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Maranello is a small town in northern Italy best known for being the birthplace of one of the world’s most luxurious automobiles, the Ferrari. To be honest, Ferrari is the highlight of this whole town and you will recognise it as soon as you step into it. Also there are so many other exciting things to do in Maranello in Italy.

Ferrari in Maranello

If you are a supercar or a Ferrari fan, then this town in Italy is a must-visit. You can do a lot here and ride a real Ferrari. What a dream come true moment for us!

We visited this town especially to explore the Ferrari museum in Maranello and it was one of the best things to do in Maranello. Continue reading to know more about Maranello and its tourist attractions.

Best Things to do in Maranello in 2022

Ferrari Museo in Maranello

Museo Ferrari

If we are talking about Maranello, it has got to start with the Ferrari Museum. This place is the highlight of the whole town. People usually think museums are boring places, but this one is an exception.

Ferrari Museum| Maranello|

Here you have a lot of things to do and a lot to learn. The museum is filled with some great models of Ferrari, along with the first Ferrari ever made to the modern models.

My highlight of the museum was definitely the F1 racing car. They are so cool to look at from first-hand experience. That will really make you wish you were a car racer too. A must on a car enthusiast’s list of things to do in Maranello.

F1 cars in Museo Maranello

You will see different kinds of Ferraris, and there is a lot of information written about them to know more.

Ferrari F1 Stimulation Experience

One of my favourite things that I did in Maranello was the Ferrari F1 Driving Simulation. You can ride a simulation F1 Ferrari for 7 minutes. It’s a visual stimulus, but it’s almost the same as riding on the tracks.

The cost of the Ferrari F1 simulation in the Maranello Museum is €25. You can check out my experience here.

Ferrari F1 Simulation

Those seven minutes were definitely the most thrilling I have ever had. And God, the Ferrari hype is completely justified. I can’t wait for the day I can drive an actual one.

If you are visiting the museum, do give this simulation a try!

Ferrari Factory

Once you have seen the furnished cool cars, you can also have a quick peek at how they are made. Just a few metres away from the museum, there is a Ferrari factory where the actual car is made.

Ferrari Museum

You don’t have to hustle much to get there. You can simply buy a Ferrari bus ticket, and you will have a good panoramic view of the whole factory.

You will see a few parts of the Ferrari-making procedures, such as the assembling and fitting in of the engine. It is a great experience to see the whole factory, which is definitely humongous.

Take Pictures in the Ferrari

You can also get a cool picture to show off in front of your car fan friends with the Ferrari. For a small amount, you can hop in a real Ferrari and get a picture with it.

Things to do in Maranello|

The pictures are clicked by professional photographers and you will get the print in a few minutes in whichever size you prefer. So don’t forget to take a good click on your living room wall.

Ducati Museum

Are you a bike fan? I’ve got you covered too. Ducati, like Ferrari, has a fantastic museum where you can see numerous Ducati models.


You can learn about the different models of bikes. I actually ride some of the racing bikes, which is a great feeling indeed.

There is also a shop from where you can buy some great Ducati merchandise and clothing, and I have to admit, the jackets are my personal favourite.


I know that everyone dreams of slipping into one of these supercars and driving them with Tokyo Drift playing in the background once in a lifetime. That is possible, but your dreams will most likely come true for a limited time.

Things to do in Maranello|

Through pushstart, you can really drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini on legit roads. You can race and drive around on tracks.

It is a totally different experience to drive a real supercar on the road. You will be charged based on the time and the model you select for the drive.

Visit a Cafe

First, I was going to mention a specific cafe, but one thing I liked about Maranello was that every cafe was great.

Things to do in Ferrari Museum|

I enjoyed the vibe, and the food was simply delicious. And when I say food in Italy, for me, it is definitely pizza. Coffee and pizza are must-tries here.

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Maranello is actually a simple town beside the Ferrari museum and factory, but it is worth exploring. The whole experience is different and something that is exclusive to this town only. Hope you liked the amazing list of things to do in maranello Italy.

Tell me if you would like to visit the Maranello Ferrari museum or not. Also, comment on your favourite place in Italy.

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