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The Marina Market, located in Cork, Ireland is the largest indoor and outdoor market in the city. The market is essentially a giant warehouse, and there is a plethora of food trucks and drink stalls.

These trucks and stalls offer a wide variety of options, so you’ll definitely find something you like. You’ll find so many Instagram opportunities here, you’ll want to take a picture of everything. This works out well because the lighting here is great!

The Marina Market is by the banks of River Lee, and it is just a small walk from the Cork city centre.

River lee in cork

The market supports small businesses and local suppliers, giving them an opportunity to show their love through food to the people of Cork. 

Marina market in cork

There’s a spot of bad news, however. As I was putting together this article, I came across a few news reports. These news reports claimed that the future of the Marina Market might be uncertain. I’m not too sure of what is happening with the market, but the articles I read were from “Cork Beo” and “The Echo”.

As of 23rd November, There’s a bit of good news too, in fact. According to “Irish Examiner“, more than 20000 people have apparently signed a petition for the market to stay afloat.

I truly hope the market stays afloat because it is such a fun place to visit, as you’ll read further in this article. So, I’d like to think of this piece as a dedication of sorts to the lively Marina Market in Cork. 

The Marina Market, as I’ve said is a huge indoor and outdoor market. It is open all seven days of the week, and there’s always something going on here. From the variety of food stalls to the coffee stands, you’ll have so much to choose from.

The Farmers’ market here prides itself in selling the freshest produce of fruit and vegetables. Held in February, this is a great place for sellers to come together. In addition to that, they’ve also got a selection of creative art and crafts. 

The Marina Market is like a party. They’ve got some amazing and quirky food stalls, where you’ll find so many cuisines. Just to give you an idea, I’ll tell you about the countless options you’ll find at these stalls, hosted by some of the loveliest companies. 

Burritos and Blues is a Mexican restaurant, and they’re dedicated to creating the best burritos with the freshest ingredients. “Work Hard, Play Hard” is something you’ll definitely see reflected in their work.

Burritos and Blues in marina market

All of the dishes are made fresh by them every day, and they use their own recipes. 

For all those people who cannot go on without their coffee, Guji coffee has got you covered. The Guji café gets its coffee from the Old Barracks Coffee Roasters, which sources the coffee from some of the best farms in the world.

Guji Coffee in Marina market cork
Image by Guji Coffee

You’ll find coffee from South America, Ethiopia and Central America. This is some of the richest and most aromatic coffee you will taste. 

If you’re in the mood for some Nashville Fried chicken (but you cannot fly to Nashville immediately), there’s something for you at Poulet Vous. They’ve also got Korean fried chicken. Their chicken is tender and delicious, what more could one want?

MKT Burger has got a selection of some of the most delectable burgers. Sometimes, a perfect meal consists of a burger, chips and a milkshake, and you’ll find this at Market Burger in the Marina Market. 

MKT Burger in Cork
Image by MKT Burger

Sushi is a go-to for so many people, and the Marina Market has got that too. Kura Sushi has some of the cutest sushi rolls, that are flavour punches in every bite. 

Kura Sushi in Marina Market cork

The Marina Market also prides itself in celebrating things that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Some of the food vendors display these qualities through their food.

Locally sourcing your ingredients is one of the best ways to be sustainable, and Ecos Douglas does just that. From confronting flavours to international ones, the Ecos Douglas menu is always evolving. They use some of the freshest and finest ingredients to prepare their food. 

Ecos Douglas in Marina market
Image by Eco Douglas

Young Plant is for the health buffs out there. Their food is made using superfoods and micro greens, and their focus is delivering flavour. What’s more, all of their greens are grown out of a UV palette farm. 

Young plant in marina market
Image by Young Plant

The Gourmet Sausage Hut sells some mouthwatering sausages, the Sultan conquers the Lebanese and Moroccan Cuisine and Prátaí sells Ireland’s very own Irish potato dishes. 

Walking around these food stalls at the Marina Market is like taking a world tour. There are so many flavours, dishes and delights you’ll find here and you will certainly be impressed. 

Some of the biggest attractions here at the Marina Market is the “Santa’s magical market”. This section of the market is sure to entertain the kids and bring in the holiday charm. They can walk through the “magical woods” as they get in the mood for Christmas.

Up next, is the stables, where the reindeer rest before going off with Santa for Christmas. Santa’s post office is where they can send their letters to Santa, and they can also watch his elves hard at work. Once they’ve met Mrs Claus, the last stop is to meet Santa himself. 

This experience is certain to delight the little ones as they see Christmas come to life here. 

One of the best parts about this market is that is it dog friendly. In fact, they’ve also got dog vendors coming in from time to time. So, bring your pets along with you for a fun day out with them too. 

The Marina Market at Cork has parking options that are available on sight, so if you’re driving in from a distance, you’ve got that sorted. Washrooms are also available on location, so you won’t have to go hunting for those either. They’ve also got washrooms for the disabled.

Let’s talk about how you can get to the market. If you’re driving in, the directions are quite straightforward and you can use Google maps to get there. If you’re travelling by foot, like I mentioned, it is a small walk from the Cork city centre, which is a popular landmark. There’s a pedestrianised Marina Walk which makes this journey quite a picturesque one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marina Market 

When does the Marina Market open?

The Marina Market is open from Sunday to Saturday, from 8 A.M to 8 P.M.

Where is the Marina Market?

The Marina Market is in Cork, Ireland.

How many stalls does the Marina Market have?

The Marina Market hosts over 40 vendors and food stalls. 

Are dogs allowed at the Marina Market?

Yes! The Marina Market is completely pet friendly. 

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Visiting Cork's Marina Market Guide in 2023


The Marina Market is one of the best places to meet your friends or family for a day of food, fun and good vibes. There’s seating available too, so once you’ve walked through the several stalls, you can rest while you eat. Both tourists and locals alike love this place and would definably rate it high.

If you talk to people about this market or even read reviews, you’ll know just how much this place is loved by all. If you’re in Cork, the Marina Market is a place you should definitely go to. 

Have you guys already been to the Marina Market? What was your favourite stall? I’d love to chat about this in the comments below. 

Until then, I’ll see you guys soon and happy shopping!

Visiting Cork's Marina Market Guide in 2023

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