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To escape the monotony of daily life, I planned a trip to Rome, the capital of Italy and the city of love, this summer.

From the great architectural monuments with an interesting history to mouthwatering Italian food, Rome has a lot to offer. Trust me when I say, friends, every place in Rome has a story of its own that is worth listening to.

In this 3 days in Rome article, I have given a day-by-day guide to share the best places in Rome to explore on a 3-day trip and experience the cultural and historical aspects of the city.

Essential tips for travelling to Rome

I visited Rome in the summer, at the end of May. And trust me, the weather in Rome during this time can be pretty warm, with temperatures ranging from 32-35 degrees Celsius. 

Language in Rome

Italian is the official language of Rome and is spoken by the local people. But still, there are plenty of people in restaurants and shops who are fluent in English as well.

I would suggest packing some light-coloured breezy clothes and a good pair of shoes or flip-flops. To avoid any kind of skin damage, wear sunscreen. This can save you from sunburns. 

Currency in Rome

The currency used in Rome is euros. In case you have not got exchanged the currency, you can easily get it exchanged here as there are multiple currency exchange places in the city and even at the airport.

You can also use the Revolut application, this allows you to convert your money into different currencies in real-time without any hassles. You can also transfer those funds. Get more details here.

Transportation in Rome

The most convenient and cheapest means of transport in Rome are buses. The buses are really beautiful and spacious to travel in. I promote travelling by bus, as for me, it was a great experience. You can get a ticket for about €1.50.

An additional tip

Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go, as keeping yourself hydrated is important. One of the good things about Rome is that it has a small water fountain at most corners that offers drinkable water. So there’s no need to spend on bottled water. 

Where to stay in Rome?

We wanted to experience staying in Rome’s house. Therefore, we booked two apartments through 

My experience was decent. They offered us facilities like air conditioning, Wifi, television, and basic ingredients for the kitchen. Please note, they weren’t luxurious properties, in case you were expecting one. 

Here’s a quick link to the Diamond Apartments.

We were a group of 11 friends, and it cost us €591 for two apartments for two nights stay, including €100 for cleaning and taxes. So the calculation for 1 apartment for a night’s stay was €148 approx., including all taxes and cleaning fees. 

You can also check out Airbnb for a budget stay. 

Checkout my experience in Rome Italy

Day 1:Time travel to Roman History


Colosseum in Rome

It’s difficult to list the best places to visit in Rome without mentioning the Colosseum. Included in the seven wonders of the world, the Colosseum is the largest amphitheatre ever built. The monument is significant in the history of Italy and the Roman Empire.

Colosseum was used for gladiatorial contests, animal hunts, executions, and plays. The amphitheatre is designed to fit an average of 65,000 people. 

Rome Colosseum Italy

The colosseum has a long history and every part has a story. Many of our friends were interested in learning about the place’s rich history, so we hired a guide for the tour. The cost of the tour for 11 people was €446, i.e. €41 approx for one. 

Here’s a quick link for the tour.

The duration of the tour was 2 hours at least. That covered the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Palatine Hills. The guide was informative and had a good sense of humour. I would recommend this company to anyone interested. Here’s a quick link to refer to. 

Palatine Hill

Palantine Hill in Rome Italy

The historical tour of Rome is incomplete without visiting Palatine hill. The Palatine Hill is a part of Rome’s seven most famous hills, and its beauty justifies the title.

Palatine Hill is an important archaeological site, and you can spot the remains of Flavian Palace and the stadium of Domitian from afar. 

The place is also famous for the story of Romulus and Remus, which is a legend in Rome. The view is captivating from the hill and will explain the hype about the place.

Roman Forum

3 Days in Rome: The Ultimate Rome Itinerary for 2023

The last site of the day is the Roman Forum. This building is of great significance to Roman history and was surrounded by major administrative buildings. 

It contains the ruins of famous temples such as the Temple of Vesta and the Temple of Saturn, among others. You will find many historical stories and legends about the place.

There are architectural statues that are evidence of the brilliant artisans of ancient Rome.

Oppio Caffe

Oppio Cafe in Rome

Visiting all these monuments can be tiring, and it comes from a personal experience. Oppio cafe is a nice place near the Colosseum to rest your feet and grab a tasty Italian delicacy (for me, pizza).

The whole vibe of the cafe is classy and gives you the cultural touch of Rome. Trust me, the aroma in the cafe is enough to make you hungry 10 times. The cafe has outdoor and indoor settings, and you can choose to either get a view of Rome’s streets or relax in the aesthetics of the cafe.

Also, while we are talking about food, it would be interesting to know your favorite Italian delicacy. Let me know in the comments.

Day 2: Immerse yourself in Italian culture.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain Rome

It is nearly impossible to visit Rome without hearing praise and coin stories about the magnificent Trevi Fountain. Though Rome is home to thousands of small and large fountains, the Trevi Fountain is one of the most delightful and elegant in the city.

Being a popular tourist attraction, you can expect a lot of people here. During the peak season, you cannot get a picture without people in it. So as soon as you see a spot available, jump in for the pose. 

Apart from its architectural beauty, there is interesting folklore related to the fountain. It is said that if you throw one coin in the fountain, you will come back to Rome, if you throw another one, you will find love; and the third coin means that you will get married in Rome.

I have all three coins and am still waiting for a ticket to Rome or a text from the girl I love, Haha. Jokes apart, give it a try as the collection from the fountain is used for a good cause.

I have an Instagram reel uploaded of this fun exercise. Check it out here. 

Gelato Ice cream

Gelato Ice cream in Italy

Pizza, Pasta, Wine, Cars, Vespa & Gelato. These are the interesting things Italy is known for and you should experience them at least once.

As I previously stated, I visited Rome during the summer, and one of the best ways to beat the heat is to indulge in some ice cream. Do you agree? 

I tried mouthwatering ice cream from Gelato in Trevi. It is close to the Trevi Fountain. 

Life, as they say, is like ice cream; enjoy it before it melts. I recommend having one before you melt in the heat, haha 🙂 

Here I am enjoying ice cream in the streets of Rome.

Spanish Steps

Spanish steps in Italy

The Spanish Steps are another beautiful piece of Roman architecture. It is close to the Trevi Fountain and you can easily walk to it. The Spanish steps are 135 in number and are a great place to sit and relax.

The Spanish Steps connect Piazza di Spagna at the bottom and Trinita del Monte Church at the top. The Spanish Steps give a very poetic view and rich Rome vibes.

You can find lots of artisans and painters at the top of the steps and even get yourself a beautiful portrait. The bottom of the steps has some aesthetic shops to check out too.

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona in Italy

Piazza Navona is a great tourist attraction, and a lot of people visit here because of the refreshing fields of the area. The building stands on the stadium of Domitian. 

There are 3 fountains in the Piazza Navona, which is a great site to take pictures and interact with locals. You can also find several restaurants and terraces with great views of the square and gobsmacking food. 

Day 3: Explore the city of love



The Pantheon is true architectural awe. You will fall in love with the Romanian empire vibe it gives. The giant building is a piece of art from its time.

You will see a lot of people near this Romanian pride, which is also called the “sphinx of the Campus Martius”. 

The Pantheon was constructed as a temple for gods, and it still holds the record for having the biggest brick carved in the dome.

Vatican City

Vatican City Italy

Known as the smallest country in the world, Vatican City is a wonder in itself. You can visit several monuments, like St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and many more.

For a calm and peaceful place, check out the amazing museum it has. 

If you want to hang out with friends or have a small picnic, then you can visit the Vatican garden as well.

Explore the city and get yourself a souvenir

Souvenir in Rome

On your last day, you may explore the city by yourself. There are umpteen souvenir shops where you can buy something for yourself and your loved ones.

The city is filled with amazing cafes, malls, and shops which you can visit. Mingle with the local people and try to learn something about the culture. You might end up learning interesting facts too.


I had an amazing time in Rome, exploring the Roman architecture, Italian food, and pretty Roman streets in the city. I hope this blog was informative and fun. I will be sharing loads of beautiful memories from my time in Rome. Feel free to check them out on my Instagram. 

If you are from Italy or especially Rome, can you share your top tips and favourites in the comments below?

I have tonnes of beautiful memories that I am planning to share on my Instagram if you would like to check those out. Here’s a quick link to access my account. 

Ciao, have a beautiful day! 


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