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​​The lovely Maghera Beach and Caves are undoubtedly one of Donegal’s most beautiful beaches, and we were so grateful that we had the time to visit it when we did a Donegal trip.

Tourists worldwide come to see the perfect white sand, the deep blue ocean, and the dunes for protection from the wind, and let me tell you, this place has everything.

Maghera Beach

The fact that most people don’t know about this place is so surprising as it is breathtaking; I’m sure that after looking at the photos and the videos that I’ve attached below, you would want to pack your bags right away. 

Your Guide to Maghera Beach and Caves


Maghera Beach and Caves are located in County Donegal, Ireland. The beach is about 10 km west of Ardara and is known for its stunning rock formations and natural caves. The caves are situated beneath Slievetooey mountain, and some of them are accessible at low tide from Maghera Strand.

Maghera Beach


The parking for Maghera Beach and Caves is located in a private car park, and there is a fee of €3, payable in cash only. The car park is the only access point to the beach and caves, and it is situated about a 200-meter walk from the caves.

How To Get To Maghera Beach And Caves?

The road to the beach is very narrow but one of the most beautiful drives ever. You’ll see a parking spot there, where you can park your car by paying a nominal charge of €3 to a local who manages the parking space there.

After parking, you’ll have to walk a bit, and you’ll also be able to see the beach from afar. You’ll first spot white sand dunes on the left side, and the actual beach is a bit far. And if you’re there on a sunny day, then that’s a plus point.

Maghera Beach and Caves


I noticed a board saying that swimming here is not allowed, though there’s no one to stop you; I would say that you should avoid it as the tides are unpredictable and dangerous.

Warning for caves 

The caves at Maghera Beach come with a warning to visitors. It is crucial to only enter the caves at low tide, as the tide can come in quickly and flood the caves. Therefore, it is strongly advised to check the tide times in advance and not to attempt to enter the caves without doing so.

To ckeck the tide times for Maghera Beach, you can click here.

Maghera Beach Donegal, Ireland

Top Attractions Near Maghera Beach & Caves

Assaranca Waterfall

Assaranca Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located in County Donegal, Ireland, about 8 km west of Ardara. The waterfall is set in idyllic surroundings close to Maghera Beach and is one of the real gems in County Donegal. It lands in a moderately deep pool, making it a perfect spot for a few photos.

Slieve League

The Slieve League Cliffs, located in County Donegal, Ireland, are renowned for their breathtaking beauty and dramatic views. These cliffs are among the highest sea cliffs in Europe, with a height of 601 meters, making them a spectacular natural wonder.

The area offers a captivating and rugged landscape, providing you with a sense of being at the edge of the world. Unlike the more commercialized Cliffs of Moher, Slieve League is known for its unspoiled and less crowded environment, allowing for a more serene and authentic experience.

Glengesh Pass

Glengesh Pass, located in County Donegal, Ireland, is a stunning mountain pass road that offers a unique and picturesque experience for you. This area is characterized by its typical Irish scenery, with lush greenery and impressive vistas, making it a perfect location for hiking and photography.

Personal Experience

Away from the worry and bustle of the city side, these beaches are a mini escape paradise. Nature shows its wonders and it is best kept a secret.

That is what makes these beaches more special, they are not widely explored. And hence you can absorb the serene environment. There were not many tourists here when we visited the place, as it is pretty underrated. And all of the people there set up a picnic for themselves, had speakers, and enjoyed themselves a lot. 

I also went in the water to reach the caves, and it was a bit cold at first. So, this depends on the time and the month that you’re visiting the beach. 

On the way to the beach, you’ll come across an incredible waterfall called Assaranca Waterfall. There’s not much to see here, but many people stop and take a break to click pictures as the place is surrounded by nature. 

We took some photos and had an amazing time at the waterfall, and also captured the beauty of these caves and made it into a reel, check it out here!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best Time To Visit Maghera Beach & Caves?

Even though the beaches are open at all hours and days, it is advisable to visit them during the low tide to have a safe visit.

I found this great article giving details about Maghera Beach, check it out here.

Is There An Admission Fee To Visit Maghera Beach & Caves?

There is no charge for visiting Maghera Beach & Caves, but there is a fee of €3 for parking.

Can I Swim At Maghera Beach?

No, it is not safe to swim at Maghera Beach because the high tides are unpredictable.

Can I Have A Picnic At Maghera Beach?

Yes! That’s what this place is for! With the right weather, you can have a picture-perfect picnic at these beaches.


Maghera Beach & Caves stand as a mesmerizing testament to nature’s art. Here, everything from the sand to the caves is admirable!

Travellers come to here to explore and are greeted by the peace we all long for.

We had a fantastic time exploring this new place, and I personally loved spending my time here. Please do visit this place if you’re anywhere around it. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Please let me know in the comment section about any other underrated places you’ve discovered in Ireland. Also if you plan to visit Donegal anytime soon, here’s another useful resource to explore unique things to do in Donegal.

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