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Secret Waterfall in Largy Donegal is one of the hidden gems in Ireland. It is also known as the Largy Waterfall as it is located in a village called Largy. 

Donegal has many beaches, waterfalls as well as mountains. All of them are true gems and hold a beautiful representation of Donegal’s beauty. 

This picturesque waterfall is only accessible during low tide, making timing your visit essential. In this travel guide, I will provide you with all the information you need to plan your visit to the Secret Waterfall in Largy, including tide timing, hiking tips, and how to respect the environment.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure as we explore one of Donegal’s best-kept secrets!

Inside secret watefall in donegal

Essential Information For Largy Secret Waterfall in Donegal


Largy Waterfall is located in the southwest of County Donegal in Ulster, the northern province in Ireland. It is situated on the Slieve League peninsula on the outskirts of Largy. The waterfall is located at the southern end of the townland of Largysillagh and is formed by Largy Burn flowing over a small cliff inside a largely roofless cave, with the burn then flowing directly into the sea from the cave.


The parking for Largy Waterfall in Donegal is limited. There is a small amount of parking available at Largy Viewpoint, which is a short walk from the entrance to the waterfall. However, due to the spot’s popularity, the parking fills up quickly.

I recommend you only park in the designated space at the viewpoint and should never park along the road outside.

How To Get To Largy Waterfall In Donegal?

You can visit the Waterfall by car and park it by the roadside at the available spots. Here is the Google map location.

Once you have parked the car, You have to start walking towards the beach. This is barely 5 – 7 minutes of walk towards the beach.

Walk towards largy waterfall in donegal

Now you have to go through the rocks, all the way towards the waterfall. Crossing the rocks isn’t too difficult.

High water levels can cause difficulty and accessing the waterfall wouldn’t be ideal and safe if the water level is high.

Secret waterfall in largy

Please wear good quality footwear which is non-slippery. Ensure the steps are firm and you take support wherever available.

Below is the drone shot where the waterfall can be seen on the left and you have to cross through the rocks.

Drone shot of secret waterfall fall donegal

Safety At The Largy Waterfall in Donegal

Do check the tide timings before visiting, as this waterfall is inside the cave. So, if you are in the cave and the tides are high, there’s a high chance of getting stuck inside, and there’s no way out.

When we visited the waterfall, there was a guide who informed and restricted the entry after a significant tide level but he also left as the water level increased.

Tide Timings For the Waterfall

Firstly, it’s important to note that the Secret Waterfall in Largy is not accessible at all times. The waterfall is situated on the coast, and its accessibility is subject to the tides. During high tide, the waterfall is entirely covered by the sea, making it impossible to visit. However, during low tide, the waterfall is revealed, and visitors can marvel at its beauty.

To access the waterfall, visitors must time their hike with the tides. The best time to visit the waterfall is during low tide when the waterfall is fully exposed. However, it’s essential to ensure that the tide has already started to recede before setting off on your hike. If you start your hike when the tide is still high, you may end up stranded and unable to reach the waterfall.

Largy waterfall in donegal

Consulting a tide table is the best way to determine the tide timings. Tide tables provide information on the high and low tides for specific locations, allowing visitors to plan their visit accordingly. The Waterfall in Largy is located on the west coast of Ireland, where the tides are influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun. As a result, the tides can vary from day to day and are affected by seasonal changes.

Please note, that it is essential you know how to refer to & use a tide timetable. Please consult a knowledgeable local for assistance if you are new to a tide timetable. Here is a tide table link for your reference.

Places to Visit Near the Largy Waterfall

Slieve League Cliffs

Slieve League Cliffs are located on the southwest coast of Donegal and are one of the most impressive natural attractions in the region.

The cliffs are located within a 25-minute drive from the Largy Waterfall. The cliffs offer incredible views from their peaks, and you can breathe in the salty sea air and take in the panorama of blue sky and ocean melting together.


Killybegs is a picturesque town in County Donegal, Ireland, renowned for being the largest fishing port in the country and on the island of Ireland. This town is located between Largy and the Slieve League Cliffs.

You can explore the maritime and heritage visitor centre in Killybegs, which provides insights into the town’s fishing industry and offers tours. It also offers nearby attractions such as the Slieve League, hidden waterfalls, Muckross Head, Glengesh Pass, and Assaranca Waterfall.

Fintra Beach

Fintra Beach is a stunning sandy beach located just a few kilometres from Killybegs on the southwest coast of County Donegal.

It is known for its clean golden sand, rock formations, and picturesque surroundings. Fintra Beach provides a scenic and tranquil setting for you looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the Donegal coastline

My experience at Secret Waterfall/ Largy Waterfall

It’s a beautiful hidden gem that sits along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way’s northern section. The waterfall cascades down in a complex pattern from a height of roughly 50 meters onto the rocks beneath it.

Secret waterall in largy donegal

The “secret waterfall cave” of Donegal is a sight to behold, situated at the cave’s end and illuminated by the sun breaking through the cave’s aperture.

Even though the name is Secret, the lace is getting popular now and thus a bit crowded especially on bank holidays or weekends.

Largy Secret Waterfalls Donegal: Useful Guide 2024 Edition

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get to the secret waterfall in Largy?

To get to the Largy Secret Waterfall in Donegal, you can drive and park at the available spots along the roadside.

What is the most scenic area of Donegal?

Donegal is renowned for its diverse and picturesque landscapes, including mountains, beaches, and coastal cliffs. Although it is hard to name just one scenic place in Donegal, Mount Errigal, Murder Hole Beach, and Malin Head are places that will leave an impression on you.

Is the Largy Waterfall hard to get to?

The Largy Secret Waterfall in Donegal is not hard to get to, but it requires some caution and planning. You can drive to the area and park at available spots along the roadside.


As it is still a well-kept secret spot, you will certainly have the place to yourself. So, you can stay here a bit longer and enjoy the site to the fullest.

I hope that this guide was helpful. Let me know in the comment section about any other hidden gem you’ve discovered.

Head on to my Donegal Category to discover more places near the Secret Waterfall. 

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