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Are you craving some delicious Indian cuisine in Dublin? Look no further! Dublin is home to some of the best Indian restaurants in the country, each offering its unique twist on traditional dishes. 

From spicy curries to flavorful biryani, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So grab some friends and embark on a culinary journey through the streets of Dublin’s Indian restaurant scene. 

Whether a curry connoisseur or a biryani beginner, you will find your new favourite dish. Let’s get started!

15 Best Indian Restaurants in Dublin

Konkan – Dublin 8

Konkan Indian Restaurant in Dublin is one of the best Indian restaurants in Dublin laid back for its regional dishes from across India [especially South West] and is located in the streets of 46 Clanbrassil Upper near, Harold’s Cross. 

Konkan - Dublin 8 - Indian restaurants in dublin

Since it first opened, Konkan Restaurant has also collected a number of prestigious restaurant awards.

Their biryanis and samosas are rated as the best in Dublin and are among their best-selling meals. Click here to have a look at their delicious menu and reserve your table now!

When you enter the restaurant, the interior offers an Indian ambience vibe and makes you feel warm and welcome. It is a little space with posters hanging on the wall and tables that are close to one another but separated from one another.

Rasam Restaurant – Glasthule

Rasam Restaurant in Dublin is another best Indian restaurant in Dublin that serves authentic Indian food made with a blend of spices unique to the cuisine there. The restaurant is located at 18/19 Glasthule Street.

Rasam Restaurant - Glasthule

Rasam’s butter chicken is among the restaurant’s most popular dishes and certainly one of the best-rated in Dublin. 

They have excellent service and a great ambience that gives out relaxing vibes to its customers, so book your table at Rasam now!

Diwali Restaurant – Dublin 2

Diwali Restaurant is located in Unit 1 of Castle House, on South Great Georges Street. For those craving Indian cuisines, this Indian Diwali Restaurant in Dublin’s plate starter and lamb curry are must-tries.

Diwali Restaurant - Dublin 2

Their interior is decorated with big square tables, spacious enough for families to have been arranged close together yet at a good distance, and the adorned wall adds an Indian atmosphere to the room.

Have a look at their menu before your visit and pre-reserve your table now so you don’t have to miss the taste of the famous Diwali Indian Restaurant in Dublin!

Pickle Restaurant – Dublin 2

Pickle restaurant is located at 43 Camden Street in Dublin. They serve authentic North Indian food and extraordinary desserts.

Pickle Restaurant - Dublin 2

Perhaps Pickel’s one top-rated dish seems to be Indian with naan, they have a 5-course meal Menu that is recommended by the chef personally. 

Reserve your table in advance to avoid missing out on this beautiful and authentic interior, which is decorated with small, cute chairs aligned in front of each other with hand-made brown wall paintings and bright bulbs hanging on top of each table to make it more special.

Doolally Restaurant – Dublin 2

Doolally introduces a unique idea in Indian food to Dublin. Get prepared to enjoy exceptional aromas, high-quality food, excellent service, and luxury beverages.

Doolally Restaurant - Dublin 2

One of the most well-known Indian chefs in the UK, Alfred Prasad, helped create the menu of this restaurant 

The restaurant offers Reservations, a variety of Menus, and a full, and Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, and Gift Cards Available all in one if you dine at this Place. So what are you waiting for? Explore this Indian restaurant in Dublin!

Kathmandu Kitchen – Dublin 2

At 18 Dame Street in Dublin, Kathmandu Kitchen dishes Nepalese and Indian food with a special mix of Himalayan natural spices and herbs.

Kathmandu kitchen in dublin

This is one of the top Indian eateries, with a relaxing and welcoming ambience, a huge bar set with a barista, and a dining room with vintage-style long chairs, Buddha statues, and plants covering the restaurant. 

Browse through their amazing Menu and Book your table today! 

Indian Tiffin – Dublin 1

At 143 Parnell Street, the South Indian restaurant Indian Tiffins provides genuine tastes of cultural heritage to Dublin.

Indian tiffin dublin restaurant

Their South Indian cuisine is the focus of an Indian restaurant that is dedicated to serving delectable, distinctive, and nutritious dishes every day. The best samosa and a variety of dosas will make you feel nostalgic.

Missing Indian Cuisine? Samosa and Dosa? Book your table now to satisfy your homesickness! 

Spice Village – Dublin 6

Spice Village is an authentic Indian restaurant located at Terenure, Dublin 6W, that offers outstanding food with a distinctive ambience.

Spice village Dublin 6 restaurant

Their quality food and service, mixed with conventional fare served in a spectacular style, complete any experience. Lamb is also one of the most popular dishes at this restaurant.

I should say Spice village is one of the best Indian Restaurants if you are looking for authentic North Indian cuisine. 

Ananda – Dublin 16

Ananda Restaurant can be the ideal Indian restaurant in Dublin. It is located near Dundrum Town Center.

Ananda restaurant dublin

Since it opened, the restaurant has won many awards and accurately captures the rise of an authentically Indian atmosphere.l

Taken from the centre of Hyderabad, chicken biryani is one of its top dishes and is made very delicious. 

Kinara Kitchen – Dublin 6

Kinara Kitchen is a Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan option, has many Gluten Free food Options as well and has all Lunch, Dinner, Late Night, and Drinks Different menus.

Kinara Kitchen

The Interior is overall Mindblowing, there are long high placed chairs and the wall is covered with brown carved wallpaper giving an Indian vibe to the place as well.

Kinara is one of those places that you still think about days later. The rice is nicely cooked, and all the curry dishes are amazing, including one of the famous dishes in this restaurant too! 

Ruposhe Indian Restaurant – Dublin 9

Ruposhe was closed a while back since it was under construction, but here it is again! Ruposhe, an Indian restaurant in Dublin, is open again after making a few beautiful changes inside. 

Best Indian Restaurants In Dublin

The poppodoms, starter, main with rice, dessert, tea/coffee and soft drink/bottle of beer for just €20 are quite famous at this restaurant in Dublin. 

The selection of menus is extensive here, the service here is known to be excellent, and the meals are called out as outstanding. 

Govinda’s – Dublin 1

Looking for Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, or Gluten Free Options? All in one restaurant with the same Indian taste and feel your roots? Visit Govinda’s Restaurant in Dublin and experience the best Indian authentic taste in the perfect setting available.


Govinda’s has both Indian and fusion cuisine servings with delicious food that never ceases to impress and will make you come here again all these things make it a must-try Indian restaurant in Dublin.

There is a cafeteria feel to this establishment. initially seems quite inferior, but it is not. Click here for the menu.

Chutni Indian – Schollarstown

Chutni Indian produces the most delicious food, which your entire family, young and old, will enjoy for its incredible freshness and unique flavours.

Chutni Indian Restaurants In Dublin

If you are looking for fresh and authentic Indian flavours and great Indian restaurants in Dublin, Chutni Indian Restaurant in Dublin is the place for you. All the dishes on the menu are well prepared and seasoned, and the staff is also so friendly and helpful.

Butter chicken is the most famous dish at this restaurant in Dublin. Click here to visit its website and order food from this menu. This Indian restaurant in Dublin is located in Orlagh Grove, Scholarstown. 

Madina Street Food Co. – Dublin 1

Since Madina is the only restaurant that to date resembles Indian cuisine as precisely as possible, whenever you miss India when you are in Dublin, you can get a sense of taste for India by visiting Madina street food co. which nice Indian restaurant in Dublin.

Madina Street Food Indian Restaurants In Dublin

Madina serves a huge, crispy masala dosa! You wouldn’t want to miss out on the aloo chaat! You should also try the aloo ka paratha! Many people have rated this as excellent value for money! 

Madina Street Food Co.’s interior is a simple Indian restaurant with long tables and chandeliers hanging. Click here for the instant menu. Vegetarian curry is one of the best-selling dishes. 

Masala Blanchardstown

Masala offers the best Indian cuisine as it is one of the Indian restaurants in Dublin and has the perfect vibe for Indian homesickness.

You can never make a mistake when ordering from this restaurant because the food is always of the best quality. There are some outstanding vegetarian dishes here, particularly the appetizers.

Masala Indian restaurant in dublin

This is, in my opinion, the best Indian takeaway in Killiney and the area that is reviewed, despite the fierce competition in the neighbourhood. With great food and affordable rates, click here for the menu.

Masala has a great exterior with huge glass windows and a huge board that states the restaurant’s name. If you’re feeling particularly Indian today?

Don’t miss the masala that spices all the foods and leaves a lasting taste in your mouth. 

15 Best Indian Restaurants In Dublin 2023: Tasty Curries & Biryani


And there you have it, folks! few of the best Indian restaurants in Dublin. A journey through the delicious world of Indian restaurants in Dublin.

From traditional dishes to unique twists on classics, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Whether you’re a curry connoisseur or just starting to explore Indian cuisine, these restaurants offer diverse flavours and experiences.

So the next time you’re looking for a tasty meal in Dublin, don’t hesitate to head to one of these fantastic Indian restaurants. 

Trust me, your taste buds will thank you. Happy dining!

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