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Mizen Head is an incredible destination located in West Cork. You can easily head here during your trip to the Wild Atlantic Way. The view from up here is majestic, and you will indeed have an amazing time here. Mizen Head is also famous for its wildflower and wildlife, like dolphins, whales, seals, etc. From Visitor’s Centre to the magnificent Footbridge, everything about this place is fun and mesmerizing at the same time.

Here’s a complete guide for you to explain to you every little detail about your trip to Mizen Head:

Amazing Things to do in Mizen Head

Visit Mizen Head Museum

Mizen Head Bridge - West Cork Ireland.

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Photo By: Karan Lathia

Mizen Head Signal Station was designed to save lives from the huge rocks at Ireland’s most south-westerly point. It is located five miles from Goleen and is now a famous tourist attraction in Mizen Head, Cork. Take the 99 steps to the famous arched Mizen Head Bridge, which is a must-see for any tourist.

This award-winning Maritime Museum and Heritage Attraction is a must-see all-weather experience with its breathtaking location on high cliffs and swirling Atlantic Ocean tides, the pictures can never do any justice to the beauty of this place. The Signal Station is a ten-minute walk from the Visitor Center.

Mizen head lighthouse in west cork Ireland. Travel guide for mizen head cork.
Mizen Head Lighthouse | Photo – Getty Images

Mizen is known for its wildflowers and wildlife sightings, including dolphins, whales, seals, gannets, kittiwakes, and choughs.

This place will give you some unforgettable memories. I think you should definitely visit the museum; you’ll indeed have a fantastic time there.

Mizen Head and West Cork

Mizen Head and West Cork are very near to each other, so the people who want to explore it in a short period are often recommended to plan the trip for West Cork along with Mizen Head. As both, the places are so beautiful and have many things to do so you might need a little help with sorting out the top attractions.

Don’t worry; we got you covered. You can have a detailed travel guide about West Cork; click here.

Relax At Barleycove Beach, Schull

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Barleycove Beach is known as one of West Cork’s best beaches. The natural beauty of the area surrounding Barleycove is prevalent during the summer months, so that is the best time to visit this site.

The consequences of the Lisbon earthquake in 1755 produced the sand dunes at Barleycove. Because of the variety of wildlife and exciting habitats found in the sand dunes, the European Union has designated the beach as a Special Area of Conservation.

Are you also a beach lover? If yes, then you don’t even need to think twice to plan your trip to this gorgeous beach in the west cork. You will have the best peaceful time here.

Additional Travel Related Information For Mizen Head

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Photo By: Karan Lathia

How do you get to Mizen Head?

The best way to get to Mizen Head is by private car, but some bus tours also stop at this Wild Atlantic Way attraction. There is a large free parking lot in front of the Visitor’s Center when you arrive. So, don’t worry about parking at Mizen Head.

On the location, tickets for the Visitor’s Centre and the signal station can be bought on the spot, and all my fellow friends who live nearby and are planning a day trip or a one-day trip then trust me this has to be the best stop. All of the paths are paved and well-kept. Still, anyone planning to walk out to the signal station should wear durable shoes because I know how important it is for you to explore the place thoroughly. Still, at such sites, you might not want to take any risk and so to fully enjoy the time, wear a comfortable pair of footwear.

How far is Mizen Head from Cork?

Mizen Head and Cork are 2 hours apart, which means it is a pretty long distance. Well, there are three options by which you can travel from Cork to Mizen Head- Bus, Taxi or Private or Rented Car. You can also get a train and travel, but I personally won’t recommend that because taking a train for a 2-hour journey, you will miss the scenic fun of the drive.

Click here for more details on travel bookings.

Cork City Tours

You have some options for the city tours where they have different kinds of packages for covering your trip with all the best travel spots. If you’re completely new to the place and want to explore it from the roots, this can be the best option for you.

They have many options, and thus you can suit whatever package you want according to your budget and time in the city.

Due to the pandemic and lockdown restrictions, they might be unavailable right now, so to get updated information keep a check on their official site.

Click here to check the packages for the Cork City Tours.


I hope that this guide was helpful to you and provided some useful insight about the Mizen Head. If I did miss any important detail that you can share with other readers, please feel free to comment down and I shall update the blog if required.

Trust me Mizen head is an amazing place for a day’s trip and don’t waste your time guessing and plan your trip to this fantastic tourist spot in West Cork.

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