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Wexford is one of the top locations in Ireland for a staycation and you must read about the Wexford tourist attractions and the best things to do in Wexford. Though not as popular as Connemara but equally peaceful for relaxing and just as beautiful for mild sightseeing.

Not only is Wexford rich in history, but it is also up to date with contemporary times. Hosting Music festivals and literary festivals all the time, there is always something to do here. Talking about things to do in Wexford, here are the 10 best things that you can do while you visit the County

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What is the best time to visit Wexford?

The climate in County Wexford is humid, with hot summers and winters that are mild, with plenty of precipitation. While it is enjoyable all year, the best time to visit County Wexford is during the summer (late April to mid-September).

How can you travel around Wexford?

You have bus and taxi services in Wexford, but the best way to look around the County would be renting a car as it will be very accessible for you to decide the route according to you and take halts where you want.

Reasons to visit Wexford?

Wexford is a walk back in time; you will have so many historical sites to explore. And the stories that you hear there, the similar sites that they’ve built from the past so that tourists can live that moment. All of this is totally amazing.

You can also have a look at so many gardens. All of them have something different about them. If you have kids with you, take them to the park, they will love it. And for some quiet and relaxing time, you can visit the beautiful Irish seashores. To know in detail about the top tourist attractions in Wexford, keep reading.

Explore the significance of the Irish National Heritage Park

A unique heritage adventure that lets you experience thousands of years of Irish history. The Irish National Heritage Park is an outdoor museum that covers 14 hectares of forest and woodlands.

Things to do in Wexford

The 40 acres of majestic woodland will take your journey through the historic building and how the early settlers lived in Ireland. You can have a lot of fun and learn many unique things at the same time, this ultimately makes it one of the best things to do in Wexford.

They also offer guided tours, so if you’re planning to know detailed information about the place you can hire one. There are a few shops which serve terrific food.

How cool is that! I think the trip to Irish National Heritage Park is a must-see; all of these unforgettable memories and fun experiences will make you want to live in history forever.

Visit The Stunning Lighthouse in Hook Head

Not only is the Hook Head a stunning lighthouse with a beautiful backdrop, but it has also been a functioning lighthouse since the 1100s.

Hook head

The four-storeyed tower is the second-oldest operating lighthouse in the world. You can take a look at the visitor center and learn more about this fascinating lighthouse. 

They have a couple of events that they hold around the year. You can try some adventurous activities here like kayaking, coasteering, and paddle boarding. This place is a must-visit; many Irish people have their childhood memories here. 

Tintern Abbey the Historic tourist attraction in Wexford

A 13th-century Cistercian monastery, the Tintern Abbey was managed by the monks that lived in the original Tintern Abbey in Wales. It was later passed on to the Colclough family, who lived in the abbey till the late 1960s.

Tintern Abbey - Historic tourist attraction in Wexford

This is the only reason why the tower, cloister, chancel, nave and chapel are still standing and remain in good condition. You can take the 45-minute guided tour that takes you through all these points.

They also have some tea rooms inside so that you can enjoy a cup of tea with your friends or family after the guided tour to make it yours one of the best things to do in Wexford.

Explore The Serenity Of Twin Churches

A pair of Gothic Revival Churches with the same design. The Twin churches built in the 1850s were a notable achievement since Wexford had just started recovering from the Great Famine.

10 Awesome Things To Do In Wexford - Ultimate Travel Guide

The Church of Assumption and the Church of Immaculate Conception rise to 70 meters and are built so incredibly and are pretty to look at that it will make your jaw drop. It is just a short 15-minute tour inside, but it will be worth it.

I would recommend you to have a look at the place, and I’m sure that for your next time in Wexford, Twin Churches will become a must-visit

Explore the Selskar Abbey

Another Abbey on the list, but this one is older than Tintern Abbey, Selskar Abbey is said to be a pre-Christian temple even before the Vikings came in 800AD.

Selskar Abbey

Right in the middle of Wexford, the abbey is relatively well preserved, considering how old the monastery is. It is vast and has a lot of many stories inside and that is why this site is one of the best things to do in Wexford.

I think if you’re someone who would enjoy knowing the history of this place, it’s definitely worth visiting for you.

See the sunset at Curracloe Beach

One of Ireland’s top beaches, and it’s barely 10 minutes outside the town. The beach is the perfect mix between the blue waters and the golden sand.

Curracloe Beach

Just 11 kilometers of pure relaxation and the sound of rolling waves. If you think this beach looks familiar, then you must’ve probably seen the movie Saving Private Ryan, where the beach made its debut on the big screen!

There are many walking trails, and it is the best at the time of sunset definitely making these things to do in Wexford unforgettable. You can have a relaxing time here and at the same time, enjoy the view.

Sink in the beauty of Colclough Walled Garden

The Colclough family planted the Colclough Walled Garden in the 1800s, and since the family lived in the Tintern Abbey, the garden is right next to the abbey.

Colclough Walled Garden

The park is divided into two parts; the east is where you can find beautifully shaped flower beds and primarily cut lawns. In contrast, the west is used for growing the kitchen and has herbs and vegetables. 

A river runs the garden’s length and is crossed by five bridges, providing a central point for the structured landscape. If you have kids with you, take them here, they will indeed have a good time. And keep your camera handy, because you’re going to capture some beautiful pictures here to showcase some of the best things to do in Wexford.

Explore the famous Irish agriculture Museum

The Irish Agricultural Museum is the complete collection of farming and rural life in Ireland. Situated in Johnstown Castle, the museum was established in the 1970s and is 7 km southwest of Wexford.

Irish Agricultural Museum

It focuses on the Great Famine’s grim reality and includes different workshops like basket and harness making and blacksmiths.

You can get many antique goods from here, do visit if you want to shop for some unique décor items and remember all the great things to do in Wexford.

Camp alongside Our Lady’s Island Lake

Our Lady’s Island was traditionally a pilgrimage place, but it also has something for the non-religious crowd; its magnificent lake. The lake has the ruins of a 12th-century castle, a leaning tower, and a church’s ruins.

Our Lady’s Island Lake

So not only do you get to sit next to a pretty lake but also learn the human aspect of it. You will have a fantastic time here with your friends and a gorgeous view.

Do visit this place if you want to sit and relax and you can have a perfect time here with your friends.

St Iberius’ Church, Wexford Ireland

Found by the Vikings in 800AD, Wexford is incredibly rich in history and has some of the country’s best museums.

St Iberius’ Church, Wexford Ireland

Apart from the usual beautiful sights if you ever want to improve your Irish History, Wexford’s the place to be.

Comment below and tell me the places you went when in County Wexford.

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Found by the Vikings in 800AD, Wexford is incredibly rich in history and has some of the best museums in the country. Apart from the usual beautiful sights if you ever want to improve your Irish History, Wexford’s the place to be. Comment below and tell me the places you went when in County Wexford.

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