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Vienna is the most popular and beautiful city in Austria. It is also the capital and the smallest state in the country. There are tons of Top-Rated things to do in Vienna, From baroque architecture, and historic buildings to art museums throughout the centuries, Vienna is the epitome of culture.

Things to do in Vienna in Austria

Vienna also has a ton of things to do and see, along with the museums. If you’re planning a trip to Vienna, here is a list of places you should definitely add to your list. 

Visit The Schonbrünn Palace

The Schonbrünn palace is the cultural world heritage site of Vienna. If you want a taste of the imperial lifestyle, this is the place to go. The palace and its details will leave you awestruck. The gardens that surround the Schonbrünn palace bring out the sense of Baroque art too.

Schonbrünn palace

The Schonbrünn palace and gardens are one of the most well-preserved heritage sites in all of Vienna, and they serve as a recreational site for the tourists and residents of Vienna. If you want to explore the Schonbrünn palace and the gardens further, you can take a guided tour.

Marvel At The Hofburg

The Hofburg used to be the residence of the Habsburg dynasty. This Imperial Palace is one of the largest palace complexes in the world. Today, it houses museums, gardens and monuments, thus making it one of the most visited places in the city. It is one of the most popular things to do in Vienna.

Hofburg palace

The Hofburg Palace itself is an architectural wonder. In addition to that, you can visit the Spanish Riding School, the Imperial Treasury (which holds relics, crown jewels and items that were owned by the Habsburg dynasty) and several museums including the house of Austrian history. The gardens include the green Burggarten and the Volksgarten. 

Walk Around The Albertina Art Museum

The Albertina Art museum is one of the most popular museums in Vienna. With a print room that houses around 65000 drawings and about a million old prints, this museum is one to see.

In addition to the spectacular print room, the Albertina art museum has works of modern graphics, architecture sketches and photography.

Albertina Art museum

The Albertina art museum has works covering popular names like Monet and Picasso. It is a place where creativity shines. You can watch the several art shows, exhibitions and art displays they have.

The Albertina art museum houses a perfect blend of modern art. It is historical and has an imperial tone to it, thus making it one of the top things to do in Vienna.

Explore The Vienna Zoo

The Vienna Zoo is frequently called “the world’s most beautiful zoo”. With over 700 species, this place is perfect for a visit with your friends and family. From giant pandas to orangutans, to rattlesnakes and hippos, this zoo has got animals from all over the world. You’ll learn so much about the animal kingdom.

Leopard at Vienna Zoo

Since the animals have been brought to Vienna from countries around the globe, the Vienna zoo has created a habitat enclosure for the animals, so they feel right at home.

They’ve got conservation projects for animals in danger too. Visiting the Vienna zoo is an educational and interesting experience.

Watch A Performance At Vienna State Opera

With performances of the highest calibre and new courses every day, the Vienna State Opera is one of the top opera houses. Firstly, the architecture here is beautiful. Its magnificent architecture makes it a dream place to perform and watch a show at.

Vienna State Opera

From Mozart orchestras to flute performances, and ballet renditions to concerts, the Vienna State Opera has a wide rand of performance styles. If you’re looking for things to do in Vienna, you must watch a show put up by the Vienna state opera. 

Natural History Museum- An Exciting History Lesson

The Natural History Museum in Vienna is one of the largest museums and research institutions in the country. The Vienna Natural history museum has multiple aims.

At the Natural history museum, they research, expand, preserve and present the impressive collection across various subjects. From archaeology to biology and earth sciences to anthropology, the Natural history museum is highly recommended when it comes to things to do in Vienna.

Natural history museum

It is like a history lesson that has come to life. The museum houses over 30 million objects across the mentioned subjects, and you’ll definitely learn a lot of new things during your visit here. The museum also seeks to contribute towards sustainable development through its various programmes. 

Wine Tasting In The Beautiful Vineyards

Wine tasting is one of those things on your tourist checklist that you should tick off. Austria produces some of the best wine in the country and Vienna plays a major role in this.

With vineyards spanning kilometres, you’ll be able to expand your knowledge and palate when it comes to wine.

Vineyards in Vienna

The Wachau Valley, which is the countryside and a little away from Vienna has some great wine tours. Along with wine tasting and yours, you can also take a bike tour around the vineyards. 

Visit The Leopold Museum

Five decades went by in collecting the aspects of the Leopold Museum in Vienna. Located in the Museums Quartier, it is one of the most visited museums in the city.

With paintings from different eras, the journey of art is seen clearly. The birth of Modernism is something that is displayed here. The museum houses hundreds of masterworks from the realm of Austrian Modern Art.

Leopold museum

With three floors, the Leopold museum contains around 1300 exhibits. If you’re someone who’s passionate about art or wants to know more about this creative universe, the Leopold museum is a place you should consider putting on your list.

Visit St Stephen’s Cathedral

St Stephen’s cathedral is one of the most important structures of Gothic architecture in Vienna. Construction began as early as the 12th century, so its been here for a long time. The cathedral itself is 107.2 metres long.

One of the most known structures at the St Stephen’s cathedral, which is the Pummerin Bell is 68.3 metres long. From the tower room, you can get a beautiful view of Vienna city.

St Stephen's Cathedral

The roof of the cathedral has a display of a double-headed eagle and a coat of arms, which were made with colourful tiles.

Relics decorated in white and gold, precious stones and important texts and books are some things you’ll find in the cathedral, aside from the magnificent altars and chapels. The interior of St Stephen’s cathedral has been constantly changed through the centuries, but it has been truly wonderful every time.

View The City From The Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

A Ferris wheel is one of the best places to get a panoramic view of the city, and Vienna has got its very own. From St Stephen’s cathedral to the Schonbrünn palace, you’ll get to see some of the most important places in the city, from a height.

The breathtaking views of the roof of Vienna show you the city from a different perspective.

Giant Ferris Wheel in Vienna

This Giant Ferris wheel is a symbol of Vienna and is one of the most interesting structures in the country. The Giant Ferris wheel in Vienna is something you must add to your list of things to do in Vienna, as you will experience a wonderful view of the city.

Have A Meal At Das LOFT restaurant 

The Das LOFT restaurant is one of Vienna’s most popular restaurants. Located on the 18th floor of SO/ Vienna, this restaurant has got all of the elements- food, the view and art.

With stunning views of the city of Vienna from the glass windows, this makes for the perfect setting as you explore their gourmet dishes. In addition to the food, Das LOFT appeals to wine enthusiasts too.

Their wine cellar is four metres high, and it’s got some of the finest wines from Austria as well as the rest of the world. Contemporary art is also something Das LOFT has mastered.

The ceiling is designed by multimedia artist Pipilotti Rist. This bright ceiling offers a contrast to the clean and simple interior of the restaurant. Dining at the Das LOFT will be an unforgettable meal for you. 

Visit The Sigmund Freud Museum

Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist, who came up with the concept of psychoanalysis. His work in the subject of psychology has been quite integral as well as controversial.

The Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna is where Freud worked for 47 years, before fleeing from the Nazis in 1938.

Sigmund Freud museum

This museum is popularly known as the birthplace of the concept of psychoanalysis. Today, the Sigmund Freud museum shows Freud’s practice.

With exhibitions providing an overview of his life, as well as showings on the connection between psychoanalysis and surrealism, this museum is an interesting one to visit. 

Take A Helicopter Tour

In addition to having an aerial view of Vienna from the giant Ferris wheel, a helicopter ride is another way to look at this beautiful city.

Vienna has a number of helicopter services that offer you tours of the city from a higher perspective. From the air, you’ll get to see some of Vienna’s landmarks, including St Stephen’s cathedral and the Schonbrünn palace.

Aerial View of Vienna

In addition to that, you’ll be able to see some of the surrounding areas of Vienna, and the stunning scenery. A helicopter tour is definitely one of the most unique and interesting ways to tour a city that is as interesting as Vienna. 

Visit St Peter’s Catholic Church

St Peter’s Catholic Church, locally called “Peterskirche” is one of the lesser-known churches in Vienna.

Nevertheless, it is just as beautiful. Located in the centre of Petersplatz square, it is surrounded by historic buildings that were built a couple of centuries ago. The oval-shaped dome, with high altars and small chapels, makes this church extremely charming.

St Peter's Catholic Church

It is not a cathedral, but the influence of Baroque architecture is still evident. The colours and designs inside the church will amaze you. Ornamental designs are all over the church, just like a kaleidoscope. This is truly a very unique church and one you must consider visiting on your trip to Vienna. 

DEMEL Pastry Shop and Chocolaterie- For Some Coffee And A Sweet Treat

DEMEL is “A Viennese Fairytale”. It is the home of some of the finest pastries, chocolates and coffee in all of Austria. Established in 1786, the DEMEL has made a name for itself as a cultural and culinary institution. The traditional Viennese coffee house is the perfect place to get away from reality for a bit.

Viennese Coffee

In addition to the decadent pastries and aromatic coffee, this place is full of history and culture. They also take custom orders, for events like weddings or other grand events. Traditional Bundt cakes, tea biscuits and the most indulgent chocolates- your sweet tooth will surely be satisfied at the DEMEL.  

Bask In The Adventure Of The Prater Amusement Park

Almost everybody loves a little bit of adventure, and the Prater amusement park in Vienna is just the place for that. With over 250 attractions, it is a great place to enjoy yourself. From roller coasters to aeroplane simulators, and ghost trains to indoor skydiving, you’re sure to have an amazing time.

Prater amusement park

There are more than fifty cafes and restaurants where you can take breaks and recharge. The Prater amusement park is also home to the Giant Ferris wheel, one of Vienna’s most popular attractions. When it comes to adventurous things to do in Vienna, The Prater is on top.

Visit Belvedere Palace And Museum 

The Belvedere palace and museum is one of Vienna’s best examples of Baroque art and architecture. It is divided into two palaces- upper Belvedere and lower Belvedere, and each of these has its own things to see. Upper Belvedere houses Gustav Klimt’s 24 painting collection, including “The Kiss” and “Judith”. In the other room of Upper Belvedere, works from periods of the middle ages and classicism are displayed.

Belvedere palace and museum

Inter-war and post-war also produced a lot of art, and this is shown here too. Lower Belvedere, on the other hand, is all about the gardens. A reflecting pool reflects the building’s structure, adding to the magnificence. The Alpine garden here is the oldest one in Europe. 

Visit Kunsthistorisches Museum

The Kunsthistorisches museum, which is one of the many museums of Vienna, is an art museum with an elaborate collection. It houses artworks from a number of centuries, starting from ancient Egypt to the late 18th century. Renaissance and Baroque art pieces are particularly famous here.

Kunsthistorisches museum

In addition to art from centuries ago, the Kunsthistorisches also holds the imperial crown. This treasured crown is made with gold, pearls and precious stones. The work of this crown will leave you stunned. The Kunsthistorisches is truly a great place for art lovers, and you must add it to your list of things to do in Vienna. 

The Vienna Naschmarkt- For Fresh Produce

The Vienna Naschmarkt is one of the best-known markets in Vienna. Flea and farmers’ markets are some of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle and cuisine. The Naschmarkt has around 120 stands, as well well as restaurants offering a range of cuisines from all over the world. The fresh produce, like fruits, vegetables, cheeses and bread will give you an insight into the local cuisine of Vienna.

Vienna Naschmarkt

Another plus point is that there’s free wifi at the Naschmarkt, so you can browse while you shop. Restaurants, wine bars, cafes with cosy atmospheres and trendy places to eat at the Naschmarkt has got it all. Another one of the biggest reasons to visit the Vienna Naschmarkt is the weekly flea market, held on Saturdays.

Perplex Yourself At The Museum Of Illusions

The Museum of illusions in Vienna is a fascinating place. With the multiple attractions, each one of them will challenge your mind in a new way. One of the most popular elements is the votes tunnel. You’ll feel like you’re in a rotating cylinder, and it’ll be hard to maintain your balance. The catch, however, is that you’re actually on a flat surface.

Other interesting rooms include an upside-down room, a kaleidoscope room and a titles room. Illusions are the stars of the museum of illusions in Vienna. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Vienna

Where is Vienna?

Vienna is located in the European country of Austria. 

Why is Vienna famous?

Vienna is famous for multiple reasons, including its art and architecture. It is called the “city of music” and also called the “city of dreams”.

What is the language spoken in Vienna?

German is the predominant language spoken in Vienna. 

How many days does one need in Vienna?

Three to Four days are adequate to hit the popular spots in Vienna. 

Is it safe to walk around Vienna?

Several people travel by foot around Vienna. There are many walking trails that are safe and will let you explore the city at your pace. 

If you are going to Vienna, you might want to explore the rest of Austria too. Here is a guide to some of the best things to do in Austria. 

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A trip to Vienna will certainly be a memorable one, and you’ll learn so much about the city’s history and culture. Vienna has a good mix of art, amusement, food and nature and this makes the city a very popular holiday destination. 

Are you currently planning a trip to Vienna? What do you want to see in this city? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you guys. 

Until then, I’ll see you soon. Have a great day!

20 Fun & Unusual Things To Do In Vienna In 2023

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