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If you are planning to visit Italy and you are a car enthusiast, then Maranello’s Ferrari museum & factory should be a must-visit. It is an iconic and charming place that is heaven for lovers of Ferraris.

Maranello is the birthplace of Ferrari, and to honour that, the company has made a great museum with the most important models of Ferrari. The museum first opened in 1990 with the first-ever made model of the Ferrari 125S. Since then, this place has attracted a lot of people around the world.

The museum is not just about the historical timeline of the company and information about it, but also offers a lot of fun activities for its visitors. You might think how interesting a museum can be, but trust me, it feels like the world of Ferrari and is a great experience to have.

Where is Ferrari Museum located in Italy?

The museum is located in Maranello, Italy. Once you enter the town, you will notice the tall buildings, which are the houses of the Ferrari. The Ferrari museum is located 300m away from the Ferrari factory.

To visit the museum, you can take a train to Maranello station or take a bus ride. Both options are pretty convenient, and you do not have to walk a lot to get to the museum.

Things to do in the Ferrari Museum

As said the place is a world of Ferrari cars. The museum keeps updating itself with the latest Ferrari models, and you might have some of the classiest models here. The whole vibe of the museum is set to make you feel like you are in a racing world.

Ferrari Museum Maranello - Guide & Vlog Tour

The staff of the museum were dressed in cool Ferrari outfits, and there were several rooms to explore. Trust me, your eyes will pop out watching all these Ferraris together. Every corner has a Ferrari of some different significance, and the information about them is pretty interesting too.

You can see the models, look at various pictures, and read fun facts and historical references related to them. You will see F1 racing cars and Ferrari engines for different models.

F1 ferrari cars in Ferrari Museum in Maranello

You will get to know how Ferrari was born and continues to be one of the most popular supercars on this planet.

In the museum, you will find many clips and interesting videos that will give you a visual journey through the history of Ferrari. The speciality of the Maranello Ferrari Museum is that it gives information about how the Ferrari is assembled and how the whole setup works.

By the time you get out of this museum, you will have turned into a Ferrari geek. The museum has all the parts of the Ferrari displayed, which is cool to see. You can also look at the various trophies won by the Ferrari F1 racecar.

Ferrari Museum F1 Simulator Game

Ferrari f1 simulation

We all have a dream of driving fast in a Ferrari F1 on the race tracks. Well, the reality might be different, but you can make this dream come true in part. The museum has an F1 stimulator wherein you can have the experience of driving a supercar.

The museum charges 25 for 7 minutes, and it is all worth it. It is beyond words and experience. It is a virtual experience of driving a Ferrari on tracks. As the speed goes up, you can feel the adrenaline rush through your veins too.

Drive a Ferrari on the roads

In Maranello, you will find various places that offer you the chance to drive a Ferrari for a particular amount, and you have to pay for it. The cost depends on the model of the car and also the amount of time you spend in the car.

I suggest roaming around and checking out the prices, or you can book the cost-effective one.

Captured with a Ferrari

Pose in front of ferrari

What could be a better picture than one from inside the great Ferrari? You can get a nice picture taken by professional photographers in the museum and get it printed on nice glossy paper. This can be a nice memento from the museum to take back and show off in front of your car-loving friends.

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To be honest, I had a lot of fun in the museum. The museum has every piece of information you want to know about Ferrari. Additionally, looking at approximately dozens of Ferraris from different eras was a great experience. 

If you want to know what more to explore in Italy, then check out our blogs. Also, click here to view more pictures from the Ferrari museum.

Ferrari Museum Maranello - Guide & Vlog Tour

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