Here's What You Can Do At Marina Market This Weekend

Gourmet Sausage Hut 

Try the Gourmet Sausage Hut that sells some mouthwatering sausages.

Young Plant 

Young Plant is for the health buffs out there. Their food is made using superfoods and micro greens. 

Ecos Douglas 

They use some of the freshest and finest ingredients to prepare their mouthwatering food.

Kura Sushi 

Kura Sushi has some of the cutest sushi rolls, that are flavour punches in every bite.  

MKT Burger 

MKT Burger has got a selection of some of the most delectable burgers with some great flavour of shakes.

Poulet Vous 

Try juicy and fresh Korean fried chicken at Poulet Vous. chicken here is tender and delicious.

Guji Coffee

The Guji café gets its coffee from the Old Barracks Coffee Roasters, which sources the coffee from some of the best farms in the world. 

Burritos and Blues 

They’re dedicated to creating the best burritos with the freshest ingredients. 

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