Things To Know Before Visiting Assaranca Waterfall In Donegal


Assaranca Waterfall is located on the west coast of Ireland, near the village of Ardara in County Donegal. 

Getting there

The waterfall is about a 10-minute drive from Ardara. If you're coming from Donegal town, it's about a 40-minute drive. 


There is a small car park near the waterfall, which can accommodate around 10-12 cars. 

Entrance fee

There is no entrance fee for visiting the waterfall. 

Walking trail

There is a short walking trail that leads from the car park to the waterfall. The trail is well-maintained but can be a bit steep in places, so wear appropriate footwear.


The waterfall is about 20 meters high and cascades down a rocky cliff into a pool below. The surrounding scenery is also quite stunning, with rugged cliffs and green hills in the distance. 

Nearby attractions

If you have some extra time, you might also want to visit other nearby attractions such as Maghera Beach and the Glengesh Pass. 

Best time to visit

The waterfall is at its most impressive after heavy rainfall, so if you want to see it at its fullest, plan your visit for after a rainy spell. However, be aware that the trail can be muddy and slippery after rain. 

Other tips

Be sure to bring appropriate clothing for the Irish weather, as it can be quite changeable even in the summer months. Also, be aware that the car park and trail can get quite busy during peak season, so plan accordingly. 

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