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Italy is known for being the most popular destination for vacations. This is the reason this country has thousands of tourists visiting it from all around the world.

Rome has always been on my bucket list and honestly, The list of exciting things to do in Rome is long and fun.

Things to do in rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and The city of romance. From being an excellent place for couple of holidays to being a treasure of historic architecture, Rome has got everything. And, please, don’t forget about the delicious pizzas and gelato ice cream.

Things to do in Rome in 2022

Explore the Colosseum

Rome Colosseum

Oh come on, you must have guessed it. Any list is incomplete without the mention of the Colosseum. The Colosseum is the biggest amphitheatre ever built and an important mark of Roman history.

This giant structure will leave you in awe of it. Mostly, I have never been a fan of historical monuments, but this one seriously deserves the hype around it.

Rome Colosseum

We had a guided tour to explain to us what happened in the Colosseum in ancient Rome. Trust me, the history behind this place is interesting and massive.

Let me share some facts. The Colosseum can fit over 50 thousand people in it, and there are numerous gates for that purpose. There used to be gladiator fights and those were legit fatal. Over a million animals have lost their lives here in the past.

Roman Colosseum

This is an iconic location to visit; just remember to bring a large water bottle with you. For a detailed travel guide, Head over to my colosseum guide by clicking here.

Toss a Coin In Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

Well, after knowing about all those gruesome fights in the Colosseum, it’s time to see the more romantic side of Rome. The Trevi Fountain is regarded as one of the most beautiful fountains in Italy. To be honest, I was truly mesmerised by its beauty.

One thing that is going to bug you a little is the crowd. So be all set with your cameras and make sure you have charged your phone enough. The Trevi Fountain was constructed in 1762 by Nicola Salvi and it is a true wonder how advanced art was at that time.

Toss a coin in Trevi Fountain

Do you know that there is a belief attached to the Trevi Fountain? It is said that if you toss a coin once, you will return to Rome. If you toss the coin twice, you might find the love of your life here, and if you toss it three times, you might get married here.

Isn’t it one of the exciting things to do in Rome?

Here is a detailed travel guide on Trevi Fountain for more information.

Take a Walk Around The Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps in Rome Italy

The Spanish Steps was one of my favourite places as I really enjoyed the vibe around it. It was such an aesthetic place and I still remember the good calm walk and staring at the wonderfully constructed sculptures.

The Spanish Steps were constructed in 1725, located between Piazza di Spagna and the Piazza Trinita Dei Monti. It is one of the most famous places in Rome to visit. You will see a lot of cute shops and cafes at the bottom.

You can get yourself a nice souvenir to share with your family and friends. There are a total of 135 steps that have beautiful scriptures carved into them.

There are many artists, so you can also get a nice portrait too.

Discover ancient Rome in the Roman Forum

Roman forum in Italy

Rome is the place of many historic ancient monuments. They have ancient stories surrounding them. The Roman Forum is said to be an important link in Roman history. It was a place where a lot of administrative work was done and important decisions were taken here.

Currently, the whole structure is in ruins because of the various wars and earthquakes, but it is still worth visiting.

There are many famous temples and buildings there, such as the temples of Saturn, Titus, and Vesta, and the Arch of Severus.

Check out a detailed travel guide to Roman Forum & Palatine Hill by clicking here.

Visit The Great Pantheon

Great pantheon in Rome Italy

The Pantheon is known to be one of the most important buildings in Roman history. This particular building was constructed in honour of the gods. It was made in 118 AD by Hadrian, who was an emperor back then.

Later on, it was turned into a burial ground for many famous kings and the great artists of Rome. If you are a history geek, you will definitely love this place.

The building is so strong and giant that it is an architectural beauty for that time. You will see a lot of intricate detailing in the interior of the building.

Climb Palatine Hill

Palatine hill in Rome Italy

If you need some adventure and you are confident in your stamina to walk, then you should definitely visit the famous palatine hill of Rome.

Some of the structures in this place are ruined, but the view from here is absolutely gorgeous. Some of the famous buildings are still standing, and they are massive.

It was an important area in ancient Rome. The place is also home to a legendary story of Romulus and Remus. There is also an important building connected to it, which is the Flavian Palace.

Sink In The Beauty Of St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica

One of the most beautiful works of architecture, St. Peter’s Basilica, is a true treat to the eyes. It is known as the most celebrated building in the Roman Catholic religion. The place is literally alluring and you should definitely save this place for the evening.

The interiors of the building are just beyond the world. You will understand why it is known as the religious community’s pride.

The walls of this building have some genius detailing, which will make you wonder how advanced people were at that age too. And it is obvious because this beauty was a creation of the great Michelangelo too.

Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi

Rome is filled with amazing fountains and this dates back to its History. Fontana Dei Quattro Fiumi is located in Piazza Navona and is actually a great attraction to tourists.

25 Amazing Things To Do In Rome in 2023

This detailed masterpiece was actually constructed and designed by a genius architect Gian Lorenza Bernini in 1651. It was constructed for the Pope Innocent X whose palace called Plazzo Pamphili faced this fountain.

Well, do you want to know some fun facts about this fountain? Well, the four statues in the fountain depict the four major rivers:-The Nile, The Danube, The Ganges, and the Rio de la Plata.

Villa Farnesina

Rome is known for its ecstatic atmosphere which speaks of its talented artist. Villa Farnesina is a beautiful Villa that was constructed between 1505-1511. It is one of the greatest masterpieces constructed during the renaissance period in Europe.

25 Amazing Things To Do In Rome in 2023

The Villa is highly popular for its beautiful Frescos and artwork all over the wall which is a great example of Italian artists’ skills at that time.

The whole building has two floors with one central room and two wings. This villa is turned into a museum for people to admire the work of artists like Raphael, Sebastiano del Piombo, and Peruzzi who made its beautiful interior.

Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia also known as Venice Square is actually a beautiful square where the main four roads of Rome meet. This place is known as the center hub of the city of Rome.

25 Amazing Things To Do In Rome in 2023

It is located at the foot of Capitoline Hill. The construction of this building was sponsored by the former Pope, Pope Paul II. The whole building is constructed by architect Francesco del Borgo in 1455.

Piazza Venezia, the Altar of the Fatherland, and Trajan’s Column are a few of the important monuments you can explore around this place.

Basilica di San Clemente

Basilica di San Clemente is a beautiful church that was made approx 2000 years from now. This was actually a Latin catholic minor church constructed for Pope Clement I.

25 Amazing Things To Do In Rome in 2023

The whole church is divided into 3 sections which were made into different time spans, The most recent one was built in 1100. Another section that lies beneath was constructed around the 4th century.

This place is really a treat to archeologists, Pilgrims, and history lovers. I suggest going there as it is wonderful to look at monuments that are standing for such a long period of time.

Arch of Constantine

Arch of Constantine is a great monument you can explore around Colosseum as it lies within a walking distance from the Colosseum.

25 Amazing Things To Do In Rome in 2023

This was constructed in the glory of Emperor Constantine when he won the great battle of Milvian Bridge.

It was built around 315 AD and stands as some of the oldest structures in Italy. It is approx 21m in height and visible from a good distance.

Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo which interestingly means a square of people is also one of the best attractions for tourists you will find in Rome

25 Amazing Things To Do In Rome in 2023

It’s a great place to take some rest from your constant exploration and walk around the small shop or just sit with friends and enjoy meals.

There are also places like the Chiesa di Santa Maria Dei Miracoli, the Porta del Popolo gateway, and the Basilica Parrocchiale, which you can explore around this place.

Quirinale Palace

This palace is technically the center of Rome as currently used as the official residence of the president of Italy. It is located on the famous Quirinal Hill from where it derives its name.

25 Amazing Things To Do In Rome in 2023

It was originally built for the former Pope, Pope Pius V. And from that time it is counted as one of the largest palaces around the world to be made on 110,500sq m. 

The Quirinale Garden around the palace is also very beautiful and worth checking out. Along with that, you can also book a guided tour for the same.

Ponte Sant Angelo

Sant Angelo is one of the most beautiful and architecturally appreciated brides in Rome. This Bride connects the points between the Castle Sant Angelo and the side of the river.

25 Amazing Things To Do In Rome in 2023

This is an amazing place to walk around and click some great pictures with it. The whole place is really aesthetic and watching sunsets from here feels dreamy.

It is highly famous for the detailed 10 angels constructed at an interval on the bridge.’

Altar of the Fatherland

The Altar of the Fatherland is another important political and historical monument in Rome. This monument almost lies in the center of Rome. 

25 Amazing Things To Do In Rome in 2023

Basically, it was created for the first king of the unified Italy which was King Emmanuel. This monument lies very close to the Pantheon and the Colosseum so you can easily visit it.

Around the place, you will find various detailed sculptures of King Emmanuel. Also, there is a good museum located at the the base of Monument.


Want to feel like a local Italian person and experience the Rome lifestyle? Then you should definitely visit this place.

25 Amazing Things To Do In Rome in 2023

Trastevere is a place known for its authentic roman life window for tourists. It’s such a lively place and fun to be there.

This place is filled with narrow but gorgeous streets with some great cafes that serve authentic Italian dishes which are to die for.

Villa Borghese Gardens

Villa Borghese is one of the gorgeous attractions inside Villa Borghese. It is a peaceful place separate from all the crowd and bustle of the main city.

25 Amazing Things To Do In Rome in 2023

The gardens alone spread to a massive 200 acres making it the 3rd largest garden in Rome. There is the Borghese Gallery and National Museum of Modern art to explore around it.

If you are in the mood to hike you can also follow the trails that will take you to some of the beautiful flora and fauna found around this place.

Galleria Borghese

Galleria Borghese is situated near the Villa Borghese and it is known for the timeless and amazing historical treasure inside it.

25 Amazing Things To Do In Rome in 2023

It contains sculptures and paintings by famous painters from ancient Rome.

The front of the Gallery is decorated with beautiful structures and a beautiful garden around it.

Vatican Museums

Vatican city lies in the middle of Rome. When it comes to architecture Vatican City has its own charm. So if you are visiting Vatican City, you should definitely see Vatican museums.

Vatican Museums

It is the official place where the Pope lives and has sculptures and paintings from different periods in Italy. The museum is covered with a beautiful facade.

Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel is Inside Vatican Museum. So you can buy tickets for the Vatican museum and Sistine Chapel together.

Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel holds a lot of significance in Vatican Museum as it is the place where the Pope is crowned and all the celebrations happen.

What makes it unique is the work done on its ceiling by the great artist Michelangelo. He has shown the 9 geneses of life and the work is cherished by the people from Christina Community

Learn to make Pizzas

Hard to not talk about the delicious pizza when talking about Rome. Rome offers plenty of places and classes where you can learn to make authentic Italian Pizza and be a chef for real.

Learn to make Pizzas

You can just book your classes through a visit to the workshop or book them online. There are many places that teach this special skill.

Book an Airbnb

Do you wanna feel authentic Rome? Then it is highly suggested to book an Airbnb and live like the Locals. If you are lucky you can also hang out with co-travelers and make friends.

Book an Airbnb

Living in Airbnb is also cheap when you are traveling in a group. You can also cook Italian dishes and have small parties.

Taste the Gelato

Apart from pizzas if you are a fan of some good gelato ice cream just like me then you should definitely try it.

Taste the Gelato

You will find many ice cream parlors offering various flavors of Gelato Ice cream and you can also ask them to make it in a certain way.

Hop on the Rome Bus

Well you must be thinking what is so different in a bus? But trust me Rome buses are a whole new experience.

Hop on the Rome Bus

 You can buy the tickets from any shop and then take your bus from the station. The buses are so spacious plus gives a great tour around the whole city.

25 Amazing Things To Do In Rome in 2023


Rome isn’t just some city, It is a vibe. It is an experience for a lifetime. There are actually so many things to do in Rome.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the interesting places in Rome. If you’ve been to Rome or planning to visit it anytime soon, Which is the place that excited you the most? Let me know in the comments, my friend!

Talk to you in the new blog, Until then, take care & have a wonderful day!

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