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The Sistine Chapel is also known as Capella Magna one of the most highly visited places by Tourists in Vatican City. This brick-like building is a symbol of great Italian architecture cherished in the whole of Rome and Italy. In this guide, I will tell you all you need to know before planning to visit Sistine Chapel. 

Well, the Sistine chapel was on my list since I made my plans to visit Rome. Reason benign I have seen it many times on Tv and it is a place where the Pope gets crowned and the whole ceremony happens. So you must have an idea by now that it is an important place in Vatican City.

History of the Sistine chapel and why is it so Popular?

Well as the name suggests Sistine chapel is a chapel and is of high importance to the Christian community. It was constructed between 1473-1481 (yes it’s pretty ancient). This was a masterpiece created by architect Giovanni of Dolci for the Pope of the time Pope Sixtus IV.

Sistine Chapel

But do you know what is the main attraction of this chapel and what makes it the most unique one around the world? It is the Frescoes that cover the whole wall and the ceiling of the Chapel. It is magical to look at its ceiling. The frescoes are the work of genius painters like Botticelli, Perugino, Luca, and Michelangelo.

How does the Sistine chapel look?

So Sistine chapels exterior is pretty simple. It is a brick-like building with six windows from each side. From the outside, it looks like some normal chapel and nothing unique. The ceiling of the chapel is a vault but what makes this chapel different is the interiors, especially the ceiling.

Sistine Chapel

Once you see the great work of Michelangelo on the ceiling you will see why all people in the chapel are looking above ignoring all that neck pain.

So where is the Sistine Chapel located in Vatican city?

So the Sistine chapel is located in the famous Vatican Palace Apostolic Palace which is also the residence of the Pope. It comes under the Vatican Museum. So if you want to visit the cysteine Chapel you can book a tour of the Vatican Museums.

Here are the ways you can get to the Sistine chapel

By Bus: You can take bus no. 49 and stop at Viale Vaticano, which is just in front of the museum.

By Metro: You can take Line A to Valle Aurelia and reach with a 5 min walk.

Tram: you can take tram 19 and drop off at Piazza del Risorgimento

Tickets for Sistine Chapel

If you are planning to visit the Sistine chapel you have to buy tickets for Vatican Museums. You will get access to all the attractions present inside it, the tickets are common.

The tickets cost €17 for each person. You can get them online or buy them outside the museum. You can book a guide for an additional €7.

So why is the Sistine Chapel so important?

Well, the importance of the Sistine chapel is deeply rooted in its history and the artwork created on it. It is such a celebrated art piece in Italy that it is the place where the Vatican’s city Pope gets crowned.

Sistine Chapel

One of the Iconic things about this chapel is the Ceiling. I had heard about the creation of Michelangelo on the ceiling of the chapel which almost took him 4 years 1508-1512, but witnessing it was just spell bounding experience.

The centre of the ceiling portrays the legendary story of nine geneses with amazing artwork. It includes the creation of Adams and Final judgment being some of the great masterpieces from the time.

Tips for visiting Sistine Museum(So you can avoid the crowd)

The Sistine museum is a very beautiful and must-visit place on your list while visiting Vatican City. But one of the drawbacks of its popularity and beauty is that it is extremely crowded all the time.

Sistine Chapel

So here are tips that might help you to jump off the crowd.

Try visiting on weekdays. As weekends are popular days for some rest and travel you might see a lot of crowds. So it better travel between Mon-Fri

Be an early bird. Try to reach the museum early as the later it becomes the more crowded it gets.

Try to book your tickets Online. So you don’t have to wait in a long queue and exhaust yourself.

Avoid going on the first Sunday of the month as the tickets are free so you will be all dumped in the crowd.

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Frequently asked questions about the Sistine Chapel

Who painted the Sistine Chapel?

The Frescoes of the Sistine Chapel were painted by Michelangelo.

Why is it called the Sistine chapel?

It is called the Sistine chapel because it was named after Pope Sixtus IV.

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Sistine Chapel is an excellent example of amazing Italian Artwork. You will be in awe of how people in such ancient times were remarkably talented. It is one of the iconic places to check out in Rome. 

If you’re visiting Italy then you should check out my perfect itinerary for Rome which will help you to plan a perfect trip to Rome.

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