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Donegal is one of the most unique places in Ireland. Donegal offers a wide range of majestic cliffs, clean beaches, stunning mountains and a long list of adventurous things to do in Donegal.

The entire county has a peaceful and chill vibe that whenever you feel work or life in general starting to get a bit hectic you can just take a weekend off and visit Donegal.

Donegal is the place for nature lovers, it is the place for exploration and adventure. There are so many hidden gems in Donegal that are just waiting to be explored.

Essential Information about Donegal Ireland

What is the best time to visit Donegal?

According to me, The middle of the year is the best time to visit Donegal, as the weather is pleasant and less rainy than the other time of the year. 

Obviously, Tourism will be at its peak around this time so accommodations might be a little more expensive than regular days, but it’s all worth it when you get to explore all the beautiful spots in Donegal.

It is not just the outdoors though, there are plenty of things to do there if you are not the outgoing kind, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants serving delicious food that will make your trip the best staycation! Not to forget The Wild Atlantic Bay is the best road trip to take in the country.

How can you travel around Donegal?

I would always recommend exploring Donegal in a car. A road trip along the wild Atlantic way will be mesmerizing experience and you can always stop at beautiful spots whenever you want. 

A basic hatchback car should cost from 80+ euros a day, depending on its availability, season (peak/off-season) and even how advanced you book. 

I have frequently rented cars from Budget & Europcar for my various trips across Ireland. Both companies are professional and have offered me a great deal couple of times.

What can you expect from Donegal?

Literally numerous things. Donegal has so many things, starting from cliffs to the traditional culture. 

If you think you’re adventurous enough for hiking or scuba diving, trust me, this is the place for you. 

My personal favourites were Slieve leagues, Fanad Head Lighthouse, Secret waterfall & Maghera Beach & Caves.

The incredible landscapes here will amaze you and will surely make you want to extend your trip. Continue reading for mind-blowing landscapes Donegal has to offer

15 Best Things To Do In Donegal

Glenveagh National Park – Second Largest National Park in Ireland

Glenveagh National Park Donegal - Things To Do In Donegal

To the north of the county lies Glenveagh National Park, this 160-kilometre park is the second largest national park in Ireland. 

With majestic, rugged mountains, the 18th-century well-preserved Glenveagh Castle, and the stunning Lough Veagh, the park is one of the best attractions in Donegal. During spring the park gets even prettier and ‘greener’.

Glenveagh Castle is also something that might interest you if you like learning about historical sites. The castle is amazingly built, and every corner holds excellent stories. 

The pleasant atmosphere and beautiful walking trails make Glenveagh one of the top tourist attractions of Donegal. 

If you want to get more information about the incredible beauty, click here to get to my detailed blog.

Slieve League – Popular Tourist Attraction In Donegal

Slieve league in Donegal

The Slieve League or the Sliabh Liag Cliffs are one of the largest cliffs in Europe. Not as famous as their counterpart Cliffs of Moher but just as stunning and gorgeous if not more. 

You can ditch the car and walk up to the very edge of the cliffs that give you an incredible view of the Atlantic. Trust me, Slieve League is definitely a place worth visiting on your trip to County Donegal.

slieve league in donegal

Being a non-hiking person, I was not used to hiking high mountains. I almost felt like giving up every now and then that day. I used to ask every person returning from the top how far is the climb yet. 

All of them had one thing in common to say about this, It is all worth the pain. And trust me, It was indeed very beautiful from the top. 

Hikers love this spot, and there’s a lot for them to explore along the way up here. ‘One Man’s Pass’ is a narrow edge path, and the pictures can never do any justice to the place from up here. 

Trust me when I say, the top things to do in Donegal are visiting Slieve League and having a glimpse of the scenic view.

In case you are thinking of visiting this lovely place, Head on to my blog for a detailed article.

Malin Head – Dramatic Landscapes

Malin head in Donegal

Malin Head was the longest drive for us during the Donegal trip. The place is known mainly for its coastal landscape and beautiful beaches.

Malin head - Things To Do In Donegal

The natural beauty of the site will transcend all your expectations. Check out some of the beautiful shots I could take using my drone.

I read on a couple of sites that If you are lucky with the weather then you might even get to see the Northern Lights, which is one of the adventurous things to do in Donegal.

Malin head donegal

Malin Head has a very mild climate, and thus the weather suits everyone. While walking around, you will also come to many historical sites like The Tower and Hell’s Hole.

If you wanna read more in detail about Malin’s head, Head on to my blog for a detailed article.

Wild Atlantic Way

Wild atlantic drive

Because Journeys are always more beautiful than destinations. Wild Atlantic Way is 1134 kilometres of breathtaking coastal scenery. The drive is one of the best road trips you can take in the world. Starting from Ireland’s most northerly point, the drive offers the country’s most beautiful and unspoiled landscapes.

Taking this drive means you cover half of the places on my list, from Malin Head to the Fanad Lighthouse and Tory Island to the Slieve League Cliffs. 

Long drive, good music, breath-taking landscapes, and all of this with some of your favourite people, I think it’s definitely a win! What do you think?

Portsalon Beach – Blissful Beach Of Donegal

portsalon beach in donegal

Donegal is jam-packed with beautiful beaches, and the one that stands out the most out of all of them is Poartsalon Beach. 

An entire mile of golden sandy bliss that will most definitely melt all your worries away. The Observer had even called it the second-best beach in the world.

After a fulfilling trip to Donegal’s top tourist attractions, you might want to relax for a bit, and this has to be your spot. You will have a calming time here, take some beer with you, and have a fun time with your friends.

Fanad Head – Lighthouse you wouldn’t want to miss!

Fanad head lighthouse in donegal

Arguably one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world is the Fanad Head. There is no doubt why it’s one of the most visited places on the Wild Atlantic Way. 

It would be best if you took the time to truly appreciate the picturesque scenery and the surrounding natural beauty, sitting atop the list of places to visit in Donegal.

Malin head donegal

I had absolute fun visiting this lighthouse, as you can see from my drone shots, the view is simply terrific. What do you think about this?

Interesting Fact: Fanad Head has survived a couple of lightning strikes.

You should definitely include this place in your Donegal bucket list. Head on to my blog for a detailed article.

Mount Errigal – Tallest Peak in the Country

Mount Errigal Donegal

The tallest peak in the county, Mount Errigal, is without a doubt the emblem of Donegal. Part of the Derryveagh Mountains, the 751m mountain towers over the greenery covering it, making it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Donegal.

It is known for hiking with an elevation gain of 500m which takes just over 2 hours to complete. Before the climb, you can explore the low boglands filled with luscious greens all around.

Tory Island

Tory island Ireland

Just off the Donegal coast is the mythical Tory Island. It is truly one of the unique places, filled with history and local folklore. The residents even elect a king that is essentially the community’s spokesperson who personally welcomes all the visitors to the island.

A boat trip to the island is the hidden gem of Donegal. Visitors to the island can have fun doing adventurous activities like scuba diving, and rock climbing and can even enjoy the traditional music and dolphin watching.

There are a gazillion things to do in Donegal and these were just a small number of them keep reading for many more mind-boggling places to visit and things to do in Donegal.

Downings Beach 

Downings Beach Donegal

Downings Beach is located in front of the village Downings, on Donegal’s Rosguill Peninsula. It is undoubtedly a breezy beach in Donegal. This is only one of the reasons why this beach is always on the list of places to visit in Donegal.

Downings beach in donegal

Downings is a Blue Flag-recognized beach and has all the amenities you’d expect for a family day at the beach. In addition, it’s an excellent spot for some basic water sports, and many tourists do not know the place, so you will have almost the whole beach by yourself.

We had a great time here If you wish to visit this beach. Click here to read a detailed article.

Glenevin Waterfall

Glenevin waterfall in donegal

On the Inishowen Peninsula, 2 kilometres north of the Clonmany hamlet, sits the beautiful Glenevin Waterfall. The trek from the entrance to the waterfall is about a kilometre long and is mostly uphill. 

Before you round the final bend, the sounds of falling water welcome you, and then you will be able to have a look at this fantastic waterfall. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Donegal Ireland.

Click here to get to my blog for a detailed article. 


letterkenny donegal

Letterkenny is a lively town with a lot of history and fun night-outs. You can explore the city’s majestic cathedral’s exquisite architecture and enjoy it at the pubs with your friends.

It offers the ideal combination of nature, culture, and exciting nightlife. In addition, it is a rapidly growing community with numerous housing developments under construction. It is one of the excellent places to visit in Donegal.

I have a detailed article written for travellers interested in exploring Letterkenny. Click here to get a list of things to do in Letterkenny.

Maghera Beach – My Personal Recommendation

Maghera Beach in donegal

I believe Maghera Beach is the most beautiful beach in Donegal. A parking park is located near the shore, and the caves are a short 200-meter walk away. 

Here you get to see beautiful caves spread across the beach. When I visited this place, It was available to just us. So imagine the fun we had!

Maghera beach

The tides here are very unpredictable, so you have to be cautious and keep a check on the tide before going on the beach. According to me, it is among the most alluring and beautiful places to visit in Donegal Ireland.

Maghera beach in donegal

Click here for a detailed visitors guide on Maghera Beach and caves.

Murder Hole Beach – Mysterious Beach of Ireland

Murder hole beach in donegal

Murder Hole Beach is a small beach on Donegal’s north shore. It is widely recognized as one of Donegal’s and Ireland’s most beautiful and unique beaches. 

Along the Wild Atlantic Way, Murder Hole Beach is a wonderful hidden gem. I suggest you visit this beach, as you will surely have an amazing time as it is one of the finest beaches and one of the most aesthetic places to visit in Donegal Ireland.

Click here for a detailed visitor guide on Murder Hole Beach.

Secret Waterfall – Mysterious Tourist Attraction

Secret waterall in largy donegal

Before I start, It’s very well worth it. Trust me! The secret waterfall IS inside a cave, so you’ll have to walk up there on some stones and a bit of cold water. The waterfall is so beautiful and in a fantastic picturesque location. Don’t miss out on this one.

Head on to my blog to get a detailed guide on Secret Waterfall in Donegal.

Assaranca Waterfall

Assaranca  waterfall donegal

We did not plan to visit this waterfall, and we saw it on our way to Maghera Beach. Assaranca Waterfall is a good place to stop by while driving to Maghera Beach and the caves.

You can view the site and enjoy it for a couple of minutes.

Head on to my blog for a detailed guide on Assaranca Waterfall in Donegal.


National Geographic had deemed County Donegal as the ‘coolest’ place to visit in 2017. If the guys who learn about the world tell you that a site is the coolest place in the world, you best believe it (and visit it)! Comment below and tell me what you think is Donegal’s best place to visit.

And while you’re at it, you can also visit Sligo, one of the unique places in Ireland. It is near Donegal, and both of the sites combined will end up in a wonderful 2- or 3-days trip. 

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