Maghera Beach And Caves: Guide To This Hidden Gem

How To Get To Maghera Beach And Caves?

Take a narrow road to reach Maghera Beach & Caves 

Park your car by paying €3 to a local parking manager 

Walk a bit to reach the beach, you can see it from afar 

Spot white sand dunes on the left side before reaching the beach 

Swimming is not allowed due to unpredictable and dangerous tides. 

Things To Remember While Visiting Here:-

Maghera Beach and Caves is an underrated tourist spot with few visitors so you can get some peaceful time to yourself.

Visitors set up picnics and enjoy themselves with speakers.

Water in the caves can be cold depending on the time of year.

Dancing inside the caves with speakers is a fun experience.

Assaranca Waterfall, located on the way to the beach, is a picturesque spot for photography.


We had a fantastic time exploring this new place, and I personally loved spending my time here. Please do visit this place if you’re anywhere around it. Trust me; you won’t regret it. 

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