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On our trip to Austria, Innsbruck was definitely one of the best places we visited. There are so many amazing things to do in Innsbruck especially Nordkette & Swaroski Museum.

Austria is a great place to visit, and if you’re planning as well, add Innsbruck to the list. The beauty of this city will leave you in love with it.

About Innsbruck in Austria

So Innsbruck is popular in Austria, and it is the country’s fifth largest city as well as the capital of Tyrol.

Innsbruck is well-known for its breathtaking valleys, beautiful views, and numerous Gothic structures.

For me, it is a perfect place to spend some winter holidays as the whole city looks great and the vibe is contagious.

Things to do in innsbruck

Innsbruck is filled with lots of wonderful things to try on. We personally had a lot of fun roaming around the streets and checking out the food and museums. This is actually my list of the best things to do in Innsbruck. And trust me, you will like them too.

Best Things To Do In Innsbruck

Visit the Old Town-Altstadt

Walking through the streets of Altstadt is a beautiful experience of its own. The structures over here are at least 500 years old, but to my surprise, they are all well-preserved and look extremely aesthetic.

The street is a fine example of Tyrolean architecture and southern influences. The cafes and restaurants are worth checking out because you will find the best authentic food from Austria here.

Places to visit in Innsbruck

Many masterpieces of architecture can be found here, including the Stadtturm, the Old Rathaus, Ottoburg, and many others. To wonder that these structures were built hundreds of years ago but give the best view of the whole city.

Enjoy the view from Nordkette

If you love the hills, You’re going to love this place, man! It’s gorgeous, to be honest. It is a place that gives you the same feeling as Switzerland. A gift from mother nature, Nordkette is a lovely place to visit in Innsbruck.

So it is a part of the largest wildlife park where you can take a cable car and enjoy the high views from there. You can have a look at the deep valleys and the greenery around during summer.

Nordkette, Innsbruck

You can enjoy it at various spots and have some of the best views of your life. Along with this, you can have breakfast in the restaurant nearby and hike to some of the beautiful places for fun.

Explore the Imperial Palace-Hofburg

One of the interesting things to do in a city is to learn about its history. Innsbruck is a beautiful place that is strongly connected to its roots and tradition. The buildings are one the important representations of Innsbruck tradition, and one of them is the Hofburg.

This beautifully designed palace is a museum worth spending time in because it has a great exterior and interior design.

Best places to visit in Innsbruck

The palace is a museum that depicts the history of Austria and the country’s ancient monarchy. Outside, you will find green gardens to have a walk in and explore the whole palace.

Experience the Bergisel Ski Jump

So if you don’t know, let me tell you some interesting facts. Bergisel Ski Jump is actually a very famous place as it was used in the Olympics and World Championships for skiing. It is a place where some of the best athletes have shown their skiing skills.

This is a 90m slope platform, which is one of the most famous sites for skiing. If you are lucky, you will find some of the athletes skiing down the slope and I would say the experience is just wonderful.

Innsbruck, Austria

It’s awe-inspiring to see someone gelding through the slope effortlessly and landing like a star. I definitely felt the urge to learn to ski right then. You will have some great restaurants on the top to enjoy the view as the surroundings are great too.

Explore the Alpine zoo

Along with the architecture and culture, what makes a country different is its biodiversity. The kinds of flora and fauna found there are I am a great fan of mother nature and Innsbruck is a perfect place as, with beautiful hills and mountains, it has a large number of indigenous flora and fauna.

It was a great experience to go around and see a lot of animals that are just exclusive to this country. The animals in this zoo are perfect in their natural habitat and you can see them enjoying their time. The zoo is all green and a great place to picnic too.

Places to visit in Innsbruck, Austria

You can find brown bears, otters, wolves, and majestic Golen eagles. It is a great place to have some fun and walk around.

Cathedral of St. James

One of the things about European cities is that the cathedrals are the true highlights because each one of them is unique and has a great design. My personal favourites are the gothic-style ones, and the Cathedral of St. James is a perfect example.

The whole cathedral has a rich and royal aesthetic. My next was made painful by looking at the intricate detailing of the tomb and walls of the church.

Best places to visit in Innsbruck

Inside the church, it was very peaceful and soothing. The church was built with stones like marble and gold at the main altar.

Have a look at Swarovski Krisrallwelten 

If you like diamonds and jewellery, Swarovski is a brand you’ve probably heard of. Well, having it on your neck might be a dream, but can you imagine a whole museum of Swarovski?

Andre Keller built a whole museum dedicated to Swarovski Krisrallwelten. The whole place includes a park, a restaurant, an art museum, and a retail shop. You can see one of the best art pieces made entirely of Swarovski diamonds.

8 Best Things to do in Innsbruck Austria in 2023

You can have a look at the great 18 chambers of wonder, the largest Swarovski store in the world, the Crystal Cloud, and finally the Daniels Kristallwelten restaurant.

Maria-Theresien Strasse

This is one of the most aesthetic places I found in Innsbruck. This square is one of the busiest in the city, but a nice one to chill and grab some tasty brunch.

There are various restaurants and cafes which offer a lovely view of the street with tasty food. It is near the old city, so you can conveniently walk there and see some of the greatly designed buildings here.

Maria-Theresien Strasse

There are several beautiful buildings in the row, and places like the Chapel of St. George and the Triumphal Arc are pretty close to this.

8 Best Things to do in Innsbruck Austria in 2023


I have mentioned multiple times that Innsbruck was my personal favourite in Austria. I loved how calm and peaceful this place was.

If you have been to Austria, I would love to know your favourite place and recommendation for other fellow travellers, So please share them in the comments below.

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