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Slieve League Cliffs (Sliabh Liag) are located on Donegal’s gorgeous southwest coast, just a short distance from Donegal Town. The view from here is breathtaking and the lake down there sets a perfect picture for a fantastic vacation. It will truly feel like a walk on the cloud. 

I have never come across such a beautiful place and had a trip with so much ease and fun memories. I would like to give you all the insights into the trip that I experienced. Here is your guide to exploring this natural wonder.

Slieve League Location

Slieve League, also known as Sliabh Liag, is located in County Donegal, Ireland. To reach Slieve League, you can follow a narrow road up from Teelin village for about a kilometre to a car park and trailhead.

Parking at Slieve League

The parking situation at Slieve League has recently changed. There are two parking options: the lower car park, which requires a 45-minute+ moderately strenuous walk to the viewing point, and the upper car park, closer to the viewing area. In the peak season, you may not be allowed to park in the upper car park unless you have mobility issues.

Slieve League Hiking Experience

Slieve League offers a stunning hiking experience with various trails suitable for different fitness levels.The length of the Slieve League Walk is 2.8 kilometers, with its highest point at 420 meters in height over its course, and it usually takes approximately 90 minutes for a full-round trip for an average hiker.

The Pilgrim’s Path is a popular hike, but it is recommended for experienced hikers due to its challenging terrain and occasional thick mist. Furthermore, “One Man’s Pass” is a dangerously small trail that should only be attempted by experienced hikers.

Slieve League Tours

There are several tour options available for Slieve League. Sliabh Liag Tours is a family-run business that offers a guided shuttle bus service to the Slieve League viewing point from the coach/car park at the Slieve League Visitor Centre.

Slieve League Cliffs Centre also offers daily guided tours and shuttle buses to and from the cliffs, which will give you an insight into the wildlife, local history, and heritage from years gone by. Viator also offers a private chauffeur transfer from Dublin to Slieve League.

Slieve League

How To Get To Slieve League?

To get to Slieve League, you can drive or take a bus to the nearby area and then either walk or take a shuttle to the cliffs. There is no direct bus to Slieve League, but you can take a bus to nearby Carrick from Donegal and then make your way to the cliffs from there.

If you choose to drive, you can follow a narrow road up from Teelin village to a car park and trailhead. Slieve League has two parking lots. One is a bit far, and the other is very near to the main viewpoint.

There are two different viewpoints as well, and you take your car up to the one and for the other viewpoint which I visited, you’ll have to hike up there.

Weather at Slieve League

The weather at the Slieve League Cliffs has a significant impact on your visit. The sunnier the weather is, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your trip. It can also be a bit foggy here, so prepare and keep track of the weather.

Safety at Slieve League

The majority of the Slieve League Cliffs are not fenced, so please be cautious and never get too close to the edge. Though there’s no one to stop you from doing so, your safety is in your hands, so be cautious.

Slieve League Viewpoint

The alluring views from the top of the Slieve League Cliffs stretch across Donegal Bay to Sligo and beyond.

On the way to the top, you’ll pass through several lakes and some beautiful and picturesque locations. It takes around 45-90 minutes to reach the top, so I would suggest you carry your water as it will get a bit tiring and also take a good amount of breaks if you’re a beginner at hiking.

If you love hiking, then you’re going to love this place, as there’s a different route for professional hikers called,” One Man’s Pass”.

Places to Visit Near Slieve League

Fanad Lighthouse

Fanad Lighthouse is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and unique setting. The lighthouse is situated between Lough Swilly and Mulroy Bay, offering spectacular views of the surrounding rugged coastline and the wild natural landscape. It has been voted as one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world.

The lighthouse’s warm and inviting atmosphere, combined with its stunning sea views, makes it a truly unique and memorable destination for you who appreciate the beauty, drama, and romance associated with the lighthouse. To book tours click here. Here is an article for more information about Fanad Lighthouse.

Malin Head

Malin Head, located in County Donegal, Ireland, is renowned for its dramatic and unspoiled beauty. The area is characterized by lush hills, craggy cliffs, and stunning sea views, making it a peaceful and quiet place to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of the Irish coastline.

This area is also known for its beautiful beaches, large dunes, and unique rock formations, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration and photography. Here’s an article on our blog for more information about Malin Head.

Gleniff Horseshoe

Gleniff Horseshoe is a scenic 9-kilometer looped drive in a valley of mountains in north County Sligo, Ireland. The area offers stunning views of Tievebaun, Truskmore, Benbulben, and Benwiskin mountains. The start of the loop is about 4 kilometres from the N15 and is well-marked with a brown directional sign. Here is an article on our blog to get more information about Gleniff Horseshoe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Slieve League Famous For?

They are known for their height, 601 meters, which is three times the height of the Cliffs Of Moher and two times the height of the Eiffel Tower, Paris. It is also the third-highest sea cliff in Europe. 

The true essence of a perfectly picturesque spot and a great adventure is present here. The sound of the ocean crashing into the rocks and a beautiful sunset from here is the best place to be.

Is Slieve League hard to climb?

The difficulty of climbing the Slieve League varies depending on the chosen route. The Pilgrim’s Path is about 3km in length and takes 2-3 hours out and back, making it a moderately challenging hike.

The Bunglass Road route is the busiest and provides classic views of the cliffs, and it is relatively accessible with minimal walking. However, there are more challenging options, such as One Man’s Pass, an extremely narrow and challenging pathway that should be avoided by inexperienced hikers, especially during bad weather.

What does Slieve League mean in Irish?

The name “Slieve League” is derived from the Irish language. The word “Slieve” or “Sliabh” translates to mountain, while “Liag” translates to stone. Collectively, the name can be interpreted to mean “mountain of stone pillars” or “the cliffs of stone” in English.


I hope that this guide was helpful and gave you all the essential information you needed for your trip to Slieve League. No matter how much time you spend here, it will feel less and you will want to explore more. This place beholds some truly majestic aura.

Comment down and let me know about your experience.

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