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Austria is a country that is rich in art, culture and history. Salzburg, an Austrian city, is situated on the foothills of the alps and near the German border.

From everything that there is to know and see about Mozart, to iconic places where the musical “The Sound of Music” was shot, there are so many exciting Things to do in Salzburg.

The historic character of Salzburg and the beautiful Alpine landscape make it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is a city made of musical wonders, gorgeous landscapes, youthful vibrancy and great stories. 

Salzburg is also popularly given the title of the “Stage of the world”.  

15 Top Things to do in Salzburg

The Sound of music tour 

Sound of music in Salzburg Austria

Official tour website:

This iconic movie has a lot of scenes that were shot in several places around Salzburg. The Mirabell Garden steps are featured in the “Do Re Mi” song. 

The Nonberg Convent, where novice Maria resided before coming into the home of the Von Trapp family and Pegasus Fountain are included in this tour. 

The famous Gazebo, which was the setting of the “Sixteen going on Seventeen” song is a sight to see. If you are a fan of this wonderful musical, this tour is a must! It is almost like a dream come true, visiting the picturesque settings of the scenes from the movie. 

You can purchase tickets from their official website here

Mozart’s Birthplace

Mozart’s Birthplace

Official Salzburg info website:

On 27th January 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the most popular composers of all time was born in this very place. This Hagenauer House is where he and his family resided for almost three decades. 

The walls of this house are adorned with original family portraits. The present museum gives details about Mozart’s life growing up, his introduction to music and his relationship with his family members. 

Mirabell Palace

Mirabell Palace

Official Salzburg info website:

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Salzburg, and understandably so. As mentioned earlier, the steps of the garden are featured in the movie “The Sound of Music”. 

This place has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. With a rich history and admirable architecture, Mirabell Palace’s Marble Hall is also a wedding location! It is a place you must definitely visit.   

Fortress Hohensalzburg

Fortress Hohensalzburg

Official Salzburg info website:

Another popular tourist attraction, this castle is a sight to see. With a remarkable view of Salzburg from a hill, the place is also backed by rich history. High above the Baroque historical district, it is till today, one of the largest castles in Europe. 

The castle museum tells the story of this magnificent place. With a history of over a thousand years, it is a famous landmark for tourists. 



Official Salzburg info website:

Shopping while on vacation is always great. Getreidegasse is the most popular shopping street in Salzburg. Located in the heart of the old town of Salzburg, this street attracts visitors and locals alike. 

It is a perfect blend of designer brands, as well as the most charming inns and eateries. Its architecture is historic and intricate, truly bringing out its Austrian character. Mozart’s birthplace is also located on this street. 

Hangar- 7

Official website:

Hangar- 7 is a futuristic building in Salzburg, with the Flying Bulls aircraft fleet, art displays and restaurants. As they themselves say, Hangar- 7 is “a home for planes, art lovers and connoisseurs.” With the incredible architecture being a huge attraction point, this place brings together technology, art and entertainment. 

The Ikarus restaurant at Hangar-7 brings a different top chef every month, a concept that is very unique. The outdoor lounge and the Carpe Diem Lounge – Café is the perfect places to relax. 

Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg Cathedral

Official Salzburg info website:

Salzburg Cathedral is the spiritual heart of Salzburg, and one of the most sacred places in the whole city. With historic conservation, incredible architecture and daily tours, this is a great tourist destination. 

Monumental statues, the baptismal front and the cathedral square with a statue of the Virgin Mary only bring out the brilliance of this place. 

Salzburg Old town

Old salzburg town

Along the banks of the Salzach river, this UNESCO world heritage sight is something that should be on your list. Medieval streets, gorgeous mountain views and happening markets make it the perfect little package. 

It is also home to the birthplace of Mozart and Getreidegasse street, which we talked about earlier. It is truly a great place to experience Austrian culture and architecture. 

The Eagle’s nest

Eagles Nest in Austria

Official website:

Located on Obersalzberg Mountain at a height of 1820 metres above sea level, the eagle’s nest is an incredible tourist destination. 

It was actually built for Adolf Hitler’s 50th birthday, under the rule of the National Socialists. 

The Eagle’s nest is locally known as The Kehlsteinhaus, it provides stunning views of the peaks around it, as well as a beautiful mountain restaurant. 

You can book a tour of the eagle’s nest for a historical take, a shuttle bus and restaurant seat reservations. 

Gaisberg mountain

Gaisberg mountain in Salzburg

Official Salzburg info website:

For adventure sports enthusiasts, the Gaisberg mountain is ideal. It is located a few kilometres from the old town of Salzburg. Summer activities include hiking and biking. 

Paragliding is also available for an exciting adrenaline rush. Winter brings along skiing activities like cross-country skiing and picturesque skiing paths. 

The many restaurants and hotels also attract many people. The alps and a panoramic view of Salzburg city make up a breathtaking view. 

Toy museum 

Official Salzburg info website:

Games, experiences and fascination are the three themes of this museum. Open to children and adults alike, the toy museum of Salzburg is the perfect place for some play.

The ground floor houses toy cars marble tracks and a huge matador. The first floor brings out interaction through a dollhouse and a treasure chamber. 

A slide that drops from the second floor to the first floor provides excitement for the kids. Reading corners help them rejuvenate for a bit.

The toy museum also has a one-hundred-year-old toy shop. For kids, this is like a play area made of dreams. For adults, it is the best place to get in touch with your inner child. 

Salzburg Marionette Theatre

Things to do in Salzburg

Official website:  

With productions like opera and puppet shows, the Salzburg Marionette Theatre has been in business since 1913. Shows like The Sound of the Music puppet show, The Nutcracker and the Magic Flute will bring musical elements to your Salzburg visit. 

They’ve got something for everyone. You can visit their official website for show timings and ticket prices. If you are one for showmanship and performance, you must watch a show at the Salzburg Marionette Theatre. 

Augustiner Bräu Beer Garden

Augustiner Bräu Beer Garden

Official website: Augustiner Bräu Beer Garden

Food and drinks are a very important part of travelling. The Augustiner Bräu Beer Garden, which is Austria’s biggest beer tavern fits the role. The beer is stored in an authentic way, in wooden barrels and is served in stone jugs. 

With brewery tours, tasting regional delicacies and beer tasting, this is the perfect place to experience Salzburg through your tastebuds. 

Visiting a farmer’s market

Farmers market in Salzburg

Official Salzburg info website:

Fresh produce is unmatched and Salzburg farmer’s markets are just the place for that. From the best fruits and vegetables to exotic cheeses and baked goods, the farmer’s markets are fantastic. 

Walking through the markets, talking to the vendors, smelling the beautiful aromas and taking in the beautiful colours will really put your Salzburg experience to the top.

Some markets include Grünmarkt, Schranne market and Biomarkt. Farmers’ markets are a great way of experiencing that local Austrian life. 

Werfen Ice Caves

Werfen Ice Caves

Official Salzburg info website:

The world’s biggest ice caves are just a short distance away from Salzburg. Around 40 kilometres south of Salzburg, a visit to the ice caves is an enthralling experience.

Some of the ice formations have lasted for more than an entire century, and they’re all natural! 

The guided tours will tell you all about the history and formation of these magical ice caves. It is truly a natural miracle of the world.

During the tour, when the guide turns on the illumination, it is an outer-world experience. The ice caves completely mesmerise you, and I would highly recommend you visit the Werfen ice caves on your trip to Salzburg. 


Salzburg is a must-see place for many, and the number of things one can do here justify this completely. Although it is an extremely popular tourist destination, it is not overcrowded. It is quaint in its own way, but also modern and happening at the same time. 

Visiting the castles, cathedrals and mountains, and learning about the story behind Salzburg is like one exciting history lesson. Walking through the markets and shopping on Getreidegasse street is a nice little insight into local Salzburg life. 

If you have been to any of these places, do share your experiences in the comments below. If you’re planning a trip to Salzburg anytime soon, do consider these places to make your trip unforgettable. 

Until then, travel safe and I’ll see you at the next one!

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