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When you travel to the western edge of Europe, you reach the Dingle Peninsula on the Atlantic Coast of Ireland with some of the best scenery in Ireland if not the world.

Dingle is a quaint little town in the charming Dingle peninsula with some of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life. It has a perfect blend of urban charm while also having the natural countryside that is just waiting to be explored by you.

In Dingle, you will find something a little of everything from stone ruins dating all the way back to when people were living a simple agricultural life to stunning picturesque coastal scenery. Here are my recommendations for the top attractions in the Dingle Peninsula

Additional Information For Dingle Tourist Attractions

What is the best time to visit Dingle?

From November to February, Dingle has heavy rainfall, and the weather is freezing as well. And January is the coldest and the wettest month is generally off-season in Dingle. Spring is an excellent time to visit Dingle, but summers are the best. From July to October are the peak months.

How can you travel around Dingle?

Dingle can be easily covered in one day through a car. Renting a car is the best and quick way to look at almost all the popular tourist attractions. Bus service is also available here, but that is only suitable when you want to explore the things inside the Dingle town so I won’t recommend it.

What can you expect from Dingle?

Dingle has some really gorgeous scenic spots. And they are the best thing about the place. Lively people and good food are something additional that the site has to offer. You will have a fantastic time here with your friends. And if you love road trips, then I think you have a lot of fun here. Read the whole article to get to know about the tourist attraction here.

Dingle Distillery

Address: Dingle Distillery, Farranredmond, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Dingle Whiskey is considered to be the pioneers of the Irish whiskey revival. They were the first to start a new breed of distillers. Though creating a megabrand wasn’t their aim, they did manage to bring out one of the most special Irish whiskeys distilled in the countries. The story and how just three guys started their artisan distillery project and finally became this success is genuinely one of the most exciting and motivating tours I have ever been on. 

They will explain the whole process in detail, and you can treat yourself to the best whiskey at the end of the tour. Don’t forget to take some for your friends (also it’s a bit expensive and some unique drinks, so if you buy something make sure that the choice you made is worth it).

Dingle Dolphin Tours

Fungie Dolphin tour in Dingle Ireland.
Photo By0: Mariamichelle from Pixabay

If you don’t like Dolphins, then you are wrong! But seriously though, who wouldn’t like these big friendly fishes! And this one of my favorite things about Dingle. There are various tours in Dingle that take you Dolphin watching, and if you are lucky enough, you might even get to meet Fungie.

This very famous and friendly bottlenose dolphin interacts with the swimmers and kayakers in the water. He had arrived in Dingle in 1983, and people have believed that he hasn’t left the town since then. If you want to see something unique then this is a must-visit for you.

Fun Fact: He even has an Instagram account!

Inch Beach

Inch beach is a beautiful clean beach in Dingle Ireland.
Photo By: Banda73 from Getty Images

Address: Ardroe, Inch Beach, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Misunderstood by many to be the shortest beach in Ireland, but it is one of the longest. Perfect for swimming and surfing or just some long romantic walks with your partner. The Inch Beach stretches up to 3 miles of golden sand with the bluest water.

You can try out many water adventures like Surfing, Kayaking, Windsurfing, Kite Surfing, and Fishing. The beach is also a Hollywood star, starring in over 5 feature films, including Far and Away. It is truly worth a visit. 

Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium

Dingle oceanworld aquarium in county kerry ireland
Photo By: Leung Cho Pan

Address: Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium, The Wood, Farrannakilla, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland

If you haven’t already figured it out by now, Dingle is a town with rich marine life, so it shouldn’t be surprising that Ireland’s biggest Aquarium is in the town. It has the most comprehensive collection of marine life with penguins, otters, tiger sharks, and many other fish species. Visit the Aquarium and see all different kinds of underwater life.

If you have kids with you, take them here, they will love this place. Even you can get to know so much about water animals. You can stop here for some time and have a fun and fulfilling time with your family.

Slea Head Drive

Slea head drive in dingle Ireland.
Photo By: Jim

Address: Slea Head Dr, Co. Kerry, Ireland

The Slea Head Drive is a legendary loop starting from Dingle that is only 25 miles. This short drive should definitely be experienced while in Dingle Peninsula. The scenery will take your breath away. The drive is part of the Wild Atlantic Way, so you know it’s a photographer’s paradise. Some of the views that you will see are something that feels straight out of a postcard.

You can even hire a bicycle and drive around with your friends. This place is so much fun; you can have some fun gossips and incredible pictures along the way. Trust me; you cannot miss this place; it’s definitely a must-see.

Dingle Peninsula

Dingle Peninsula or dunquin peninsula is a beautiful place to visit in dingle.
Photo By: cinema69 from Getty Images

AddressDingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry, Ireland

The Dingle Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places on Earth; I am not saying this, guys over at National geographic believe so. The entire peninsula is dominated by stunning mountains, steep sea-cliffs, majestic headlands, and the absolutely gorgeous Inch Beach. There is so much to see that I hardly doubt you will get bored with the scenery. Rich in culture, literature, and tradition that creates a perfect harmony with the natural surroundings. 

The drive to the peninsula is one of the most alluring sights that you will ever see. I cannot compile all the details about this place in just a few lines, so there’s a whole detailed article on my blog; click here to know more.

Minard Castle

Minard Castle in Ireland is a beautiful popular tourist attraction.
Photo By: paulbrady

Address: Minard Castle, Kilmurry, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Built-in the 16th-century by the Knight of Kerry, the Minard Castle is a little out of the way but worth watching. While there is not much left of the Minard Castle, you can just tell by looking at the castle that it was a beautiful one when standing in all its glory. Since it is on private property, you can’t go into the castle, but you can walk near the beach at the base of the castle. 

The largest fortress on the peninsula, Minard Castle, is said to have been founded by the Knight of Kerry. It was one of the locations where Rosy met the English Captain in the film “Ryans Daughter.”

Dingle Food Festival

One of the most amazing things to do in dingle is attending the dingle food festival.
Photo By: snoopaya from Getty Images

The Dingle Food Festival takes place in the beautiful town of Dingle in October every year. Organized by a group of local people, the festival’s sole purpose is to make people enjoy good food! There are no profits, no competitions, just good entertainment, and great food throughout the weekend. Deemed as the ‘Best Weekend of the Year’ by every local you meet, the entire town comes to life with locals returning home and tourists coming over from all over Europe. The festival has cookery demonstrations, The Taste Trail, workshops, and street entertainment!

This is usually organized in the month of October, so if you’re here at that time, don’t miss this amazing chance to try all kinds of mouth-watering food.

Mount Brandon

Mount Brandon in Dingle Ireland.
Photo By: Noelo Neill from Getty Images

Mount Brandon is one of the finest and jaw-dropping mountains in Ireland. The view from up here is spectacular, and the route is incredible. You will want to stop after every 2 minutes and capture the landscape beauty. But no camera can do any justice to how incredibly heavenly this place is. You also have many routes to follow, and so you can get to know about all of them from the guides there and then choose the one that suits you the best. 

The lake between the mountains makes it even more fantastic. Mount Brandon is the highest point on the Dingle Peninsula. It is also prevalent with Irish Catholic pilgrims because of its links to Saint Brendan and a pilgrimage route running from Cill Mhic an Domhnaigh to Brandon’s summit. I think you should not miss this site in any way; you will indeed have a fantastic time here.

Beehive Huts

Beehive huts in Dingle is a popular tourist attractions.
Photo By: KenWieddmann from Getty Images Signature

This is something that will amaze your mind. These huts were standing tall since the 12th century and were made using local stones. The history that this site beholds should be kept treasured. There’s a baby lamb here, and you are allowed to hold him and can have some amazing pictures of yourself with the cute little animal. Something so old and still substantial, you should stop by for a couple of minutes and have a look around here; you will not regret it. You can also buy a cup of coffee for yourself and enjoy the view of the Skellig Islands and Blasket Island.  


I hope that this article was helpful to you, and made your trip a bit easier. Dingle is one of my favourite destinations in Ireland and I hope that you also loved it.

While I have noticed that many people like to compare the Ring of Kerry to the Dingle Peninsula, which in my opinion, is a bad comparison to do. Just because they are both excellent and lovely places with their own charm, but in case you don’t have time for both, you can check out my article on Ring of Kerry and then make the decision yourself. (Click here)

Let me know in the comment section about the place that you liked the most.

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