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If you’re looking for a place that allows you to immerse yourself in art, culture, colour, history, and vibrant atmosphere all at once, then Venice should be on your bucket list. Your Venice itinerary is not just about physical attributes but also about the sense of wonder and awe it evokes.

Venice’s beauty is sure to captivate the soul and leave a lasting impression on anyone who wanders its colourful and vibrant streets and rides along its waterways. Explore our Venice itinerary for more information.

Day 1 of Venice Itinerary: Discovering Venice’s Iconic Landmarks

Basilica di San Marco

Start your day with one of the most famous landmarks in Venice. Basilica di San Marco is a significant religious and architectural landmark in Venice that is a symbol of Venetian power and prestige. This place offers you a glimpse into Venice’s artistic and architectural splendor and you can immerse yourself into the beauty of Venetian art and architecture.

St. Mark’s Square

St. Mark’s Square, also known as Piazza San Marco, is the heart of Venice and one of the most famous public squares in the world.

St. Mark’s Square is not only a hub for architectural wonders but also a vibrant area where you can enjoy live music, explore cafes, and witness the unique charm of Venice.

Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge is an iconic symbol of Venice and has been a bustling commercial hub since its inception, with shops and crowds on its walkways, providing a vibrant center of trade. You can enjoy its architectural beauty, elegant arches and warm atmosphere.

Gondola Ride

A Gondola Ride in Venice offers you a romantic and iconic experience. It allows you to explore the city interestingly while discovering all the famous and important landmarks.

Trust me, it’s the best way to get a sense of this mysterious city. To book your Gondola Ride you can check these websites: Venice Gondola Rides, Private Gondola Ride, and Booking.

Bacaro Quebrado Restaurant

Bacaro Quebrado is a renowned restaurant in Venice, located in the heart of the romantic city. This Venetian restaurant offers a cozy and intimate setting with a few tables, perfect for enjoying your meal with friends or a romantic dinner.

Your dishes will be prepared with fresh ingredients purchased daily at the town market to make sure that all are high-quality.

Evening Stroll

An evening stroll in Venice offers a magical experience as the city transforms into a serene and enchanting place under the twilight sky.

Wandering through the alleys of Venice at night allows you to appreciate the city’s unique charm, elegant bridges, and historic buildings in a more intimate and romantic ambience away from the daytime crowds.

The area around the Doge’s Palace offers a captivating ambience for a leisurely walk, with stunning views of the palace and the surrounding architecture.

Day 2 of Venice Itinerary: Exploring More of Venice and Nearby Islands

Murano and Burano Islands

Take a boat tour to these picturesque islands, near Venice, known for colorful and glassmaking houses. They offer you a unique atmosphere with their cheerful houses painted in various colors, representing a rainbow palette.

To book your ticket you can check booking day trips, and booking boat tours. Don’t miss this opportunity because these 2 islands will provide you with memorable experiences.

Venice Grand Canal

The Grand Canal in Venice is a major waterway that will be a highlight of your Venice itinerary. This iconic canal is slightly over 3 kilometers long and serves as a vital transportation route in Venice. You can notice famous palaces, churches, hotels, and public buildings along your journey.

Osteria Bancogiro Restaurant

Osteria Bancogiro is a renowned restaurant that serves both modern and traditional Venetian dishes. Osteria Bancogiro upstairs features a stylish dining room with brick walls and vaulted ceilings, creating a relaxing and romantic atmosphere for you to enjoy your meals.

Hostels in Venice

This is Combo

This is Combo hostel offers a blend of experiences beyond just accommodation, serving as a hostel, bar-restaurant, radio station, event space, and art gallery. This magnificent hostel also serves as a venue for music events, art residencies, workshops

To book your stay click here.

Anda Venice

Anda Venice is a unique and upscale boutique hostel located on the mainland in Venice. It provides you with fully-equipped communal kitchen, a breakfast area, and a bar for you to enjoy. It also offers convenient access to Venice San Lucia train station with a short 10-minute train ride.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere of this hostel. To book your stay click here.

Hotels in Venice

Palazzo Veneziano

Palazzo Veneziano is a luxurious 4-star superior hotel located in the heart of Venice. The hotel offers free WiFi, a bar, and beautifully appointed rooms with parquet floors. Some rooms even come with a spa bath, and you can enjoy views of the Venice Canal from select rooms.

Your accommodation in this hotel will be dreamy. Here you can book your stay.

The St. Regis Venice

The St. Regis Venice is a luxurious and iconic hotel located in Venice offering a blend of modern luxury and historic charm. Rooms in this hotel offers views of the city or the hotel’s beautiful garden, creating an elegant and artful ambience.

Here you can book your stay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Venice worth visiting?

Venice is magical and dreamy and attracts a lot of people every year. Its charming canals, stunning architecture, rich history, and diverse activities make it a unique and worthwhile destination for you.

Is 2 days enough in Venice?

Yes, 2 days in Venice is sufficient to explore the city’s highlights. This time allows for gondola rides, canal strolls, culinary experiences, and visits to iconic sites like Piazza San Marco and Basilica di San Marco.

What is the best way to see Venice?

The best way to see Venice is by foot, allowing you to wander through its enchanting streets, discover hidden gems, and immerse yourself in the city’s unique atmosphere.

What do you need to know about Venice?

Venice’s popularity can lead to crowds, so visiting during shoulder seasons like April/May or September/October can offer a more enjoyable experience with pleasant weather and fewer crowds.


Venice is as dreamy and colorful as you can see through the pictures, rich in history, art, and culture. Your Venice itinerary by its beauty and charm is sure to captivate and create lasting memories for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading our Venice itinerary article. If you plan to visit Italy or Venice anytime soon, here you can explore 2 other useful resources: places to visit in Venice, things to do in Italy, and the best time to visit Italy.

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