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Tipperary is one of the oldest counties founded in Ireland. It is named from the Irish words Tiobraid Árann, which means “Well of the Ara”. I have visited Tipperary twice and both of the time my experience was amazing. There’s literally loads of things to do in Tipperary for a great 1-2 day trip.

The county is the 6th largest in the country and was divided into two parts for administrative purposes, North Tipperary and South Tipperary until recently.

Quintessentially Irish is the best way to describe Tipperary’s scenery. An incredible place that creates perfect harmony between ancient castles and contemporary life.

Rock of Cashel

Rock of Cashel is formally known as St. Patrick’s Rock, the Rock of Cashel is one of the most iconic places of Tipperary. The landmark is a spectacular collection of medieval architecture and Celtic archaeology.

Rock of cashel

The site has several attractions including the 12th-century round tower, the 13th century Gothic Cathedral and the 15th-century Hall of Vicars where the original cross of St. Patrick is preserved.

Rock of cashel in Tippearry

The remarkable ecclesiastical site was the seat for the High Kings of Munster in its early days and is also said to be the place where Aengus the King of Munster was converted by St. Patrick.

Holycross Abbey

Holycross abbey in Tipperary

The Holycross Abbey is a beautifully restored 12th-century Cistercian abbey. The Abbey is extremely special and filled with a rich history that you can experience first-hand once you visit the place.

Karan Lathia at Holycross Abey

Immerse yourself in the local folklore and how the two relics of True Cross that are displayed in the Abbey came into being.

Cahir Castle

Cahir Castle was built-in the 13th-century, the castle is one of the biggest and well-preserved castles in Ireland.

Cahir Castle in Tipperary

The castle’s design was believed to be invincible until the late 16th century when it couldn’t face the heavy artillery used by the Earl of Essex.

But till date, much of its original structure is still intact. You can enjoy an audiovisual show that gives you an excellent insight into the castle’s extensive history.

Nenagh Castle

Nenagh Castle in Tipperary

The Nenagh Castle is a 13th-century cylindrical medieval tower. Nenagh’s oldest building the structure has 101 steps in total to reach the top.

The Castle is a hundred feet tall and has become a lovely tourist attraction providing a brilliant view of the town from the top of the tower.

St. Patrick’s Well

St. Patrick’s Well is a well-known pilgrimage spot for locals and has also become a popular tourist destination.

St Patrick's Well in Tipperary

Ireland is home to 3000 holy wells and this one is the largest well in the country.

Locals believe that it has healing powers and just a few steps in the well makes all your pain go away. 

Hore Abbey

Located a few minutes down the hill from the Rock of Cashel, the Hore Abbey is a 13th-century monastery.

Hore Abbey in Tipperary

The Abbey is a hidden beauty, if you hate crowds and want to explore the castle ruins in peace then I recommend you to visit the Hore Abbey before the Rock of Cashel.

However funny the name may be ‘Hore’ translates to “yew tree” in Gaelic. If you have some extra time in your trip then you can definetely add Hore Abbey

Athassel Priory

Athassel Priory in Tipperary

Athassel Priory was built in the 13th century. The remains is substantial and incredibly beautiful.

At one time, Athassel was one of the richest and most important monasteries in Ireland but now sits a ruined gatehouse, long stretches of the enclosure walls and a cloister along the River Suir.

Mitchelstown Cave

Mitchelstown Cave in Tipperary

Mitchelstown Cave was discovered accidentally in 1833 by Michael Condon and it is a major showcave in Europe.

The guided tour takes you through the ancient passageways and massive caverns where you get to experience the brilliant dripstone formations, stalactites, and stalagmites.

Brú Ború Cultural Centre

Brú Ború Cultural Centre is located near the Rock of Cashel.

The cultural centre is an affiliate of the Irish Cultural Movement and has been promoting its programme through education, exhibitions, performances, etc.

Swiss Cottage

Swiss Cottage in Tipperary

The Swiss Cottage outside the town of Cahir is a decorated cottage which was built for idealised countryside picnics or fishing and hunting parties.

It was designed by the architect John Nash the cottage is a perfect example of a cottage orné. The cottage is managed by the Office of Public Works and open to the public.

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County Tipperary is an underrated one in a pile of hidden gems in Ireland.

I have visited Tipperary twice and both of my experience were amazing. I would definetly recommend a day trip to Tipperary.

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