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If you’re someone who loves to travel, you’ve either been to Italy or it is a country that is on your bucket list. And, why wouldn’t it be? Delicious food, stunning landscapes and extensive history- Italy is an amazing place to visit. And you are probably wondering what is the best time to visit Italy!

While planning a trip, it is important to look at the off-seasons and peak seasons of the place. With that said, here is the best time to visit Italy, for a memorable trip.

What Is The Best Times To Visit Italy 

Spring in Italy 

In the spring, the flowers are blooming, the temperatures are rising and everything is open for business after the winter season. Spring in Italy also brings the Easter weekend. A number of activities, events and celebrations surrounding this time make Spring in Italy enjoyable.

Italy in Spring season

You may experience a shower of rain occasionally, but this only adds to the wonderful weather. In May, which is the “month of the rose”, the gardens are in full bloom. Spring season in Italy is an average magical and pleasant experience. 

Autumn in Italy

The Fall or Autumn season is also one of the best times to visit Italy. It comes right after the peak of the summer season, so you won’t have to deal with a million tourists everywhere. What’s more, is that this is the harvest season in Italy.

Italy in AUtumn season

The countryside is adorned with several colours and crops and food festivals are in full swing. The fall months also bring in some chilly days, so it is better to visit Italy earlier during this season.

Now, these seasons, being the peak seasons are also the most expensive ones. However, the summers are extremely hot and the winters are cold. Thus, the Spring and autumn seasons are the best times to visit Italy. 

Now that you’ve decided when to go to Italy, here is a list of places you must explore in Italy. 

Popular Destinations In Italy

The Colosseum 

It wouldn’t really be a piece about Italy without talking about one of its most historic attractions, the Colosseum. Located in Rome, this is an amphitheatre made of stone concrete and tuff.

Colosseum in italy

The colosseum has a long history associated with the Roman Empire. It is one of those must-do things when you visit Italy. 

Colosseum Italy

Here is a detailed travel guide on Colosseum to get more information.

The Florence Cathedral 

Located in Florence and dedicated to “Santa Maria del Fiore”, the Florence Cathedral is a great example of gothic architecture in Italy. It is locally known as the “Duomo”.

Florence, Italy

With a long history and a fascinating interior, this place is a great one to put on your list. The Florence cathedral contains the works of several artists and sculptors. Giotto’s bell Tower is also located here. 

Here is a detailed travel guide to get more information on Florence Cathedral.

Uffizi Gallery 

The Uffizi Gallery of Florence is one of the most prominent art museums in all of Italy. The gallery contains the works of artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Giotto and Rafaello. A large part of the art in this gallery is from the period of the 12th century to the 17th century.

Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy

It is one of the most visited museums in the world. You can book Uffizi Gallery tours in order to understand the place better. 

Amalfi Coast 

The Amalfi Coast of Italy is probably one of the most memorable destinations in this country. It is on the southern coast of Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Amalfi Coast is the epitome of a perfect Mediterranean landscape and there are so many things to explore here.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

You can spend your time at the Amalfi Cathedral, and learn about the architecture at hit place. If you’re looking to relax, you can sunbathe on the coast and take it easy. The Amalfi Coast also has restaurants, cafes and boutiques, and you’ll certainly have a great time here. 

Capri Island 

Speaking of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Capri Island is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. Whether it’s taking in the warm sun, marvelling at the stunning views or taking a boat ride around town, Capri Island is relaxation at its finest.

Capri Island, Italy

If you want to be more active, however, there are hiking trails and walking tours that will help you explore the place too. 


This Italian region is known for many things. Art, history, good cuisine and vineyards are to name a few. Tuscany is a wider region, where Florence, Siena and Pisa are all located. The Tuscan vineyards are some of the most popular in the world, with authentic red wines like Chianti and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

Tuscany, Italy

Wine tours and wine tastings will give you a complete experience of just how interesting wine is as a concept. 


Siena is often called the architectural capital of Italy. Whether it’s exploring the Siena Cathedral or taking a walking tour that shows you the hidden gems, this Tuscan region must be on your list.

Siena, Italy

When you’re in Siena, sometimes, it almost feels like you’re stepping back into medieval times. The central Piazza, the several museums and the charming streets attract several tourists.


Just like many of the regions and cities in Italy, there is so much to see and so much to do here. Venice is essentially made of many tiny islands and is surrounded by the Venetian Lagoon. Some of the attractions you must visit are the Basilica of San Marco, the Piazza San Marco and the Doge’s Palace.

Venice, Italy

Taking a Gandola ride through the Canals of Venice is also something you must experience when you’re here. 


We must talk about Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world. While fashion and design are what Milan is usually known for, this city has got its fair share of architecture and history too.

Milan, Italy

The Duomo di Milan, the Cathedral here is one of the largest in the world. The food tours, the several architectural buildings and the art museums add so much character to this city. 


The Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is one of the original seven wonders of the World is located in Pisa, Italy. This tower is located at one of the most beautiful squares in this city, the Piazza del Miracoli. Pisa is also home to the Duomo of Santa Maria Assunta, a beautiful Cathedral.

Pisa, Italy

The birthplace of Italian scientist Galileo is the Ammannati House in Pisa. Basically, while the leaning tower is popular and a must-see, there is a whole lot you can do and see in Pisa. 

If you’d like more information about what to see and what to do in Italy, check this out!

Best Time to Visit Italy - Weather, Destinations & Travel Tips

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best city to stay in Italy?

This really depends on what you’re going for. While the most popular ones are Rome, Milan, Sicily and Florence, there are so many cities in Italy where you’ll surely have a memorable stay.

What continent is Italy located in?

Italy is located on the continent of Europe. 

What is the best month to visit Italy?

The months of March, April, May, September and October are the best months to visit Italy. 

How long should I stay in Italy?

Once again, this depends on what you want to do during your trip. Ideally, about 8 to 10 days would be recommended, but it could change based on your trip goals. 

Is Italy safe for tourists?

Like most European counties, Italy is a safe place. While you might want to be careful with the pickpocketing rates, violent crime is rarely reported here.

Is Italy expensive to travel to?

Several counties in Europe are on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to budgets, but Italy doesn’t fall that high on this spectrum While you can defiantly splurge on your trip to Italy, it can also be made a budget-friendly trip. 


Italy is a country that is on so many people’s lists and understandably so. The food, the history, the architecture, the fashion and so many other aspects attract tourists from all over the world. There are so many things to explore in this wonderful country and is no doubt, one of the best places to go to. 

Are you planning a trip to Italy? I’d love to chat about this is the comments below.

I’ll talk to you guys soon. Until then, have a great day!

Best Time to Visit Italy - Weather, Destinations & Travel Tips

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