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Mumbai is a city where diverse cultures and flavours have given birth to a food lover’s paradise. Restaurants in Mumbai are the best place to experience and explore diversity in this vibrant country.

Here we uncover the best restaurants that honour the bustling streets of this city. From fine-dining establishments to street-side shops serving local delicacies, Mumbai boasts experiences that cater to every palate.

I have stayed in this city for decades, and through the years got a hold of restaurants and eateries that serve the tongue and mind alike. So trust me and explore this list of 20 Amazing Restaurants in Mumbai!

Top 20 Restaurants In Mumbai That Will Amaze You!

The Table, Colaba

The Table is one of the upmarket & popular restaurants in Mumbai. The ambience radiates romance, and food brings bliss. The place has a large staircase area and is well-draped with filmy curtains.

  • Location: Appolo Bunder Marg, Nariman Point
  • Menu: Click here
  • Best Dishes: Taglierini Pasta and Zucchini Spaghetti

Masala Library, Bandra

Masala Library - Restaurant in Mumbai

The Masala Library is one of the rich and calm restaurants. This is one of the restaurants in Mumbai which have its very own fusion cuisine with gallant serving to have veg and non-veg.

  • Location: Bandra Kurla Complex
  • Menu: Click here.
  • Best Dishes: Bhindi Jaipuri and Maska Buns

Koishii, Lower Parel


The Koishii is one of the great Restaurants in Mumbai that serve the most exquisite flavours of Japan and Peru along with everything a person would crave. The restaurant is decorated with huge chandeliers giving a classy vibe.

  • Location: Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
  • Menu: Click here.
  • Best Dishes: Crispy Prawns and Goma Salad

Asilo, Lower Parel


Asilo is known to be the romantic centre if you are looking for a dinner by the stars. Known to have the best Rooftop experiences with the perfect Backdrop of the Mumbai skyline and excellent food from Starters to cocktails. 

  • Location: Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel
  • Best Dishes: Chocolate Volcano and Scallops
  • Menu: Click here.

Peshwa Pavilion, Chakala

Peshwa Pavilion

The Peshwa Pavilion is an Italian restaurant in Mumbai which embraces Mumbai’s tradition by flaunting the understated elegance and the obvious beauty of the restaurant.

The restaurant has a great deal of keeping it simple yet classy. They offer exquisite wine and multiple seating options. Also, dubbed as one of the best restaurants in Mumbai for family-quality dine-out. 

  • Location: Sahar Airport Road, Chakala
  • Best Dishes: Dinner Buffet and Sunday Brunch
  • Menu: Click here.

Global Fusion, Bandra West

Global Fusion

The Global Fusion might become your next favourite with its enchanting views of the vast ocean, shimmering lights and greetings through the wall-to-wall windows which makes it one of the upmarket and popular restaurants in Mumbai that you can’t say no to.

  • Location: Linking Road, Bandra West
  • Best Dishes: Prawn Wafers and Mango Shots
  • Menu: Click here.

Indigo Delicatessen, Kurla

Indigo Delicatessen

Then Indigo Delicatessen is just the right restaurant for you, the place is filled with a chic ambience decorated just like a dream luxurious house one wishes for.

  • Location: Bandra Kurla Complex
  • Best Dishes: Sandwiches, Salads and Pasta
  • Mneu: Click here.

Fable, Juhu


Fable is one of the most famous restaurants in Mumbai, the place has an eye for a luxurious, earthy dining area with a bright and airy alfresco section, complete with picket fences, street lights, and a whitewashed interior section with tables set close to each other.

  • Location: Vithal Nagar, Juhu
  • Best Dishes: Warm Apple Pie
  • Menu: Click here.

Tanatan, Shivaji Nagar


Tanatan is Located in Juhu and is known to be one of the prettiest restaurants in Mumbai. Having the perfect amount of Music played to the energy of the crowd serving the best-tasting dishes at every table. 

  • Location: Shivaji Nagar, Dadar Shivaji Park
  • Best Dishes: Mutton Pepper Fry and Sandesh
  • Menu: Click here.

Tresind, Bandra


Bandra is known for its luxury and the best nightlife and offers restaurants such as Trèsind. The restaurant has long chairs pulled up on tables to make it look sophisticated, which goes in line with the quality of the food served.

  • Location: Bandra Kurla Complex
  • Best Dishes: Amouse Bouche and Passion Fruit Drink
  • Menu: Click here.

Romano’s, Chakala


Romano’s Is known to be one of the award-winning Italian restaurants in Mumbai. It offers Music, home-style meals, a decorated ambience and delicacy at your feet! The restaurant uses the organic freshest ingredients in great filled quantities to give a rustic, authentic, chic place of all time.

  • Location: IA Project Road, Chakala
  • Best Dishes: Negroni and Spinach Ravioli
  • Menu: Click here.

San Marzano, Kandivali

San Marazano

Love pizza? Who doesn’t! Pizza lives rent-free in every foodie’s heart, San Marzano makes sure we go there more than once.  I have visited this place and I would just say, go for it! The pizzas we ordered were so cheesy and tempting. They also have many food challenges such as the Hulk Pizza challenge.

  • Location: Mahaveer Nagar, Kandivali West
  • Best Dishes: Margherita Pizza and Wrap
  • Menu: Click here.

Zaika Crave Aquaria, Borivali

Zaika Crave Aquaria

The Zaika Crave Aquaria is known for its cosy live music which blends well with the ambience and the all-white interior decorated with beautifully spotted greenery. The food is prepared with love and the flavours are amusing.

  • Location: Devidas Lane, Borivali West
  • Best Dishes: Goan Prawn Curry and Paneer Pahadi
  • Menu: Click here.

San Qi, Worli

San Qi

San Qi is among the well-polished restaurants in Mumbai. The eatery offers refined Asian delicacies amid glass-enclosed wine racks & soaring windows which adds to the perfect vibe. There is a bar section beside the sitting area which turns into a club!

  • Location: E Moses Road, Worli
  • Best Dishes: Maki Roll and Wasabi Prawns
  • Menu: Click here.

The Sahib Room & Kipling Bar, Lower Parel

The Sahib Room & Kipling Bar

The Sahib Room & Kipling Bar is among the restaurants in Mumbai that offer the most perfect North Indian and Lucknowi cuisine. The ratio of everything is just perfect, dishes are prepared true to authentic taste.

  • Location: Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
  • Best Dishes: Subzani Paneer Tikka and Lucknowi Seekh Kebab
  • Menu: Click here.

Autograph Fine Dine, Andheri

Autograph Fine Dine

Autograph Fine Dine is a place I have visited a lot of times, partially for its ambience at first since there are Balloons stuck up on the ceiling, with golden warm dimmed lights all over your long table and calming music in the background.

  • Location: Andheri East, Asalpha
  • Best Dishes: Pizza and Noodles
  • Menu: Click here.

Hakkasan, Bandra


Hakkasan Mumbai is Located in the party place itself! Bandra West and this restaurant are particularly famous for Chinese food. The ambience of the place is top-notch! It has a huge bar area with friendly bartenders and one of the most zesty food amongst restaurants in Mumbai.

  • Location: Near Linking Road, Bandra West
  • Best Dishes: Pak Choi Dumplings and Vanilla Creme Brulee
  • Menu: Click here.

The Melting Pot, Juhu

The Melting Pot

Melting Pot has got everything you might need and more! This restaurant has a soothing ambience, great for family gatherings. They have tons of food choices and top-notch service, which just makes it all perfect for a satisfying dining experience.

  • Location: Tara Road, Juhu
  • Best Dishes: Kung Pao Potato and Chicken Handi
  • Menu: Click here.

Stacks And Racks, Malad


Stacks And Racks offer a huge space with unique decor and country music which goes in line with the food. Want to Go to the mall? Well, this Restaurant has got the vibe of a mall with a huge indoor space. 

The diner follows an eccentric style of decor and chic setting, With views over the garden & swimming pool, this hotel restaurant specialises in Italian cooking. Everything just looks fun around the restaurant, only if it’s not so crowded. 

  • Location: Link Road, Malad West
  • Best Dishes: Bacon Poutine and Calamari Fry
  • Menu: Click here.

Wasabi by Morimoto, Colaba

Wasabi by Morimoto

The Wasabi restaurant is one of the richest restaurants in Mumbai called for its delicious food and the impeccable taste of the chef. The restaurant specialises in Japanese cuisine served with sophistication and love.

  • Location: Apollo Bunder, Colaba
  • Best Dishes: Ramen Soup
  • Menu: Click here.


In conclusion, Mumbai has a diverse and vibrant dining scene that caters to every palate and preference. The city’s best restaurants are compiled here in this article for you to try out.

These restaurants give you a memorable visit and in an ambience to make you feel the vibe and devour the delicacies perfectly.

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