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One of the most eccentric places in Ireland, Kilkenny is a must-visit for so many different reasons. The days I spent in Kilkenny visiting sites such as Kilkenny Castle, St. Mary’s Cathedral l, and JerPoint Abbey, among others, will be etched in my memory forever.

Ireland is filled with stunning landscapes, ancient monuments, and quirky pubs that are bound to blow you away. This article will guide you through all the things to do in Kilkenny.

What makes this place a great tourist spot is that it is the right blend of old and modern. If you are in two minds about whether you should visit Kilkenny or not, this blog will make you want to drop everything and spend a couple of days in this beautiful city.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Kilkenny?

June through August is the perfect time to visit; some of Ireland’s best festivals take place in Kilkenny between May and August.

You can expect some rain, but a surprising amount of sunshine will be there for most of your time here.

How To Get To Kilkenny?

There’s no direct flight to Kilkenny, but the main airport of Ireland (Dublin) is just 90 minutes drive. So, you can get there and then take a car to Kilkenny. 

How To Travel Around Kilkenny?

Kilkenny is a small city, and thus you can get from one to the other corner of the city in just minutes. So, you can travel around by walking or cycling around to visit all the tourist attractions.

Another option is to hire a car or travel around by taxi; you can get a taxi stand at every corner of the city.

9 Best Things To Do In Kilkenny

Kilkenny Castle and Park

Ireland is home to some of the oldest castles in the world. If you were to travel around the country, you would find no shortage of time-worn monuments. Then what makes the Kilkenny Castle so unique?

Despite extensive refurbishments, this castle has managed to retain its classical beauty. Spread over 21 hectares of land, the palace, accompanied by lush greens, is genuinely a sight-to-behold.

9 BEST Things To Do In Kilkenny in 2023

You can tour the different parts of the castle, take a stroll around the rose garden, and check out the ornamental lake. If you plan a visit to Kilkenny, make sure to include a visit to this iconic location in your to-do list of things to do in Kilkenny.

You can read about the history of the castle, opening timings, and entry fees in my blog by clicking here.

Dunmore Caves

History fanatic or not, a visit to the Dunmore Caves will make you want to come back to Kilkenny. People believe that these caves served as the spot for a gruesome massacre that killed thousands in 928 AD. This place was referred to as “one of the darkest places in Ireland” in the Triads of Ireland.

The enchanting Dunmore Caves is one of the unique places in Ireland and promises an experience that will be engraved in your memory forever.

It is a unique place in Ireland, and thus you should add this to your itinerary and make your list of things to do in Kilkenny a bit more exciting.

St. Canice’s Cathedral and Round Tower

This site was founded and named after St. Canice in the 6th century. In the 21st century, however, this site receives thousands of visitors from all over the world. People visit this place not only for worship but also to check out the archaeological wonders that this place offers.

9 BEST Things To Do In Kilkenny in 2023

The stained-glass windows at the Cathedral are iconic. At the Round Tower, tourists can observe the stunning landscape of Kilkenny in all its glory.

From time to time, this site is even used as a space for concerts and events. It is one of the most beautiful sights on this list of things to do in Kilkenny.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

Made from beautiful cut-limestones, the St. Mary’s Cathedral is an excellent example of Gothic architecture. At this Cathedral, you can also see Madonna’s famous sculpture erected by Giovanni Maria Benzoni in the 1800s.

St. Mary’s Cathedral is located at the highest point in Kilkenny City and attracts thousands of tourists every year. This is one of the most gorgeous places to visit from this list of things to do in Kilkenny.

Kyteler’s Inn

Dame Alice le Kyteler founded the famous Kyteler’s Inn. In the 1300s, Dame Alice faced witchcraft charges after her four husbands died under mysterious circumstances. Over 700 years later, this inn is one of the best examples of the traditional Irish hospitality you have heard so much about.

In the 1980s, the new owner of the inn restored the interior to its original medieval form. The Kyteler’s Inn perfectly mixes ancient settings with modern-day culture to create an unparalleled experience for its guests.

Besides the exciting history and breathtaking interior, this place is also very well-known for its great-tasting food items and fantastic music scene. What more do you want? This is one of the best places to visit from this list of things to do in Kilkenny.

JerPoint Abbey

9 BEST Things To Do In Kilkenny in 2023

The JerPoint Abbey in Kilkenny is another prime instance of Ireland’s hauntingly beautiful gothic architecture. JerPoint Abbey was founded in the 12th century and has stood the test of time.

You can expect the architecture and the captivating history of this place to bowl you over. Abbey is one of the must-visit places of the things to do in Kilkenny.

The Kilfane Glen Waterfall

9 BEST Things To Do In Kilkenny in 2023

Visitors always draw comparisons between the Kilfane and Marie Antoinette’s Estate, and rightfully so. The landscape is a heritage site, thanks to the sublime trees, waterfall, tiny bridges, woodland trails, etc.

The Kilfane Glen and Waterfall resembles a setting straight out of a fairy-tale, and a trip to Kilkenny is incomplete without it. It is one of the most alluring places on this list of things to do in Kilkenny.

You can click some fantastic pictures here for your Instagram feed and have a fun time with your friends or family.

Kilkenny Design Centre And National Craft Gallery

National Craft Gallery is an amazing place built in the 2000s, where you can find some antique items to remember your trip. You can shop for every artistic and decorative item here.

It features local and foreign artists, poets, and musicians with a vibrant range of artwork all around. You can also shop for exquisite ceramic art and some jewellery.

Right adjacent to it is the Kilkenny Design which showcases some of the best contemporary Irish art, textiles, pottery items, and jewellery. There’s also an excellent restaurant, Anocht, right near the Centre.

You can explore as well as shop at the same time. Definitely add this to your list of things to do in Kilkenny; you will have a great time here.

Medieval Mile Museum

The Medieval Mile is one of the historic museums in the town. It was opened in 2017 and is located inside St. Mary’s Cathedral. The museum reveals the town’s darkest secrets and also acts as a place for exciting activities. 

It has many things from the years back; you can look at all of these things with a guided tour here, get on their official site to know more.

If you’re interested in history and want to look at the past life setup of Ireland, you should definitely visit the museum and add it to your list of things to do in Kilkenny.


I had the best time at Kilkenny, visiting the historic buildings and delving into the city’s beautiful culture. The places I visited and the historical tidbits that I gathered will stay with me forever.

I hope my blog on top things to do in Kilkenny will help you have a memorable time in the city.

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Do you have some fun experiences from your trips that you want to share? Let me know in the comment section below! 

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