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From the Cliffs of Moher to Dublin Castle, and Dalkey Island to Wild Atlantic Way, places to visit in Ireland will fill you visit a sense of tranquillity. The picturesque greenery, the charming cliffs, the endless roads and how could one forget the never-ending skies?

Ireland has many beautiful tourist attractions that one can visit and still not get bored. If you’re planning a trip to Ireland, you’ll find endless options for places. That being said, here are some of the best places to visit in Ireland.

50 Places To Visit in Ireland

Mighty The Cliffs of Moher

Ah these cliffs, you cannot travel to Ireland and not see these cliffs. The cliffs of Moher have over a million visitors every year from all over the world.

They are the most visited tourist attraction in all of Ireland and when you see them yourself you will understand that all this attention is truly justified.

Cliffs of Moher - Best places to visit in Ireland

Located just a few hours away from Dublin, the cliffs are majestic headlands that rise to 214 metres and stretch for 5 miles. The Cliffs have also made some cameos in very famous movies such as The Princess Bride and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Fun Fact: The lowest point of the cliffs is in the unusual formation of a woman’s head looking out to the sea known as the Hag’s Head. The highest point of the cliffs is the O’Brien Tower named after the Irish politician Sir Cornellius O’Brien.

You can read about Cliffs of Moher in our article by clicking here.

Aran Islands

The Aran Islands are a cluster of three isles the Inis Mór, the Inis Meáin, and the Inis Oírr. All three have their distinctive features and beautiful Irish experience.

There are multiple forts on these islands that you can visit amongst which Dún Aonghasa is the most well-known one and an important archaeological site. It presents an amazing view of the Irish coastline.

Aran Islands

Located 30 miles from Galway County, the islands offer a Celtic setting church of historical as well as cultural significance.

You can read about Aran islands and the top places to visit in Aran islands, including its cafes & accommodation options in our travel article by clicking here.

Great Skellig Michael

The Skellig Islands are two small, unhabitable islands off the southwest coast of Ireland, Little Skellig and the Great Skellig. The Great Skellig also known as Skellig Michael is named after the archangel Michael and the only accessible island from the two.

It houses a 6th-century monastery in which you can see the remains once you climb 600 steep steps.

Skellig Michael

You can take a boat ride from the coast of County Kerry to see these two small, green islands. This is one of the best places to visit in Ireland.

Fun Fact: The scene where Rey locates Luke Skywalker on a remote island in The Last Jedi was shot here.

Mullaghmore Head

You have been to all the “touristy” places now it’s time for you to explore like a traveller and visit this small fishing village in Sligo.

Mullaghmore Head

Mullaghmore Head is well known because of its sandy beaches that stretch as far as the eye goes and Prowlers (which are supposed to be huge waves that go up to 100 ft) which can be great for surfers.

So, do not forget to take your surfboards and go for relaxing walks and take aesthetic photos of that gram while exploring these beautiful places to visit in Ireland!

Fanad Head Lighthouse

Built-in 1818 for sailors, the Fanad Head lighthouse has become one of the most famous lighthouses in the world. Aloof and away from the city, it makes a great spot for stargazing and is frequently visited by all kinds of marine life.

Fanad Head Lighthouse

Trust me, amongst all the places to visit in Ireland, this tourist attraction in Ireland is worth a visit.

Here you can explore our detailed guide for Fanad Lighthouse.

The Long Room, Trinity College

Scenic doesn’t necessarily mean the outdoors if you are a book nerd like me the long room in Trinity College is a sight to see. Trinity College is one of the oldest universities in Ireland. The Old Library’s vast hall holds more than 200,000 books and some of the oldest books in the world.

Trinity College

Trinity College isn’t amongst the scenic or natural landscape places to visit in Ireland but it is a popular university in the country and attracts a lot of visitors around the year, especially for the large library and stunning campus.

Here you can explore 30 things to do in Dublin and get more ideas about Trinity College.

Marina Market

If you’re in Cork, Ireland, the one thing you must do is visit the Marina market. It goes on for most of the year, you’ll find everything from food to crafts, music and grooming.

With over 40 stalls, this is a bustling place. If you like trying new food, Marina Market will give you just that. If unique craft items are up your alley, Marina Market will give you that too. 

Click here to learn more about the Marina Market. 

Secret Waterfall

Secret Waterfall’s name is completely justified by its location. Located inside a cave, this is one of the most unique places to visit in Ireland.

The calming sound of the waterfall along with the scenic location make this a beautiful place. Photo opportunities are endless here!

Read this to know more about Secret Waterfall in Donegal.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

Dublin’s gothic architecture is what attracts many and St Patrick’s Cathedral is an example of that. According to a legend, the 5th-century saint would baptise people in a well, and that is where the Cathedral is today.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

St Patrick’s Cathedral is one of the most popular attractions in Dublin and an impeccable representation of history and architecture. 

Here you can explore things to do in Dublin and know more about St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Dog’s Bay Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in the country, Dog’s Bay Beach is a highly recommended place to visit in Ireland.

With blue water that’s crystal clear and soft sand, this beach is a wonderful place to relax.

Click here and read our detailed guide for Dogs Bay Beach.

Blarney Castle and Gardens

Cormac McCarthy built Blarney Castle over five hundred years ago. Today, it is one of the most popular attractions in Cork. “Kissing the Blarney Stone” is something a lot of people come here to do. Other than that, the castle itself as well as the adjoining gardens are worth a visit.

blarney castle

The greenery and the ancient architecture make for a beautiful sightseeing experience. This is one of the most magnificent places to visit in Ireland. 


The little town of Kinsale is charming and colourful. It’s a fishing village and is quite close to a lot of attractions in Cork.


The colourful houses are really fun to have a look at. With the many boutiques, restaurants and cafes, Kinsale is one of the best places to visit in Ireland where you can eat, shop and relax. 

Click here to learn more about what you can do in Kinsale. If you want to know where you can stay in Kinsale, check out our article.

Dublin Castle

A huge piece of Dublin’s history is Dublin Castle. Located right in the heart of the city, this place was used by the Vikings in 930 AD. The oldest structure in Dublin Castle, the Record Tower goes back to the 13th century.

Dublin castle

It’s safe to say that Dublin Castle has a long history. If you want to know more about the castle itself, I’d recommend you take a guided tour. Here you can explore 30 things to do in Dublin.

Trust me, Dublin Castle will be one of the most amazing places to visit in Ireland for you.

Temple Bar

If you are looking for things to do in Dublin, visiting the Temple Bar will show up. This is understandable because this bar is one of the most happening places in the city. Inside the Temple Bar, you’ll find many restaurants and bars where you can spend some time.

The red exterior of the Temple Bar is also captured. When it comes to places to visit in Ireland, the Temple Bar is a top recommendation. If you want to explore the vibrant nightlife of Ireland, Temple Bar will be one of the most amazing places to visit in Ireland.

Click here to read about some more pubs and bars you can visit in Dublin. 

Cahir Castle 

The Cahir Castle is one of the best-preserved places to visit in Ireland. It was built in the 13th century, but a lot of it was destroyed in the 16th century.

Cahir Castle

However, a lot of the structure is still intact and can be marvelled at. 

Here’s a travel guide for the Cahir castle.

Guinness Storehouse and Jameson Distillery

Guinness beer is truly precious to the Irish and the best place to get that, is the Guinness storehouse. You can take a guided tour of the Jameson Distillery and learn about the family.

The storage process and the production process of the stout are also interesting to know about. The best part is that you’ll get to have a tasting too! Guinness Storehouse and Jameson Distillery are the places to visit in Ireland for some good Guinness. 

Read more about the iconic Guinness storehouse here

Ring of Kerry

This is a circular drive around the county of Kerry. All along, there are several tourist spots including beaches and castles.

With scenic views and tons to do, the ring of Kerry will give you a great idea of Kerry County. 

Click here to find out all the things you can do at Ring of Kerry. 

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is perhaps one of the most popular locations in Dublin. While you’re jumping from one tourist location to another, Phoenix park is a great place to visit in Ireland for some nature.

Phoenix Park

It is the latest public park in Europe with attractions like the Victorian Garden, Dublin Zoo and Wellington Testimonial. Phoenix Park is also a great place to go for a run or have a picnic. 

Click here for a guide to Phoenix Park. Don’t miss Phoenix Park and Dublin Zoo if you want to discover the best places to visit in Ireland.

O’Connell Bridge

Now, who would think that a bridge is a recommended place to visit in Ireland, right? The O’Connell Bridge will answer this for you.

O’Connell Bridge

Built over the Liffey River, O’Connell Bridge is a direct route between Grafton Street and O’Connell Street. It’s a popular landmark of Dublin and a nice way to view the city. 

Explore our article to learn more about O’Connell Bridge.

Keel Beach

Places to visit in Ireland cannot be complete without a few beaches, and Keel Beach is one such beach. If you’re a surfer or even one for any other water sport, visit Keel Beach.

Keel Beach

The gorgeous views of the ocean only add to the experience. Check our article to know more about Keel Beach.

Mitchelstown Cave

Full of stalactites, stalagmites and dripstone formations, the Mitchelstown cave in Tipperary was actually an accident! It was accidentally discovered by Michael Condon in 1833 and has become one of the major attractions here.

You can take a guided tour to explore and understand more about these magnificent caves.

Check our article if you want to know more about this amazing place.

Grafton Street

If you’re one to “shop till you drop”, Grafton Street will be among the list of amazing places to visit in Ireland. Boutiques, brands and jewellery will give you a great experience.

Grafton Street

One of the most happening places in the city of Dublin, this is also one of the most popular streets to visit in Ireland. Check our article and explore more of this place.

Spanish Arch

If you want to see history right in front of your eyes, head to the Spanish Arch in Galway. Built in 1584, this is Galway’s historical gem.

It is located on the left bank of River Corrib and was used as a shelter for soldiers keeping watch in the past. 

Here’s a detailed guide to the Spanish Arch. 


Connemara is a place to visit in Ireland for some fantastic views. It’s basically a district, with multiple things to offer like fishing villages and national parks.


If you’ve heard of the famous Clifton Castle, its ruins are right here.

Click here to learn more about Connemara. 

Dublin Zoo

One of the oldest zoos in the world, the Dublin Zoo is a great place to go with family. It is located inside the popular Phoenix park and is home to over 100 species.

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

Red pandas and orangutans are just some of the animals you’ll see here. It is an educational and fun experience. Trust me, Dublin Zoo should be on your list of amazing places to visit in Ireland.

Click here for a guide to Phoenix park and Dublin Zoo.

Murder Hole Beach

One of the most unique places to visit in Ireland, Murder Hole Beach is one of Ireland’s most beautiful beaches.

Murder Hole Beach

It is along the popular Wild Atlantic Way and is certainly a hidden gem. 

Here’s some more information about Murder Hole Beach.

Wild Atlantic Drive

Wild Atlantic Way is a journey, and it is a stunning one. 1134 kilometres of pure coastal views, this is a dream to drive through.

Wild Atlantic Drive

A road trip with some music and company is always fun, and with the views of Wild Atlantic Way, this will be an unforgettable experience. 

Kilfane Glenn And Waterfall

Trees, tiny bridges, woodland trails and of course, the waterfall, make this place a gorge landscape.

The Kilfane Glenn and waterfall look like it is right out of Pinterest, and you’ve got to visit if you’re in Kilkenny. 

Galway Cathedral

Renaissance and Gothic architecture are widely reflected throughout the Galway Cathedral. Built completely out of limestone, this cathedral is a testament to the stunning Irish architecture.

Galway Cathedral

Visiting the Galway Cathedral when you’re in Galway is a must-do! Explore our article about 25 best things to do in Galway.


This is one of the most lively places in all of Mayo. with fun activities and unique experiences, Westport is a place you can enjoy with family and friends.

Delicious food, watersport options and magnificent historic places- a recipe for fun!

Salthill Promenade

A great place to hang out with friends, Salthill Promenade is a must-visit location in Galway. If you want to go for an evening stroll, Salthill Promenade is the place.

With the happening town centre just a couple of kilometres away and some gorgeous views, there’s no doubt that this is one of the most popular places in Galway. Explore our article about the 25 best things to do in Galway.

Killiney Hill

Killiney Hill and Dalkey Hill together form Killiney Hill Park. This is one of the most scenic places to visit in Ireland and there are a few exciting things to do here.

Killiney Hill has a height of 153 metres and is adored by an obelisk. From all sides, you’ll have views of the Irish Sea, the Bray Head and the Wicklow Mountains. 

Read this for a detailed guide to Killiney Hill.

Dalkey Island

Dalkey Island

If you’re visiting Killiney Hill, Dalkey Island is also something you must go to. 22 acres of this island provides a sanctuary for wildlife.

The water surrounding the island only adds to the beautiful view. From water sports to parks, there’s a lot to do here.

Here’s a detailed guide on Dalkey Island.

Kerry Cliffs

1000-foot-high cliffs with stunning views, the Kerry cliffs are a must-visit. This natural beauty is 400 million years old.

Kerry Cliffs

You read that right. Incredible views of the coastline will leave you awestruck.

Here’s some more information about the Kerry cliffs.

Ashford Castle

When it comes to architecture, Ashford Castle in Mayo is a great place to visit in Ireland. The Guinness family famously donated this castle to the Irish government and besides that, there’s a lot of history attached to this place.

Ashford Castle

You can take a guided tour to learn more. You can even stay here! It’s a five-star accommodation, so you be taken care of. 

Dunmore Caves

According to a legend, these caves were the place of a gruesome massacre in 928 AD. 

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

Now, while this may or may not be true, the Dunmore caves are often called “one of the darkest places to visit in Ireland”.

If you’re in for a little spooky and exciting adventure, Dunmore Caves should be on your list. 

Malin Head

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

Malin’s head is known to be the most northerly point of Ireland which falls in County Donegal. For years it has been a place attracting a lot of tourists from around the world. The place is famous for the scenic beauty it offers and the view of the landscape.

Particularly Malin Head is a whole experience where you can admire the beauty of the coast and play around beaches to see some of the best sunsets of your life.

You can also try various activities like going surfing and fishing. You can see some of the biggest dunes near the coast. But the highlight of this place will still be the drive around the coast.

Explore our detailed guide for Malin Head.


Sligo is the coastal seaport in the north of Ireland where also the Garavoque River. It is famous for the beautiful landscape and colourful houses you see all around it.

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

But majorly what I liked about the place was its amazing food. You can go to a special seafood market that has some of the best fish and shrimp you have ever tasted.

Sligo is so beautiful that many directors have captured this beauty in their movies like The Northman, Normal People, Calvary, and many more.

Explore our article about amazing things to do in Sligo.

Slieve League Cliffs

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

Slieve League cliffs lie on the Atlantic coast of Donegal, Ireland. They are just as beautiful as the cliffs of Moher. The wave crashing sound against the rock is so thrilling to listen to.

If you are someone who loves long walks surrounded by nature then you should definitely go for a hike. The trail is approx 2.8Km which might be a 90-minute hike.

But trust me it is all worth it when you finally get to see the beautiful sunset. Slieve League triumphs to be Europe’s second-highest sea cliff and one of the best beauties around the world.

Check our our complete guide for Slieve League.

Glenveagh National Park

Glenveagh National Park is known to be the second-largest National Park In Ireland. It is Located in Donegal County and is a must-visit Place in the country.

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

Glenveagh is a great way to escape from the bustle of the city and have a great hangout with friends or a family picnic. If you have got kids it’s an excellent place as there are many animals to spot.

Along with that, there is a castle you can explore along with the lush green garden where you can explore the exotic flora and fauna of the place.

Check out our article for a detailed guide to Glenveagh National Park.

Portsalon Beach

If you are in Ireland you are never away from a blue flag beach to enjoy. Portsalon Beach is also called Ballymastocker Bay. It is located near the famous Fanad Lighthouse in the North of Donegal County. 

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

The beach is extremely sandy and is known to be one of the best beaches in north Ireland. Some of the things you must try are surfing around and fishing with your family.

You can see the Panoramic view from the coast and it is amazing. It is easy to reach but the beach can be a bit dangerous at the time so remember you have some lifeguard around you when you go inside the water.

Check out our article about things to do in Donegal.

Gleniff Horseshoe

Are you a fan of some wild scenic place where you can walk for hours enjoying nature’s beauty? Then I recommend you to visit Gleniff Horshoe which is just 20 minute drive from Sligo.

One of the fun facts about this place was that it was made during the ice age when it was covered in thick glaciers and once they melted the valley was formed.

The place is famous for its wild scenery, especially on a rainy or cloudy day when you can enjoy the wind passing by. Also, you will spot various monuments and mountain slopes to play on.

Check out our detailed guide for Gleniff Horseshoe.

Sean’s Pub – Oldest Pub in the World

You might have been to the oldest city or the oldest monument but Sean’s Pub claims to be the oldest in the world. Yes, it genuinely holds a Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest Pub in the world.

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

It is claimed to have been created around 900 AD. This Bar is located in the Athlones city of Ireland. It is a cute warm place that looks very aesthetic from the outside with all the bright colors.

The insides are more minimalist and the food here is just great. It is a great place to visit with friends and have some good brunch and pints.


Limerick is a pretty underrated place in Ireland but is still famous for two things, Limerick lace and the medieval monuments here which hold great importance in the History of Ireland.

I suggest that you should visit Limerick if you are a fan of historical things or interested in archaeology because the place has many monuments that depict the art of ancient Europe and Ireland.

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

There are many famous monuments here to visit such as St. Mary’s Cathedral and St. John’s Square and the Hunt Museum.

Check our article about things to do in Limerick.

Cork City

Cork City is a wonderful place in Ireland for any food lover. It is a complete tourist place where you can visit many places, try various things and eat tons variety of food.

Cork City is such a lively place that it is called the second city of Ireland. The youngsters love the city so much that the locals here call it the real capital of Ireland.

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

There are many places to visit such as Blarney Castle, The English market, where you can get a variety of chocolates and sweets, The butter museum and many more.

As the name suggests this place is a gap between two majestic mountains running North to south, the MacGillycuddy Reeks and Purple Mountain.

Check out our article about things to do in Cork.

Gap of Dunloe

Gap of Dunlow is the kind of place where you go on a break from a busy and stressful life.

You can walk down the trail or have a bike ride along with friends. Make sure it’s a cloudy or windy day so you will enjoy the scenery around.

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

As you walk in this place you will come across the flora and fauna and beautiful streams all along the place. There are also numerous bridges and slopes around the place.

Dingle Town

Dingle Town is located in Kerry County which will be at approx one hour of beautiful drive from the County. Dingle Town is home to some of the most dramatic-looking mountain ranges with a long coastline.

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

You will find some of the best sand beaches here with a lot of water sports to offer. You can take a ferry and get a look at some of the huge cliffs of Ireland.

Things to do in Dingle town include, driving through the Slea Head, Exploring the nearby Islands, Going for hikes and walks, and many more adventurous things.

Check this link for our Kerry travel guides.

Mizen Head

Mizen Head is a heaven place for people who live in majestic natural beauty. It is one of the Southwestern points of Ireland and one of the favourite tourist places.

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

It is surrounded by coastline and some of the best cliff scenery you can ever see. It is known as a place where the ocean meets the mountains and creates magic.

Visit the Mizen Head bridge, Go to the famous signal Station, See the dolphins and whales in the Ocean, walk to the famous Mizen Head visitor centre, and many more.


Waterford lies in the Waterford county of Ireland known to be the southeast point of the country. Waterford has a rich history and some of the best Artifacts from ancient times are displayed in the Waterford Museum.

Waterford is majorly known for the Waterford Crystal which is its long history of glass making. This used to be one of the main industries in Waterford in the mid-1700s.

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

Things you can try in Waterford are Taking a tour of the historical House of Waterford Crystal, an epic tour of the Viking Triangle, and seeing the artefacts at the Waterford Treasure Medieval Museum.

Check out our article about things to do in Waterford.

Valentia Island

Valentia Island lies at the most westerly point of Ireland. It is connected by the mainland through the Maurice O’Neill Memorial Bridge.

The Island feels like a fairytale land. Thanks to the internet recently it has emerged as a nice tourist place and that way you can find some of the best view hotels here.

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

Things you can try in Valentia Islands are, climbing the Geokaun Mountains and Fogher Cliffs, Taking a walk to the brayhead, exploring Valentia Island Beach and many more.

Check out our detailed guide for Valentia Islands.

Avondale Forest Park

Avondale Forest Park is a beautiful and peaceful place to explore in Wicklow County. It is a piece of land just above the river Avonmore. The place is famous for being home to Charles Stewart Parnell which later turned into the Parnell Museum.

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024

The forest is surrounded by lush greenery and exotic Fauna. You can walk around the trails in the park which is 1.2 km or approx 30 minutes walk.

A must-see thing in this park is the Avondale visiting tower which gives a Panoramic view of the whole forest. You have to walk all around the tower but the view from here is worth it.

Check out our detailed guide for Avondale Forest Park.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ireland

Is all of Ireland a part of the UK?

Northern Island is a part of the United Kingdom.

What is Ireland famous for?

Scenic coastlines, towns and culture make Ireland a popular country. 

Is Ireland good for tourists?

Yes! The Irish are friendly, polite and welcoming to tourists. 

What languages are spoken in Ireland?

Irish and English are the official languages of Ireland. 

What’s the weather like in Ireland?

While there are four main seasons, Ireland harbours mild weather throughout the year. 


I think it’s clear by now that Ireland is full of amazing things to do. From nature adventure and from shopping to food, Ireland has everything. Planning a trip can be a little overwhelming, so I hope that my list of places to visit in Ireland will help make the process a little easier for you.

I’d love to know what you think are the most scenic places to visit in Ireland. Until then, happy traveling!

50 Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland In 2024


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