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I have covered almost everything about Galway now, places, cafes, and Indian restaurants, so I thought you might also want to get an insight into the famous pizza spots in Galway. (and there are many)

This guide is a compilation of all the top pizza places in Galway.

So, call up your friends and try out some new pizzas.

Best Pizza in Galway
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Woozza Wood Fired Pizza

Woozza is a perfect stop for all your Italian cravings. Everything is incredible about the place; the staff and the management are very cooperative.

Bruschetta is very popular among all the things on its menu. So do visit and let me know what you tried there.

Crust Bucket

This place is a must-visit, I know that the location is a bit hidden behind the back of a bar, but you should definitely check it out once. The staff here is amicable and will guide you in detail about their menu.

The prices are also on the reasonable side. However, they don’t serve drinks here, so you might want to sort that out beforehand.

Pizza & Pasta Napoli

The food here is impressive, and you will end up having a list of favorites from their menu. Check the place out for a fun evening with your friends, and you will have a great time here.

The atmosphere is also very chill, with some traditional Irish music in the background. So I guess it’s definitely a win with good food plus friendly staff and you with your favorite people.

Dough Bros

Dough Bros is hands down the best pizza place in the city and my personal favorite. Their service is so quick and perfect. The staff is amicable, the atmosphere is lovely, and the food is the best. They are known for their perfectly packaged deliveries.

Do try out the pizzas from here, and let me know which one was your favorite.


It is a lovely restaurant even if the google review says otherwise. Trust me, the staff is polite and understanding. They’re also up to the mark with all the covid rules and regulations.

The pizzas here are so delicious, and you can even try out some things from their menu; the prices and the service all add up to a great deal.

Fat Freddys

A bit of quirk décor with some fresh good, this is what the place sums up to. The pizzas here are fantastic, and it is also famous for its chicken pesto pasta.

Great atmosphere and fun staff, this place is dear to many locals as they have a lot of rush of regular customers day in and day out.

Definitely worth a visit.


I hope that this guide was helpful to you, and do let me know in the comment section about the place where you tried pizzas.

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