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I must say Dublin and its brunch scene are a match made in heaven! There are so many restaurants and cafes that serve delicious food making Dublin home to amazing brunch spots that make your mornings better!

Some of my personal favourite brunch-serving restaurants are Angelina’s, Eathos and Two Pups Coffee which serves authentic Italian, Mediterranean and Irish cuisines on menus! Here is a list of the 10 finest brunch spots in Dublin!

Angelina’s – Dublin 04

Angelina's restaurant in Dublin

Step into Angelina’s and experience the best and most lively brunch at the restaurant! The ambience is full of coloured walls, yellow lights and beautiful paintings making it one of the most loved brunch spots in Dublin!

avocado toast

If you are someone who loves avocado toast, beans and juices every morning, then this popular spot has several variations of avo-toasts on its brunch menu!

Popular Dish: Avocado toast and chocolate pancakes

Average cost per dish: €9

Two Pups Coffee, Dublin 08

Two pups coffee cafe in Dublin

Two Pups of Coffee is a must-visit for pet owners because this is a perfect destination to bring your furry friends along for a good time!

The ambience has got that rustic vibe and paired-back feel with weathered table tops and funky chairs!

cakes and coffee

This cafe serves great cakes, pastries and coffee with the pretty standard avocado on toast and the classic poached eggs that make it one of the favourite brunch spots in Dublin for tourists!

Popular Dish: Baked almond croissants and avo-toast!

Average Cost: €5

Eathos, Dublin 04

Eathos cafe Dublin

If you are searching for brunch spots in Dublin that serve nutritious and fresh food without sacrificing flavour then Eathos is the right place for you!

This place has a peaceful ambience, with a classic vintage cafe vibe!

smoothies bowl

The menu here covers those with different food intolerances and serves healthy options like smoothie bowls, oat cakes and much more!

Note: They are closed on weekends!

Popular Dish: Hasbrown and Buckwheat Pancakes

Average cost per dish: €8

Brother Hubbard (North), Dublin 01

Brother Hubbard cafe in Dublin

Brother Hubbard is a beloved brunch spot in Dublin for the locals throughout the city! It has a welcoming ambience, with coffee-coloured interiors that feel warm and fuzzy at the same time!

veggie bowls

They serve the most delicious hearty Middle Eastern-inspired bowls with yummy sauces and oils that will warm your soul!

Popular dish: Traditional vegetarian bowls topped with flavorful sauces.

Average cost per dish: €10

Two Boys Brew, Dublin 07

two boys brew cafe in Dublin

Two Boys Brew is a well-known coffee shop that specialised in freshly brewed coffee and also offers a delicious brunch menu!

Out of many well-designed brunch spots in Dublin, Two Boys Brew has a warm and welcoming ambience that feels homely and gives you the most authentic dining experience with scrumptious cakes, burgers and toasts!

cakes and wine

Their summer stand-out dishes are super unique options that include The Summer Fruit Ricotta Hotcakes and the substantial Creole chicken burger!

Additionally, you can also enjoy the special champagne on weekends here!

Popular dish: The classic brewed coffee and Hotcakes on weekdays.

Average cost per dish: €12

Thundercut Alley, Dublin 07

Thundercut Alley restaurant in Dublin

This is a dive bar located behind a stylish bowling alley. I know it may not sound like an ideal brunch spot but trust me, it’s one of a kind experience!

The seating arrangement, a retro Street Fighter Game machine, a rubber duck-themed bathroom and the flashy vibe of this place are what make it more interesting!

Mexican flatbread and sandwich

They serve the most flavourful Mexican-styled flatbreads and sandwiches with bottomless booze with alcohol!

Popular dish: Margarita and tacos.
Average cost per dish: €14
The average cost for alcohol: €25 to €30

The Anantara Marker Hotel, Dublin 02

Anantara Marker hotel in Dublin

The Marker Hotel is home to the brand new concept, Le Drunch! Yes, it’s a combination of Dinner and Lunch together and this place knows the rules for this new trailblazing food concept!

The hotel is well-styled, painted in white, decorated with beautiful interior elements and has a rooftop to add that extra tinge to luxury!

Shakshuka dish

The half lunch and half dinner – The Drunch Menu served here includes almost everything right from your comfort foods to an extensive list of yummy delights that give you a variety of food options to choose from!

Popular Dish: Shakshuka and grilled steak.

Average price per dish: €15 to €30

If you plan to know more about the accommodation at The Marker, click here.

Drury Buildings, Dublin 02

Drury Buildings restaurant in Dublin

This chic restaurant is a must-visit destination for foodies and cocktail lovers alike! It features a stylish cocktail bar and a breezy terrace that establishes the perfect indoor and outdoor dining experience for you!

You would love the menu here as it features local fare with a Mediterranean twist that includes raw flavours of the region!

Aubergine dish

From classic dishes like grilled seafood and roasted meat to modern interpretations of traditional flavours, you have it all here!

Popular Dish: Aubergine with Italian-style parmigiana

Average cost per dish: €12

Groundstate Coffee, Dublin 08

Groundstate cafe shot

Ground state coffee stands true to its name! Raw and freshly brewed coffees are the highlight of this cafe. It’s based in Liberties, Dublin 08 and is run by two mates!

It has uplifting ambient music, friendly staff, and amazing interiors!

Scrambled tofu dish

I’d highly recommend this place for a good and tasty brunch as they serve great iced coffee, oat milk coffees and saucy vegan tofu scramble!

Popular dish: Blueberry croissant and Brioche Brekkie Bun

Average cost per dish: €15

Ebb & Flow Camden, Dublin 02

Ebb & Flow Camden cafe

Ebb & Flow is a great choice for a Sunday Brunch plan!

A great decor, good food options, and trendy interiors paired up with great music! What else does one need to make the brunch more interesting?

Fluffy pancake

Ebb & Flow focuses more on fresh ingredients and beautifully decorated dishes! They have a variety of dishes and every weekend they have something special to offer on the menu!

Popular dish: The Fluffy pancake and Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich

Average cost per dish: €10 to €15

brunch spots in dublin


After reading this you must be sure that Dublin is home to an incredible brunch scene with countless cafes, restaurants and bars! Right from authentic traditional cafes to the most luxurious ones, there is something for everyone here!

So grab your friends family and your loved ones and explore these top 10 brunch spots in Dublin and have an unforgettable brunch experience!

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