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This summer, during my trip to Rome, I visited one of the top places on my Rome bucket list, the Trevi Fountain. The fountain stands as a pride of Roman architecture, and the beauty of the fountain is beyond words.

Trevi Fountain has a great vibe around it, and as a visitor, it took me some time to come out of awe of its beauty. 

A Sneak Peek into the History of the Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain, also known as Fontana di Treva was built in the 18th century and was completed by several people. 

According to folklore, it was a small girl who helped Romanian soldiers quench their thirst by bringing them to the source of water. To honour that, a proper aqueduct was constructed there.

After ages, when the whole city was being planned, several aqueducts were reconstructed and maintained properly to work as a freshwater source for the city.

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You can see the crystal clear water in the fountain, which glitters for 365 days. Also, you are not allowed to swim in the fountain. The Trevi fountain is always guarded and, on breaking any such rules, you might be fined heavily by the authorities over there.

How to reach Trevi Fountain?

The Trevi Fountain is located in the middle of the intersection of 3 streets, and this is the reason the fountain got its name, Trevi. The fountain is mostly crowded and, honestly, the streets of Rome are narrow. To easily locate it, click on the map below.

You can get to the fountain by bus and you can get down at Via del tritone which is at a walkable distance from the fountain.

Or if you want a comfortable trip you can easily book a cab and get dropped by near the intersection.

Why do you throw 3 coins in the Trevi Fountain?

There’s a popular belief about throwing coins in the Trevi fountain. So if you are someone who believes in fantasy and miracles, then you should try out the coin tossing in the fountain.

So, according to the story, if you throw one coin in the water, you will come back to Rome. If you throw a second coin as well, you might find the love of your life. And if you throw a third coin, you might end up getting married in Rome.

Trevi Fountain|Fonatana Di Trevi|Rome|Italy

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I still did it because 3 euros for marriage in Italy is great a deal. Haha, jokes apart! All these coins are collected regularly and utilised for a good cause. 

Do tell us in the comment section if you will give it a try or not.

Explore the place and the streets near Trevi Fountain

Summers in Rome can be really hot, and it is important to dress accordingly. I still regret wearing a black shirt, so all I can do is warn you that dark and thick clothes are a big no. The area will be pretty crowded for sure, and you will see tonnes of people trying to get a good view of the fountain.

Trust me, taking a good picture of the fountain is no less than a challenge, but worth it. I succeeded, but you know what made my day there? The gelato ice cream.

Gelato ice cream in Rome

You will find a number of shops selling these mouthwatering desserts, which are one of the delicacies of Italy. There are a number of flavours available and if you are confused like me, just take multiple flavoured scoops (which later became a task to finish the whole ice cream as the ice cream might melt fast due to weather).

I got my gelato ice cream from Gelato in Trevi. You can click on the map below for the directions.

You can also look around for some pretty souvenirs as shops are offering you some speciality of Rome at an affordable price. You can keep it with yourself as a memoir from Rome.

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Fontana Di Trevi: The Beautiful Trevi Fountain of Rome


My experience at Trevi Fountain was great. I would really suggest visiting the fountain in the off-season as you will find less crowd. I tried clicking a lot of pictures and making memories near the fountain. You can have a look by clicking here.

Tell me how helpful you found the article.

I would love to read about your views on the Trevi Fountain so feel free to share them below in the comment section.

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