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West Cork is an area in Ireland’s County Cork popularly known as “A Place Apart.” In this stunning southwest corner of Ireland, which stretches from Kinsale to three rugged westerly peninsulas extending into the wild Atlantic, nature sets the pace.

The region is known for its rugged peninsulas, beautiful beaches, towns, and villages like Skibbereen, Clonakilty, and Kinsale. There are so many things to do in West Cork that can make it an excellent trip!

More open fields, nature, and tranquillity are available than can be seen in a single visit. Many people return year after year to relive the peaceful rhythm of the fishing and farming culture. 

Here are some suggestions of the top tourist attractions in West Cork, Ireland, and a bit of important additional information that would help you if you’re visiting for the first time.

Here’s a List Of 9 Wonderful Things To Do In West Cork, Ireland:

Baltimore – Scenic Landscapes & Water Activities

Baltimore is an excellent spot for many different kinds of water activities. It is a historic village and was haunted by pirates back in time. There are a lot of accommodation options and places to eat.

Things To Do In West Cork

If you are planning to spend more than one day in Baltimore in West Cork Ireland, Here’s a link to take you to for Accommodation in Baltimore

Boating, kayaking, and scuba diving are the main water activities here. And you’re lucky if you spot dolphins. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with any of these activities; you can take a training session for yourself and learn all the water sports.

Fastnet Lighthouse – Fun Ferry Trip To Fastnet Rock

It is situated on the Fastnet Rock in the Atlantic Ocean and one of the oldest in Ireland. It is 54m in height and lies 6km southwest of Cape Clear Island. 

Things To Do In West Cork

The Fastnet Rock Tour is a day trip that takes you first through the beautiful waters of Roaringwater Bay, where you can spot whales and dolphins—arriving at Ireland’s most southerly Gaeltacht Island, Cape Clear Island, where you’ll have time to visit the Cape Clear & Fastnet Rock Heritage Centre’s Fastnet Exhibition and multimedia show.

To book a Fastnet Rock ferry trip, click here.

Ring Of Beara – Upgrade Your Insta Game

The rugged coastline, mountains, sea, forest trails, and open grasslands are all tempting and are sure to make your Instagram followers envious; this is one of the most picturesque places in Ireland.

Things To Do In West Cork

The locals say that it is even more beautiful than Kerry; I think you should visit the site and check that out by yourself. 

Take your car, travel around the coastline, have some fun gossiping with your friends, and play your jam music; it is a perfect getaway.

Mizen Head – Breathtaking View Of The Cliffs

It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in West Cork. The cliffs are breathtaking, and the sight is jaw-dropping. The Visitor’s Centre and the Bridge here are must-visit.

Things To Do In West Cork

You will have so much to see and a lot to enjoy. You can click amazing pictures here. This is definitely a must-see; if you miss this, your West Cork trip will be incomplete.

There is so much to Mizen Head‘s list that I have a separate detailed article for the same on my blog; click here to read.

Cape Clear Island – Perfect Nearby Weekend Getaway

This is a perfect place if you want to relax in a peaceful environment. The view from here is fantastic; you can enjoy the water activities and the camp side. About 120 residents live here who all have Irish as their primary language, so you will find a significantly less tourist crowd here.

Things To Do In West Cork

You have access to everything here, restaurants, cafes, pubs. There’s also a very famous bird observatory that you can visit. I would recommend visiting this place as you can have a lot of fun here with your friends or family.

Lough Hyne – Ireland’s first Underwater Nature Reserve

Lough Hyne, Ireland’s first Underwater Nature Reserve, is so unique that it is one of the continent’s most studied marine sites, having been founded in 1886. It is just 6km from Baltimore and is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland.

Things To Do In West Cork

More than 100 sponges, 24 crab species, 18 anemone species, and 72 fish species live in this extraordinary setting, some of which are found nowhere else in Ireland. I think you should visit this site to come across something unique and at the same time have a relaxing time.

Sherkin Island

This small island off the coast of West Cork, with only 100 residents, two pubs, a school, a community centre, and a church, is a peaceful place for many local families and tourists to visit, particularly in the summer.

You can also shop many artistic things from here as many residents create art and write books, and the island is known for having an artsy feel. 

Things To Do In West Cork

Mesmerizing yet straightforward, this place is so calm and full of peace. If you just want to hang around with your group in a less crowded area, this is the best getaway in West Cork.

Inchydoney – Gorgeous Beach Is Must!

It is a small island and has two beautiful beaches. The place is famous for surfing and other water sports. This island is easily accessible from Clonakilty since it is situated just off the mainland and is linked to the mainland by two causeways.

Things To Do In West Cork

It is a small island and has two beautiful beaches. The place is famous for surfing and other water sports. This island is easily accessible from Clonakilty since it is situated just off the mainland and is linked to the mainland by two causeways.

Garnish Island – Experience the Romanian Times Greenery

The luscious greens in Garnish Island will make you feel like you’re a part of Roman times. You will find different kinds of plants and vegetation on this island. All this natural beauty with the mountains in the backdrop makes it even more beautiful. 

Things To Do In West Cork

And between all of this, you can enjoy an entertaining boat ride. You can surely visit this island. It will be worth it and you can create a lot of incredible memories with your family or friends.

Frequently Asked Questions For West Cork

How to get to West Cork?

The best way to reach West Cork is to fly to the Cork Airport and then rent a car and drive to the city as there’s almost no transport, so you should not take any risk and book the vehicle beforehand. It will also be easy to stop wherever you want, so you can even explore the hidden gems of the city.

Click here to check out all the travel options and bookings.

How to travel around West Cork?

Now you might be worried about the parking prices and the traffic issues. But, one of the best aspects of driving in rural Ireland is that parking is rarely a problem. The majority of town tourist attractions allow free street parking in the downtown area, so you can pull up, get out, and start exploring right away.

9 Amazing Things To Do In West Cork in 2023


I hope that this article was helpful to you and that you could explore the city conveniently. There’s a detailed article about Cork; you might want to check that so that you have more options to choose between the places to visit.

Let me know in the comment section about the place that you liked the most in West Cork.

9 Amazing Things To Do In West Cork in 2023

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