been to Cork in Ireland multiple times. Each time I had a beautiful experience exploring the magnificent tourist attractions this county has to offer. Let me know which happens to be your favourite place to visit in Cork.

15 Amazing Best Things To Do In Cork in 2023

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