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Giant’s Causeway is one of the epic places to visit in Northern Ireland. It has around 40000 black basalt stones, which tend to give a very unique and fascinating view. In addition, it holds a lot of history and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Here’s a quick guide for you to Giant’s Causeway: 

How To Get To Giant’s Causeway?

It is a part of the Causeway Coast, County Antrim, and the best way to get here is by car. There’s a free parking area, and you can easily park your vehicle and enjoy the place after.

Is Giant’s Causeway Worth Visiting?

Yes! My trip was fantastic, and I’m sure that you’ll also find the place equally mesmerizing. Millions of people come here each year and, thus, it is considered one of the most extraordinary of Europe’s natural wonders.

UNESCO says that it gives outstanding universal value to its visitors, and once you visit the place, you’ll surely agree to this.

History Of Giant’s Causeway

View of Giant's Causeway on a clear day

It is around 50 million years old, and the studies are being performed for the last 300 years. 

There are two stories on how this was formed. First, volcanic eruptions and their lava made these giants rocks which are considered a top tourist attraction now.

Second is an Irish mythology story which says that Giant was a person named Finn MacCumhaill who built this to go to Scotland for a fight. But the Scottish Giant was 800 feet tall, and the Irish Giant was just 400 feet tall, which scared the Irish people. So somehow, the Scottish Giant got a wrong impression of the Irish Giant, and he thought that the Giant was his son, so he ran off thinking that if the son is this huge, then how huge must his father be.

Giant’s Causeway

picturesque shot of the majestic Giant's Causeway

Giant’s Causeway is a beautiful place that will allow you to see some different rock formations not found anywhere else. I truly enjoyed my trip and made the most out of the time there.

If you’re here at the time of sunrise or sunset, then you’ll have the chance to see some alluring views of the place. There is a great place to hike called shepherds steps, and you can go to the coastal hiking trail from there. You even need to walk down a bit to get to the place from the parking. 

It can get busy here, so if you want to enjoy the place yourself, you need to go early. There’s also a cafe and a visitor center nearby; you can have a meal and also if you’re willing to know about the place in detail, definitely visit the center. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to fly drones here and be precautious at times of the high tide. 

There’s no point in spending a whole day here, so a couple of hours might do good. There are also certain different types of birds that are inhabited here because of the natural rocks.

The entrance to the Giant’s Causeway is free unless you visit the visitor’s center.

Dunluce Castle is just nearby the Causeway, and it is also one of the popular things to do in Northern Ireland. The castle is located just on the edge of a cliff and featured in Game Of Thrones. 

We had spent around 15 minutes at the castle site and clicked some fantastic shots; the whole view there is very cinematic. 


If you’re around Giant’s Causeway, I don’t see any point in reminding you how wonderful this place is.

Get some amazing aesthetic shots and make your friends jealous!

For any query, DM me on Instagram and leave a comment on how you had spent time here in Giant’s Causeway.

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