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Rome has tons of places to explore and one of the best things is then you can visit these places easily walking from one place to another. If I have to make a list of the best things I saw in Rome Spanish Steps will definitely be in the top ten.

The vibe of Spanish Steps place was so great. We actually took some break from our exploration on our feet and feel the real Rome here. This place is not just beautiful because of the construction but also the small cafes, sovereign shops, and the artists who entertain you with music and their extraordinary paintings.

Spanish Steps

So here is much detailed information about Spanish steps.

How to reach Spanish Steps?

You can actually just take a walk from the colosseum to the Spanish Steps as they are close by.

You can also take the Metro A line and drop it off at Spagna Station.

You can also take a bus to Barberini or Piazza del Popolo and then Spanish Steps are just 10 mins walk.

All that you need to know about Spanish Steps?

Spanish steps were originally known as Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti. Which was commissioned by Lous XII in the 17th century and constructed around.1723 to 1726. Spanish Steps are significant as it connects the Piazza di Spagna (which is another great attraction in Rome) with the Trinita Dei Monti( A French Monastery Church).

Spanish Steps

It later came to be famous as Spanish Steps as it has a Spanish embassy on its foot earlier. The Spanish Steps consists of 135 steps in total and have 3 terraces to have a good view around the city.

Do not sit on the stairs!!! Previously it was allowed for tourists to sit on the steps and enjoy the surrounding but due to a large crowd and constant damage to the marble of the monument the Rome police now charges fine to the people found sitting on it.

What are the places to explore near Spanish Steps?

Trinita Dei Monti

Trinita Dei Monti is a beautiful french monastery church constructed around the 16th century which makes it even older than the Spanish Steps. This structure lies at the top of the Spanish Steps and you can get a really great view of the city from this place.

Trinita Dei Monti

The main attraction of this building is the paintings of two great artists, Daniele da Volterra, a pupil of Michelangelo inside it.

The gothic construction of the church with a beautiful Facade and marvelous interior will leave you in awe of it.

John Keats Museum

Well if you are a literature fan you must have read some of the works of John Keats. He was one of the greatest Italian poets.

John Keats Museum

Just at the base of Spanish Steps near the right side, you will actually find a museum solely dedicated to John Keat. It was his home and where he died. 

It’s a beautiful museum and you can explore some of his best works. The museum looks like a normal house but is maintained by Italian authorities.

Fontana della Barcaccia

Fontana Della Baracaccia has a very interesting story behind it. It lies at the base of the Spanish Steps in the Piazza. It was constructed around the 17th century. It is actually called the Fountain of the old boat.

Fontana della Barcaccia

Why? Well, when city walls were not properly built in Rome the River river usually got flooded. This used to lead to a lot of places sinking as well. Once the Piazza di Spagna was sunk around a few meters inside the water. And later when things got normal a boat was left behind.

This is why the structure of the fountain is like water coming out of a sinking boat.

Babington’s Tea Room and Restaurant

This is a very elite English tea room that was founded by two English people named Isabel Cargill and Anna Maria Babington.

Babington's Tea Room and Restaurant

It was founded in 1896 and lies on the left of the steps. Babington is usually open from 10 am and 9:15 Pm for tourists to visit. 

If you are a fan of some good tea and pastries then this is a must-place for you. You will love the large variety of tea and flavored pastries they have. Also if you get a table you can have a delicious lunch here.

Via dei Condotti

We all know what is Italy famous for, it’s an amazing artist but fashion is also one of the forte of Italian people.

Via dei Condotti

Well, Via Dei Condotti, Located at the base of the steps, is just the perfect place if you want to buy some sovereign. 

It also has small cafes and restaurants which serves delicious Italian meal. There are some beautiful boutique shops and you can also find big brands like Armani, Versace, Prada, and many more Italian brands.

Some great restaurants near Spanish Steps

Pastificio Guerra

If you are on the go and don’t want to take a table and eat then Pastificio Guerra is a great place for you. Along with benign one of the best places to serve pasta they are also very pocket friendly.

Italian Food

You can have a plate of pasta for just € 4.

They will provide you with the cutlery and you can also get yourself some wine by paying a euro extra. It’s actually a great place and I suggest you must visit there.

Ginger (Sapori E Saluti)

Looking for a fresh, minimalistic place with a cozy vibe? Well, it’s a perfect place for you. Ginger is a very affordable and good-looking restaurant. They have got pretty good options on the menu and they are healthy too.

Italian food

You can try the fresh juices and the cheesy pasta they have to offer. They mostly have outdoor sitting.

If you are a person who takes cleanliness very seriously and wants to pitch a perfect food presentation then you should definitely select this one for Lunch.

Ciampini Bistrot

Ciampini Bistrot is one is one of the best places if you are on a good budget and see how the creamy-class people of Rome look.

Italian Food

The sitting is outdoors but the cafe is really elite looking. It is a place where you will see some of the big names of Rome.

But don’t get stressed it’s not that expensive. It is usually crowded because of the gobsmacking food it offers. You can also try some good wine and pair it with your favourite pizza or pasta.

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Where are the Spanish Steps Located?

The Spanish Steps are located near Piazza Di Spagna.

What are the Spanish Steps famous for?

Spanish steps are known for being the wideand longest staircase in Rome along with their historical importance.

Can you sit on the Spanish Steps?

No, it is not allowed to sit on the Spanish Steps and it makes the place crowded and damages the architecture.


So here was all about Spanish Steps. I have mentioned all the details you need before exploring this one-of-a-kind architecture. There are lots of things to explore around the Spanish Steps and tons of places to eat. 

I really liked this historical place it’s just that it was a bit of a crowded area. It was difficult to move around with my melting gelato ice cream.

I have mentioned my favourite experiences. Do you have some suggestions too? Comment down below what were your favourite things about Spanish steps.

Spanish Steps Travel Guide: Where To Eat, Sights, And More

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