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Siena is a city in the Tuscany region of Italy. Known for its medieval vibe and central piazza, visiting this city is like going back in time. The city of Siena is basically built over three hills, with the heart being the Piazza del Campo. The city centre has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.


Museums, galleries and medieval buildings all make Siena a place to definitely visit. There’s so much to see in this city, so here is a list of exciting things to do in Siena.

Piazza Del Campo- The Heart And Soul Of Siena

This is the main square of Siena, and is locally called “Il Campo”. Piazza del Campo is often referred to as the heart and soul of the city. This square is a medieval environment at its finest. The idea for creating Piazza del Campo was the people could meet here for political and social events. This carries on till today.

Piazza del Campo

From the Palio Di Siena, which is the horse race to the Christmas Markets, there’s always something happening here. In addition to the activities at the square, there are museums to explore and buildings to see. Palazzo Pubblico, Torre del Mangia and Fonte Gaia are to name a few. 

Climb To The Top Of Torre Del Mangia

Since we’re on the topic of the Piazza del Campo, let’s talk about the Torre del Mangia, which is the third tallest tower in Siena. The tower is made of brick and white travertine marble. It was built between 1325 and 1348, so it is definitely a symbol of Siena’s history.

Torre del Mangia

The summit of the Torre del Mangia contains the bell. The tower is about 290 feet high, so the views from the top are spectacular.

This is one of the main things you can do here- climb to the top. It might feel like the climb isn’t too strenuous at first, but the 400 steps are certainly a lot. The views from the top, however, are amazing. It is such a great way to look at the interesting city of Sien and certainly one of the top things to do in Siena.

Explore The Duomo Di Siena (The Siena Cathedral)

A symbol of gothic art and architecture, the Duomo di Siena is something you should put on your list when it comes to things to do in Siena. The outside of the cathedral is made with black and white marble in alternate stripes, where black and white signify the symbolic colours of Siena.

The Siena Cathedral

The inside of the cathedral contains treasures from some of the greatest artists, including Michelangelo, Donatello and Pisano.

With mosaic floors, lots of information about the history and culture and sophisticated paintings, this place will leave you stunned. The cathedral is currently dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta.

Watch The Palio Di Siena

Alright, so the Palio Di Siena isn’t something that happens throughout the year, but if you’re in Siena during the summer, it is an experience you should definitely go for. The Palio Di Siena is basically a horse race, and it is one of Italy’s most awaited summer events. The races take place twice a year, in August and in July.

Palio Di Siena

The races take place in the evening and usually last for a minute. Here, the horses must do three complete laps around the Piazza Del Campo. The first horse to cross the finish line wins. Watching the Palio Di Siena is trully a wonderful experience and you get to see just how passionate the people are about this century-long tradition. 

Immerse Yourself In The Art At The National Gallery

The National Art Gallery of Siena houses some of the best pieces of art from Siena’s artists. The gallery basically features the art of Sienese artists between the 12th century and the 16th century. As you walk through the gallery, you really get an insight into the history and art of the city of Siena.

The National Gallery features artists like Domenico Beccafumi and Dietisalvi di Speme. Some of the most popular works of art here include “Madonna Enthroned” and “Enter into Jerusalem”.

The Spannocchi Collection can also be found on the top floor of this gallery. If you want to understand Siena through art, the National Gallery is the place to go to.

Visit Santa Maria Della Scala

An ancient hospital, Santa Maria Della Scala is one of the oldest buildings in Siena. Today, it mainly stands for cultural use, because it holds historical items from various different periods. With art and architecture reflecting the Roman times, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, this place tells several stories and is high up on the recommendation list for things to do in Siena.

Santa Maria Della Scala

Some works here include the “Storie Della Vergine” (Stories of the virgin) frescoes by Simone Martini, as well as pieces from Pietro Lorenzetti. The Santa Maria Della Scala is one of the most interesting and informative cultural projects in Europe, catering to tourism and research needs. 

Visit Basilica di San Domenico

This church is one of the best examples of just how magnificent the architecture of Siena is. The Basilica di San Domenico is also locally called Basilica Cateriniana. The construction of this church originally began in the 13th century, and since then, it has maintained the Gothic architectural appearance.

Basilica di San Domenico

Inside the church, you’ll see artwork and altars. The left wall of the church has the works of Francesco di Vannuccio and Antonio Magagna. The right wall is filled with frescoes by several famous artists.

The altar here also includes the relics of St. Catherine- her disembodied head and thumb are placed here. The whole church is such an interesting place to visit and is a must-see while you’re sightseeing in Siena. 

Walk Through Museo dell’Opera Metropolitana

This museum is one of the most important things to do in Siena when it comes to museums. The works of art and architecture that are housed in this museum today used to be in the Duomo di Siena. With artworks from as early as the 12th century, this museum is a testament to Sienese history. Gothic sculptures by Giovanni Pisano, and works by Ambrogio can also be found here.

The Stained glass rose window by Duccio di Buoninsegna is also housed here. Manuscripts, jewellers and goldsmith works and sculptures by Donatello also make this museum what it is. The Museo dell’Opera Metropolitana is a museum that you should consider adding to your list. 

Have A meal La Taverna Di San Giuseppe

A meal at La Taverna di San Giuseppe is the epitome of a Tuscan food experience. The restaurant is set in a fund from 1100. The Roman brick walls and the wine cellar, which occupies an Etruscan house create a unique ambience for a meal.

Tuscan Cheese and Tiramisu

If you read the reviews of this place, they are nothing short of excellence. From the food to the wine and the ambience to the courteous staff, this restaurant is one you should definitely have a meal at.

Tuscan cheeses, gnocchi and tiramisu are just some of the dishes I’d recommend you try. This is truly a wonderful example of a Tuscan experience. 

Wine Tours

The Tuscan vineyards are popular for the high-quality and exquisite wine they produce. there are so many wine tours available around Siena, that you could make a day tip out of it. A light meal is usually accompanied by a tasting.

Tuscan vineyards

You’ll learn about the production of wine, as you see the scenic vineyards. Wine Tasting is definitely a great thing to do in Siena.

If you’re planning a trip to Italy, here is a list of things you’ve got to check out.

10 Exciting Things to do in Siena In 2023

Frequently Asked Questions About Siena

What is Siena known for?

Siena is mainly known for its medieval architecture. It’s also known for the Palio horse race, which is held during the Summer.

How do I travel around Siena?

Siena is a small city, so you can actually explore it completely on foot. 

How many days do I need for Siena?

This really depends on how much time you’ve got and what you want to see. A day is enough to hit most of the popular spots in the city, but you can stay here for longer and explore the city more, too. 

How close is Siena to Florence?

Siena is about 85 kilometres away from Florence, so you can actually even make a day trip out of it. 


Siena is a city that is literally like going back to the past. With the medieval architect, the several museums and the happening Piazza Del Campo, this is a city that should totally be on your itinerary during your trip to Italy. Whether you’re here only for a day, or for a week, you’ll never run out of things to do in Siena.

Have you guys already been to Siena? What was your experience like? Would you like to go again? I’d love to know in the comments below. 

Until then, have a great day!

10 Exciting Things to do in Siena In 2023

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