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As more people are choosing and adapting to a plant-based lifestyle, Dublin’s culinary scene has seen a surge of innovative vegan eateries around like Cornocupia, Blazing Salads, and Sova Vegan Butcher! If you are a vegan searching for the best vegan restaurants in Dublin then I have got you covered with my list of the top 10 vegan restaurants in Dublin you must try!

From delicious plant-based cuisine to cosy cafes and excellent wines, you have it all here!

The Saucy Cow – Dublin 2

The Saucy Cow Restaurant

The Saucy Cow restaurant is recently established in 2022 and is a perfect go-to place for all health-conscious vegan foodies!

  • Average spends: Dishes start from €10
  • Popular dishes: Hot chicken wings, Caesar wrap, and the Buckfast Barbeque (the best vegan burger in town!)
The saucy cow restaurant food

I would personally recommend you try the scrumptious vegan burgers made with the finest ingredients! Vegan wraps, loaded fries, and savoury treats are the options that you can consider for a perfect lunch with your loved ones!

It offers a vegan-american fusion cuisine made with fresh and high-quality ingredients which makes it an ideal spot in Dublin’s vegan food scene. The ambience here is cosy and peaceful with decorated walls, bright lights and vibrant frames!

Cornucopia – Dublin 2

Cornucopia restaurant

Cornucopia restaurant caters to a variety of tastes and diets like serving gluten-free, sugar-free, and coeliac dishes! Since 1986 this has been the people’s choice for In-house made soups, salads, main courses, bread, desserts, freshly pressed juices, and beverages!

Vegan Seitan sausage roll

Cornucopia is a beloved Dublin-based restaurant that has been serving delicious and tasty food options since 1986. The menu here is a complete blend of traditional Irish dishes with a western twist!

  • Average spends: Dishes start from €9
  • Popular dishes: Vegan Seitan Sausage Roll, Vegan chocolate fudge cake, and Tofu stir fry are some recommendations that you must try!

It also offers a variety of meat, seafood, and vegan food options, which cater to several dietary restrictions.

Coca Sova / Sovan Vegan Butcher – Dublin 8

Coca Sova cafe, Dublin

Coca Sova opened its storefront in July 2016 and has a pleasant vibe overall! The pastel walls, coffee-coloured tables, dim yellow lights, and innovative vegan dishes enhance the ambience here!

vegan fries and beers
  • Average spends: Dishes start from €10
  • Popular dishes: Sweet potato mash, chocolate mousse, and blueberry cheesecakes in desserts!

Coca Sova restaurant is an ideal choice if you are in the mood for vegetarian cuisine accompanied by delicious wine and perfectly crafted beers!

Kale+Coco – Dublin 7

Kale + Coco cafe in Dublin

Kale + Coco serves only vegan and gluten-free dishes! This place feels lively with the interiors painted in peach and green colours all around maintaining that natural vibe of the restaurant!

Apple pie

If you plan for a brunch in Dublin, there’s no place better than this to savour smoothie bowls, crunchy salads, hot steaming coffee, and some gluten-free mince pies during Christmas week!

Average spends: Dishes start from €15
Popular dishes: Don’t miss a chance to gorge on some sweet potato mash, coleslaw, and scrumptious burgers with the best chocolate mousse, and blueberry cheesecakes in desserts!

All the ingredients Kale + Coco uses are of high-quality, and completely organic which ensures the restaurant not only serves delicious but also healthy food!

It also hosts festive workshops on making eco-friendly candles and botanical wax melts!

Umi Falafel – Dame St, Dublin 2


You can call this a one-stop destination for the best and juicy falafels in Dublin for tourists from all over the world!

  • Average spends: Dishes start from €10
  • Popular dishes: Mouth-watering falafel, mezze, and salad dishes that are perfect for those who need a quick and satisfying meal.

Umi Falafel serves delicious middle eastern vegan cuisine which also caters to your various dietary needs like vegan, vegetarian, Lacto-vegetarian, and ovo-vegetarian dishes.

If you are looking to have a taste of Beirut’s city-style cuisine in Dublin then Umi Falafel restaurant is a must-try. Despite the pandemic, it was open for takeaway and deliveries since May 2020!

Its a Trap – Dublin 1

Its a Trap cafe

Its a Trap is a groovy coffee shop with a great selection of products that traps you in its ambience, exceptional facilities, and good food!

egg toast and coffee

The community here loves the warm service and good coffee this place serves! If you are a fan of cappuccino, scrambled tofu wraps, and paninis then this is the place for you!

They also have their own Merch and have given away 2000 free coffees through loyalty cards in Dublin!

  • Average spends: Dishes start from €9
  • Popular dishes: Breakfast burrito (scrambled tofu, chipotle mayo, and spinach) and the hot chocolate (from melted Belgian chocolate)

V-Face – Dublin – 7

V Face cafe

V Face is a vegan burger restaurant in Dublin that offers a unique fusion of flavours with delicious burgers, flavourful bowls, and spicy chilli wings!

plant-based burgers and vegan fries
  • Average spends: Dishes start from €15
  • Popular dishes: Plant-based burgers, loaded chipotle, bacon & crispy onion fries

It opened in 2020 but undoubtedly has quickly become a local favourite within a few months! You can enjoy the food from here with both delivery and take-out options. They also provide catering services for parties in events.

It completely focuses on veganism and sustainability which in turn makes them the great choice for environmentally conscious customers and individuals around! 

They also have a V-Face gift card facility! To know more, click here.

Govinda’s – Abbey St, Dublin 1

Govinda's Abbey, Dublin

Govinda’s- Abbey St is a restaurant right in the City Centre and offers a unique and flavourful dining experience with its Hare Krishna vegetarian Indian food.

  • Average spends: Dishes start from €14
  • Popular dishes: Ginger beer, samosas, the tofu-chickpeas-potato plate!

Whether you are a Lacto vegetarian or someone who follows a plant-based diet, there are options for everyone on the menu! This place also provides catering services for events and gatherings around Dublin!

Blazing Salads, Dublin – 02

Blazing Salads dish

If you are a vegetarian and looking for a healthy lunch option, then Blazing Salads next to George’s Street Arcade is the perfect spot for you!

Blazing salad’s vegetarian menu includes a variety of hot dishes that will satisfy any craving! From hearty curries to comforting vegan rolls, their food options are both filling and delicious. The vegan salad bar is a major highlight of the restaurant!

sugar free cakes

Its commitment to using only certified organic sourdough bread made at the restaurant and its sugar-free cakes is something that makes Blazing salads stand out!

  • Average spends: Dishes start from €8
  • Popular dishes: vegan pizzas, samosas, tofu spring rolls, and butternut squash pasty.

It features a range of fresh and flavourful ingredients that a perfect for a healthy and satisfying meal.

Glas Restaurant, Dublin – 2

Glas Restaurant in Dublin

Glas Restaurant is a vegetarian fine-dining restaurant that serves a wide variety of eclectic dishes made with local and seasonal farm produce!

Moreover, Glas has all its vegan options labelled as VG!

vegan food

If you are someone who cannot do without good wine while having food, then this restaurant makes things even better for you by offering crafted beers and some traditional wine to pair up with your meal!

  • Average spends: Dishes start from €10
  • Popular dishes: Crispy seed crackers with tomato chutney, white wine, and Panna Cotta.

Overall, go for this restaurant if you are looking for a delicious and sophisticated dining experience!

10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Dublin You Must Try In 2023


Dublin is a great destination for Vegans with plenty of options to choose from!

These 10 vegan restaurants in Dublin have a range of delicious and innovative plant-based dishes that will definitely satisfy your cravings for hearty burgers and gourmet meals!

I hope this guide has helped you to discover some new favourites and that you enjoy exploring the vegan dining scene in Dublin!

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